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Everyones stories have been so helpful to me, now...

Everyones stories have been so helpful to me, now I'll share mines..I'm 5'5, 137 lbs ,27years old and have three kids 10,8 and 2. I've always had a small perky bust (34b), but after having children it seemed like all the volume left the top of my breast. For years since I was a teen I wanted implants but after my babies it just made it worste!! I'm so tired of the push up and padded bras, swear I can't go without one!! I talked about BA with my fiancé about a month ago (for the 1000th time)and he gave me the go ahead! :) I had a couple consultations and decided on a doctor's office in hinsdale il named Shapemed USA. We decided to place them above the muscle being that I work out a lot the implant will end up migrating towards my underarms especially while I'm working out. The implant is going to be put through an incision made in my nipple being that one hangs lower than the other the doctor will fix it that way. He didn't recommend under the breast because the incision would be visible because my breast do not hang low enough. I go pay the deposit Thursday August 14th and Saturday the 18 th I have my surgery in which I decided to go with a full c! :) the nurse suggested I go with a D because women always complain they should have went bigger! I just want them to look natural but at the same time I don't want to have regrets on going bigger. So I'm going back and forth between a C and a small D. Saturday is my day and I'm nervous and excited at the same time!! I've put it off for so long us my wedding is May 4th 2013 and ill look perfect on my special day!i will be posting before pics soon!I will keep you ladies updated!! Please anyone who's had above the muscle implants I'd like to know a bit about your recovery!!

I'm so glad you started your story with us! Here's what some doctors have to say about over vs. under the muscle implants. And here's some feedback about breast augmentation recovery time.


Well I went for my pre op today and it went really...

Well I went for my pre op today and it went really well!they say most likely I'll be the size I was when I was pregnant which sounds awesome! Nice full C cup!! Saturday can't come fast enough!
Thamk you I went with saline moderate. I'll put up some before pictures!

Hey jgat~ you look great! Amazing cleavage.....Did you go with saline or silicone? Are they high profile? Any before piks to share? I wish you many ,many years of boobie bliss ;))
Wow! someone else that is over the muscle. Not too many people are getting them over. I am in 9 days :) . keep us posted!
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