Breast Lift Two Years After Removing Implants - Highland Park, IL

I've finally decided to move forward with my...

I've finally decided to move forward with my breast lift. Dec 2011 I had my implants removed. Best decision ever! After many hours of research, talking to doctors, looking thru pics, and reading reviews the date is scheduled. I'm nervous and excited. I believe I've found a great doctor for the procedure; in Highland Park, IL.

I'll post before pics in a few days.

Background and before photos

I'm 42, 2 children, breastfed 1 of them. I had my children very young. My youngest is 18. I do have stretch marks on my breasts that I'm hoping will look better after the breast lift. I had implants in 2008 and had them removed in 2011. I believe they had something to do with getting lymphoma. I think that my body knew they shouldn't be there so it fought back.
It's hard to see in the photos but there is excess skin that needs to be removed. It's more noticeable when I lay down. When i bend over you can really see how saggy my breasts are.

Tomorrow is the day!

I'm a bit nervous and anxious to get the procedure behind me. I'm trying not to think about it too much in order to keep my nerves at bay.
I had an issue with my ride home after the surgery and had to call the office in the afternoon on the 31st. Ashley was so helpful. She was able to change my time to the afternoon so my ride could pick me up.

Surgery was postponed

Due to the winter storms here in Chicago the anesthesiologist couldn't make it in today. So I'm postponed until ? :(

9 Days post Op

Surgery went very well. As expected I was sick for about 12 hours from the pain killers. My surgeon reshaped and sutured the breast tissue to the chest wall for a better result. That's probably what hurts the worst. I have some swelling and tightness in my upper chest area. It was also hard to raise my arms for the first 7 days. It's still a little hard to lift my arms but each day is better. I did have a little bit of bleeding for the first 7 days as well. Follow-up appt went well. My surgeon is very excited about the result as am I! He said it was a LOT of work but he seems to be a perfectionist. :)
Already at one week out my breasts look great and I can't wait to see how they will look in a month once the swelling goes down and thing start to settle in.
I added some chin lipo at the last minute which is what the bruising on my lower neck is from.

side by side

Side View Comparison

still at 7 days post op.
Amazing how much difference there is. I'm sooo happy to have these puppies where they should be! My doctor is an artist! I was for sure I'd have to have a full anchor scar but somehow he was able to get the job done with just a lollipop incision.

15 days post op

The tape finally came off two days ago. There was a small section of the incision that was open on the left breast. It appeared that water had been sitting under the tape causing it to stay very wet. That area of tape was green in color and there was a little bit of what looked like puss on the tape strip. I'm keeping a very close eye on this section to make sure it is not infected. I also butterfly stripped it to help keep the area closed up. I do love those butterfly bandaids! Today I was nervous about the right breast opening up where I could see a large scab so I put a butterfly strip on there just in case. :)
I did have a few pieces of the dissolving stitches come off after my shower this morning. One small area around the areola on the right side was bleeding a little bit. I've smothered the incisions with a healing balm.

Overall I feel pretty good. There are still a few areas above my breasts that are tender to the touch and I think I may still have some swelling.

The incisions look a bit scary at the moment but I have faith that they will heal up nicely. The areolas look a little wonky in shape so I'm not sure what's going on with that. I have good sensation in the left nipple but the right nipple has little sensation. I'm not surprised by this because I had issues with this nipple from the augmentation I had gotten back in 2008..... Doesn't look like much has changed with the shape. There may be a little bit of settling in on the bottom.

The worst thing for me is having to rely on others to help me lift things. I'm such a stubborn independent gal that I just like doing things myself.

3 weeks post op

I got pep back in my step on day 18! I'm feeling good. There is still some sore spots in my breasts but overall they feel much better. I can reach higher this week and I feel like I'm finally standing up straight again.
The incisions are looking better even though I still have some spots with the ends of sutures sticking out. I'm hoping those let go in the next few days and I can wiggle them out. I did have a lot (probably 30 on each breast) of thin sutures around the areolas. I was able to just pull those right off. Once I pulled them off the skin started healing up and looking better within a day.
I do feel like everything is settling a little bit more. I can't stop looking at them. Just so happy with the results so far. Still wishing I would have had the insight to get a lift instead of going thru the mess of implants 6 years ago. So happy to be natural! The ladies at my PS said I have 20 year old breasts again. I say, not really because they never looked this good at 20. :)
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My breast are very similar to yours too! I went for a consultation today for a tummy tuck and breast lift BUT the PS told me that I'm not a candidate for a breast lift because my nipple don't look/point down and my nipples after replacement would come out of my bra. I was happy with my visit and feel confident about having my tummy tuck with this PS but I can't believe that I'm not a candidate for a breast lift! I also have some excess skin, like I said my breast are very similar to yours! Lol
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I'd find a new PS! Your nipples don't have to point downward to need a breast lift. My breasts were classified as "Pseudoptosis" meaning that the nipple had the correct placement but the majority of the tissue had fallen below the fold. The removal of the extra skin to reshape the breast is doable in the hands of a good surgeon. My nipples don't come out of the top of my bra. I'm guessing that the PS tried to talk you into getting implants to "raise" the breast? I've been there and done doesn't work.
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Well he actually said, "what's wrong with them?" LOL I told him they're droopy after my pregnancy (6 years ago) and he said with the excess skin I have I'm not a candidate for a lift because my nipples don't point up and that I could possibly, but later, get a lift but I'd also need implants. I told him I'm not ok with implants and I asked him what size would I need and he said a D. I'm a size B/C now and I'm petite. He agreed that it wouldn't look good -__- Really? And what's funny is that I'm pretty sure his father (separate practice) is a breastlift specialist.
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Great results. My breast are similar to yours. I need a lift but I don't want implants. Thanks for sharing pics of a lift without implants.
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Your girls look great! I hope my 5-5 results are as nice!
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You look great! About your scar, I can tell you that this is pretty normal. The cuts heal from the inside out and most likely you won't have any problems. I have had two C-sections and at the ends of the incision and in other places it looked like this. It healed fine. And also recently, my dog got hit by a car and he had two major incisions and they did this and it is now healed perfectly. Sometimes you will get a lump in that area but they really flatten over time to nothing noticeable. Moral of the story, relax! Hope my story (and my poor wiener dog’s) helps put your mind at ease!
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Thank you! I'm sorry to hear about your poor puppy. I hope he's doing better.
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Yes. He's fine. Hope you are doing better though!
  • Reply's really good that you are happy with your results and got what you had expected .. the pictures and experience you shared are really helpful..I am very excited to see your progression pics..take care
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You look amazing! I need a lift after getting my implants removed in January. Who is your surgeon? Your results are beautiful!! Can't wait to see your progression pics!
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Wow they look amazing mine look the same as yours befor opp, I'm having my opp in may and I'm so excited x
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Thank you! You should get your pics posted. :)
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Congrats! Your lift looks amazing! I'm having a Breast lift and TT in 3 days! I hope my results are as good as yours!
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Who is your surgeon?
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That stinks to get it put off...I wish you the best whenever surgery actually happens.
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I too am having a lift with no implants. My breasts are a descent c/d cup, but very saggy and the areola is just huge. Can't wait to see your results
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Oh no! So sorry you got postponed after being all ready to go. Hope he can get you back in there soon!
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Awww...bummer with the delay. Hopefully, you can get rescheduled soon! The anticipation and postponement must be tough. Hang in there!
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I am going for a lift with no implants on January 7th, and I look very similar to the way you do now, just a little bigger (32c-d) so I'll be watching out for your updates. Good luck tomorrow!!
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I'm the same age as you and I have had to have 2 lifts. I lost so much fullness breastfeeding kids that when I went to get a lift I was told I would not have that much tissue and would not look right without an implant. So I got implants with the original lift. I just got my my implants out last week and had a revision on my lift done the same day because I had another baby and breast fed again since the implants went in. You will look great and the breasts will look more youthful. Yes, after the lift there is an illusion of being smaller, but it's the same amount of breast tissue just pushed up. Like you, getting rid of the implants was the best thing ever...I love how my breasts turned out and so will you. Congrats!
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Just to say, your breast are pretty and I'm sure a breast lift will make them more so. I just had a breast life and tummy tuck today, good luck!
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Do you know how much mass you will lose?
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He won't remove any breast tissue; only skin. Bra size is around a 32-34 B although I haven't worn a conventional bra in a year or so. I moved to genie much more comfortable!
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