Unhappy with a Revision, So Decided to See if I Can Get my Own Boobies Back - After 7 Years of Implants, 36 Years Old. GB

I had my first breast augmentation in 2007, I was...

I had my first breast augmentation in 2007, I was then 28 years old and a 34A. I had 240cc Nagor silicone implants over the muscle and really loved them - they fitted me well and I felt in proportion. I'd say I was a full 34B small C. Clothes and bras were definitely easier to buy after my augmentation.
I think they looked better in clothes and underwear than naked - I had a slight natural asymmetry from my breast bone (which was minimal - I didnt even notice it and my surgeon didnt point it out ) it made the implants slightly offset, which I was conscious of.
I had these implants for 6.5 years, towards the end of that time I had developed grade 3 capsule contraction on my right and grade 2 on my left, the implants had also infolded (both implants) towards the cleavage area - they did not feel nice at all. I hadn't actually noticed how hard they had become, as I had forgotten what natural boobs felt like!

I had a revision in January 2014, it was suggested I had a wider implant to correct the symmetry (but keep the same projection) and keep in the over the muscle placement. I like to work out and was told under the muscle could cause problems. The new implants were silicone textured 310cc Allergan, I thought this sounded quite big, but was told they were just a bit wider so figured it would be fine. I also had a capsulectomy in both of my breasts due to the contraction.
After the revision I just hated them, they were big, heavy and I could feel ripples in the implants along the bottom, on the top and side of my left boob, I didnt have that problem before and it made me not want to touch them. I wore a sports bra 24/7 (except in the shower of course!) because of the heaviness. I went for a couple of consultations with other surgeons for their opinions on this revision and what could be done should they not improve. They basically confirmed that because the implant was wider them my natural breast - it was therefore just skin covering them...which could have thinned out because of the capsulectomy (I felt the capsulectomy wasnt explained to me as I didnt realise you could potentially loose tissue when its performed)
In one of the consultations, the surgeon suggested going behind the muscle and covering the implant in pig skin for extra coverage. At this point I just thought enough is enough and started to look into explant. The same surgeon who suggested the pig skin said I would look saggy, deflated and would need a full lift if I had them removed, needless to say I was quite upset on the way home. I never told anyone I had implants as I felt embarrassed - the only person who knew was my boyfriend, so this site has been great to chat to ladies in the same position!! thank you! :)

After doing an internet search I found Adrian Richards from Aurora clinics, he has performed a lot of explants. Mr Richards examined me and said he thought I'd have a good result as my skin and nipple position were good and he'd expect me to return to pretty much what I was before. At this point my age is 36 years old and a 34 full C (originally an A) I have not had any kids.
I was so happy I booked to have them removed on the 9th June - I only had my revision implants for 4.5 months, gutted as it was very expensive - but I wasn't ready to try explanting before my revision. I thought if I tried the explant route and after a year hated it - I could always have them put back in, but really wanted to see if I can pull off the explant and be happy.
I was told I wouldn't have drains and the capsules would stay, as they were so new anyway. I wonder if the tissue I may have lost in the capsulectomy - I'd get a bit back from the new thin ones that had grown in the 4.5 months?!
I had the implants removed at Highgate Hospital, the staff were all so nice, I was very impressed. Mr Richards and his nurse Aggie were lovely to me. I woke up in hardly any pain and surprisingly felt great. Apparently the implants were quite hard to remove as they were in there so tightly and because they were textured, stuck to me. This didnt surprise me as I found when I bent my arms back, I had a pulling feeling in my chest.
I was told to try and not look at them in the first week - well I did have a peak on about day 5 and at that point wished I hadnt. The tissue i did have left, was all squashed into peculiar angles below the nipple, with big dents at the top and sides... and jelly-ish. My chest was flat as a board and made me look boney! If I hadnt seen pictures on here before hand, I would have totally freaked out! My nipples had a fold under them (still do) and the areola was a bit shriveled - with funny hard bits when they are cold. I also now have some enlarged pores around the areola area - anyone else have that? does it go?

I'm nearly at 3 weeks now and I'd say I noticed them starting to get a bit firmer and shaping from the 2nd week, still a way to go. I havent started doing any massage yet, but have been gently rubbing in coconut oil, alternating with grape seed oil ...and sometimes creme de la mer or clarins bust firming lotion..I've got just about everything that has been recommended on here to try! (thanks again!)

I can't wait until I can exercise again...feeling a bit cranky from doing nothing at all. I've been drinking a lot of water and green tea and eating protein and greens . Also taking vitamin C, zinc and cod liver oil, all in the hope it speeds the healing!
I haven't attempted to try and figure out what cup size I am, as they are still going to change and hopefully un-squash a bit more above the nipple as that is still flat! I'll probably try a bra around week 6. I think I'll be an A cup but hoping they havent been made wider (because of the implants) as there is no way I'll fill a B cup (boo hoo)
At the moment I am just wearing a smoothing crop top from M&S and have recently found a Genie bra, I thought they were only available abroad, but you can get them in the UK online. They have removable pads, so you get compression and some shape, bonus!
I've added some pictures - the boobs do look better in the pictures than with the naked eye - and also look bigger in photos - I've seen other ladies say that, its true!

I'm having some mixed emotions about being small chested after having bigger boobs for 7 years, hopefully as they firm and improve with time... I'll be happy. It does feel nice to be natural again x

7 weeks post op, thoughts welcomed

Hi ladies, I'm now 7 weeks post op tomorrow, some days seem better then others. I have noticed firmness improving when I massage which is good. When I cup my hands over my breasts, I can feel the dent still where the implants use to sit. My left side is smaller then my right, Im not sure if this is because I have less tissue or because it's lagging behind the right side - but it does feel emptier, especially around the center line. I lost feeling in that area - and it hasnt returned yet.
When I was laying on my side earlier topless (which I don't normally do as I'm always wearing a bra) I looked down and my left side especially, looked really odd - all the tissue was sagging to one side and the dent where the implant had been placed looked huge and very noticeable, like a massive scoop taken out! If any ladies further on down the line then me had the same thing - did this get better - even after 7 weeks? bearing in mind I'm an A cup so I don't have loads of tissue. I tried to take a photo but it doesnt show what Im talking about.
My areola's still have a fold under the nipple, will be interesting to see if this improves with time. When Im cold I also get some funny hard bits at the top of the areola. I have to keep reminding myself 7 weeks isn't that long in terms of healing, its frustrating. I have added some more pics, they definitely look better in photos x
London Plastic Surgeon

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I thinking of removing my implants but im scared of how theyre gonna look...do u think its worth it?
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Hi - Sorry for the late reply, I think nearly everyone is scared when they have them removed - myself included, because unfortunately you have no idea how you will look until you do it (wish there was some way they could predict results better!) I think it depends on why you want them removed as to whether it's worth it - for me, my revision implants were horrible so I am glad to be rid - now I am trying to get use to my new shape, still early days x
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I think you look beautiful now. I want to explant too because you look so good!
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Thankyou for sharing your story it has so helped me I am due to have my removed on Tuesday , I have been told they won't look nice but it's a journey and they will improve with time , the reasons for having them removed is the same as yourself heavy & rippled can't ever not wear a support bra . I think you are a brave lady sharing your pictures I may do the same as we all need reassurance at a time like this , I hope you everything is good for you and enjoying the natural feel x
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No problem :) Good luck with your removal ! mine did look weird the first week and started to improve around the 2nd to 3rd week - if I see more changes I'll post more piccys if it helps, I keep reading other reviews to see how they might look as time goes on. They are not bad considering I was told by one surgeon they'd be saggy and I'd need a lift! X
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Thankyou Tracy your post has helped and looking at your pics you can see the improvement and look good , and will let you know how it all goes I am sure you know all the mixed feelings you go through xxx
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I know you haven't exactly worked out how you feel about your new body but I want to tell you that I honestly think you look beautiful. I never say anything on here that I don't think is true, so I want you to know that I am being 100% genuine. It looks like we have about the same amount of tissue from pre-BA and I am hoping I have results as good as yours. I just try to look at photos of women models that have the same body type I do (and flat chested models with nice hips/butt are hard to find!) to reinforce a positive body image. I did have a set back a few months ago looking at photos of Scarlett Johansson though, so who am I to give advice!?!?! ;) Anyway, I found this article that is about foods that help healing. I also hear that L-Lysine is supposed to be a good supplement to take that promotes collagen. If you don't eat grains, there are other foods that contain glucose (honey) that you can use as a supplement: http://www.livestrong.com/article/326116-foods-that-promote-healing-after-surgery/
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That's really kind of you, thanks! Good luck with your explant, hope all goes well for you x
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Thank you so much for paying it forward and sharing on RealSelf. There are a lot of advantages to having natural breasts (hugging people close, sleeping on your stomach, nothing cold or hard in your body, to name a few). I hope you're able to enjoy those things when you heal. 
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Hi Tracey thank you for posting your post op pics. I think you look great, pretty much like you did before going by the pictures and your still in early days. Id be very happy if I had your results, I can only prey for a miracle! Seeing Mr Mc Wednesday. Good luck with the recovery x
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Hey, no worries - good luck with your consultation! I know you have looked into lots, so hope you can choose your surgeon soon x
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Thank you will let you know how I get on x
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Just reading your story over for the 2nd time. Looking at your pictures. You look great. I hope to look as good as you after my explant. Had them in for 23 yrs. Started off as an A cup. Now I'm a C cup. I loved being a C cup. But too many health issues with them. So time for them to go. I love this forum as I'm not getting the support from family. Though, the few co-workers I've told I have been getting great support from them. Because of this forum, I've found the Doctor I'm going to get my explant from. Now I just have to schedule the appt. Just love this forum and the women who have poured their heart and souls out here. It's been sooooooo helpful for me and will be as I go through the process of dealing with all the emotions and healing I'll be going through. Thank you.
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No problem, this site is fantastic isn't it - like I said above, if i hadnt seen any pictures beforehand and wasn't able to talk to other ladies going through the same thing, I would have completely freaked out in the first week! you are/were around the same size as me then - hope it goes well for you. I also loved being a b/c cup but too many complications unfortunately x
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The removal looks wonderful! Your breasts are beautiful and exactly what I wanted from my explant, You look amazing! :))
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Thank you :) I feel the same about yours! (That's not meant to sound weird) thanks for all the support, helped me a lot x
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I know you probably aren't seeing it right now because of how drastic the change is but they are really pretty!! Totally feminine and soft!
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Thanks very much x
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You look great!! Don't worry about the slight scoop. It fills in after a few weeks!! :)
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I hope so, they have been squished for quite a long time.. First thing I did after removal was apologise to them haha x
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