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I have seen dr Wiesman for occasional Botox for...

I have seen dr Wiesman for occasional Botox for years.
I am in my forties. Since my teenage years I have had large, heavy,droopy breast 34 triple or double D.
It was giving me shoulder and neck pain and looked bad. I am only 5.3 109 lb.
I mentioned my concern and unhappiness to doctor Wiesman.. He agreed that my breasts were to large and heavy for me.
He was very nice and friendly in preop,appointments, almost too friendly in way that you loose your guard. He was not able to provide any pre and after photos of other patients etc. I was crazy and trusting enough to let him do my breast reduction, eye lift and revision rhinoplasty in one surgery.
I liked my nose from front , it was somewhat long and droopy from profile.
In fact, I was very reluctant to do nose, he kept saying just a little bit of change is going to be OK
Just minutes before surgery, I asked for conservative eye lift, reasonable breast reduction and perhaps to forget the nose.
I really think that more experienced and less greedy doctor would have backed off from that unnecessary nose job.
Well, I did the surgery, I woke up and (not to be too dramatic) there were few times that I wish I didn't .
He completely changed my nose for worst. Moved and made my tip more pointy, shaved my bridge and made it bumpy and crocked. It gave me this unfamiliar look, that is still so distressing to me every time I look at the mirror. He wiped out this more feminine wider and shorter tip I had.

He was very aggressive with my eyes, removed a lot of skin. I have no longer youthful wrinkle in my eye lid .
But I learned to like and accept my new eyes, unfortunately perhaps because of too much skin removal or undiagnosed predisposition, I developed severe dry eye syndrome. Pretty much I have constant discomfort in my eyes.
Dr Wiesman did not have enough talent or experience to even think about touching my nose( it was revision after all)
He could have shown his surgical skills with my breast, but he made wrong medical diagnosis and did only lift.
I was shocked because we discussed reduction. He told me that he preferred large chested women and he must have applied this preference to me. Minutes before surgery I signed consent for lift without realizing it. It is not supposed to be tricky situation. Consent must be understood by average patient. He should have told me that my breasts are going to stay the same size and just as heavy. One can not just lift something that heavy and have successful result. I have high nipple but breast tissue is ballooning underneath. My shoulders and neck hurt just as it did before from double Ds minimizers bras that I must wear.
My surgery was 3 years ago. It took me that long to be able to talk about it. Months of anguish over my changed face, antidepressants etc. I am good now.
I still believe in plastic surgeons and that they can change someone life for so much better. I know that people on realself do lots of research before their surgeries, something I failed to do.
I am looking for revision surgeon. Any suggestions are welcome.
I will keep you posted, hopefully with great news.
Stay well everyone
Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully by doing so you are saving others from the same fate. I am sorry this horrible thing happened to you. Wishing you the best.
Just despicable. I am so sorry. I can relate to the part you said about looking back and wishing maybe you didn't wake up. It sounds dramatic to those who have not suffered through it. I'm glad you are here with us and happy that you have come to terms with your situation. It can be improved on, but you have to be ready mentally so good for you with taking care of your mind first. If we don't have our minds, we have nothing! You are strong and inspirational. Good luck to you!
Thank you all for your kind words. I just want to tell everyone that I am not disfigured in any way. My nose just became worst after revision. Doctor took away everything I liked about it and gave me back a bump that was there before primary rhino. It is true that time makes certain things easier. I try to enjoy my overdone eyes until I have to look for artificial tears every few hours lol. Constant reminder, just won't let me forget about this surgery. I wasted one year of my life despairing and ruminating over this surgery every moment of the day. I got diagnosed with shingles and elevated blood pressure with in 6 months (both are somewhat stress related). I mentally missed my child 7 birthday. I refuse to despair any more. I think my breast and nose can be improved. But is going to take as George Harrison song goes "whole lot of time and money" and really talented plastic surgeon. Until we talk again....

Breast surgery revision

Finally, I started process of fixing poor results of my surgeries.
I just had breast reduction revision performed by different surgeon.
I absolutely love it. Weight has been lifted of my shoulders. I look and feel so much better. I went from 32 DD to 32 C, size, that I always wanted. Best of all insurance paid most of the fee, which should have been addressed by Dr. Wiesman office in the first place.
Next project, much more difficult, my nose. I am still looking for a surgeon.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

If everything turns out good you might be OK, but if it does not, you are on your own. Dr Wiesman will argue with you, he will call you unrealistic and will not listen to any complaints. Complete denial and defensiveness. When I told him he created bump on my nose and destroyed my favorite profile, he told me that I focused on that too much, turned my face to other side and said "that is your favorite profile now." When I asked about my still huge breasts He gave $ 7000 price tag to fix it. Where is this doctor compassion and "meet patient half way "attitude ? Perhaps, he does not have it. I feel, that I spent almost $20,000 dollars to get dry eyes, crooked nose, and breasts the same size as they were before surgery. Believe me, it is not a good feeling.

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