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Had a Deep Plane Facelift Yesterday! 11/19/2013 - Highland Park, NJ

I choose Dr. Rabach because she is experienced in...

I choose Dr. Rabach because she is experienced in the deep plane facelift. A deep-plane facelift repositions the deep soft tissues of the face. It lifts the whole face, accentuating the jawline, neck and cheekbones. It produces long lasting, natural looking results, without giving you a ‘done look’. It requires less time for healing than a skin only or a standard facelift. Only a small group of highly skilled surgeons perform this procedure worldwide.


I can believe how great you look so soon after surgery. You must not be a big bruiser. Thank you for sharing and I'll look forward to following along as you continue to recover.

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What great results. You have beautiful skin and cheekbones, too. Can't wait to see your progress as the swelling resolves ...
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You look amazing already! I love the great jawline - so smooth and natural looking. The upper lids are amazing too. Please post more 'photos when you can. Also, I live in Canada and this would be at the higher end of cosmetic fees. I think , looking at your results, well worth it. Catherine H.
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Day 4

Looking forward to Monday to get these stitches out! My ears were hurting yesterday, I guess from the stitches. These are my new pics. Also looking forward to putting makeup on my new face :)


WoW your looking good already I thought a lot of swelling came with Face Lift Operation wishing you all the best
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Looks fabulous! If I may ask, did you have fillers or use botox previously? Also what is your age?
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I had botox on my crows feet & the bunny lines between my eyes about 2 months ago. My forehead does not have any lines or creases. I do not have any fillers. I am 56 years old. The oily skin that I have been plagued with my life finally paid off! LOL

Happy Black Friday! Day 10

Happy Thanksgiving:) I had my stitches out on Monday and have some scabbing and dried blood along the ears and behind my ears. The one in my left ear is very painful but i think it should fall off today. I still have some bruising on my neck but it is minimal. I'm still swollen but this lessons every day too. Under my chin is very stiff and turning my head left or right with a limited amount range. This too gets better each day. Eyelids still a little sore but yesterday was the first day I put on a full face of makeup.
Thank you everyone for all of your kind comments and encouragement!


You look great!!! Did u take something before surgery to avoid bruises?
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Did you have general anesthesia or conscious sedation?
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Fabulous neck lift!!! You looked young before your face work. Now you look awesome!
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I should have put this in originally :( Dr. Rabach is practicing at the Glasgold Group in Highland Park, NJ. Their website has a lot of information about the deep plane facelift and all the information I was given during my consultation and after surgery.


I love your result - your surgeon did a beautiful job - you were beautiful before, but now you look rested and younger - and most of all - NATURAL. If I saw you on the street, I wouldn't have guessed you had anything done. :)
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Jcnn you look fabulous! What a quick recovery!
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Jcnn, you look so beautiful! I am going in tomorrow at 10am. I have already canceled once back in October but I am going through with this tomorrow! I am not having eye work right now, but I am having the CO2 laser resurfacing to help with my skin tone. I have had that done before and hated the recovery but loved the result. Can I ask you have the numbness, tightness and swelling are coming along? Thanks
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Lesley Rabach, MD

Dr Rabach performed a deep plane facelift and upper eye lift on me. I am soooooo thrilled, I can't wait until the bruises go away and the stitches come out so I can show off my new face. What really made this great is that she didn't have to use drains and bandage my head. I went home, followed the instructions for ice and caring for my eyes and it's obvious I will look better every day. The staff was wonderful for the entire process. Dr. Rabach called me a few hours after surgery to see how I was doing. Sleeping was a bit of a challenge since I am not used to sleeping on my back. I found a solution by using my airplane pillow. It allowed me to sleep on my side without touching my face. Will post a few more pics in a couple of days.

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