High TT Scar, Belly Buttonand Mons with Buldge

Full TT 6/08. I know my scar is to high (where my...

Full TT 6/08. I know my scar is to high (where my pubic hair is above my underware line) as well as my belly button and my pubic mons has a buldge to it. My stomach is really tight and dont see where the Dr is going to get the skin to pull down???? I also feel a pulling in my pubic area and groin when leaning back , my underware go down in the front and my mons comes up when leaning backwards. The scar is above my underware line and rides the rim of my jeans... Can this be fixed? Please help

Thank you all for your encouraging words. I did seek revision and was told it can be lowered. The DR did not feel that this would be a problem but I have a gut feeling not to do it! I am going to give it another yr to fade and stretch. As for the placement of the bb that relly bothers me the most, I just have to live with it for now... words of advice: be careful what u wish for. I do agree with all of you. I do look so much better and feel over all it was sooooo worth it. best of luck and happy healing.

Yes I agree with everyone the doc did a great fantastic job :). I do agree with you in it being about an inch or so too high. I am having the same issue with my tummy tuck. I am 10 days post op. It is fixable I have heard scar revision and also they might just tummy tuck it down lower to achieve the look. I guess some doctors just dont think just maybe all of us would like to hide the scar a little. I mean we spent all the money. One of the goals I think we all want is to wear some nice jeans or a low cut bathing suit. Ah the price of vanity.

Hi just came across your pic as i have felt the same about my scar. mine is 2 yrs old now scar looks good like yours but yet i feel its to high and cant wear low cut clothes. Have you seeked advice about getting it lower? i dont think it could be possible as skin is so tight! You look brill no the less and it is well worth getting done :-)

Love the flatness of my belly but there is always...

love the flatness of my belly but there is always a price to pay....
High scar
ugly bellybutton scar
protruding pubic mons
tight belly with pulling in groin area

-- Updated on Oct. 26, 2009: 1 yr post FTT. Hate my scar around belly button. It looks like the top of a tied balloon! scar is circular with small dots going around it. I also feel that the bb was placed to high( can it be lowered?). My TT scar is very high as well and I feel that the skin is very tight, I feel a pulling in my pubic area when I reach above or bend backwards and have a protuding pubic mons( whats up with that)... Can this all be fixed. Sick over this.
Ok, had to let you know I have been reformed about the ridge and scar placement on my own body. I think you look really good. These issues you feel, if you still feel the same way.. are normal. Normal placement otherwise they could not close you. Normal swell, it's going to be beautiful and honestly you do look great. How are you doing now? If you like go to Q and A and search scar ridge and look at the response from PS;s here. All of them, pus my own, all say its normal and why it happens. I felt really good about how what they said. Also my PS explained for good results my skin had to be removed and that is as far as it would go. The scar will fad and lower a bit! Mine has just lowerd from the swell on top going down. Hope you already have moved past this point. It's a scary emotional surgery. Best Regards and thinking of you.
I agree you look really good. My incision is amazing, the placement is TOO HIGH. This PS did breast implants for me 20 years ago and I loved him. I went to him for TT and breast lift because I TRUST him. I live near 90210 and didn't even venture over there. Noway. So I don't know. My ridge over the incision at this point 13 days post op, it so bad I can't wear my work out pants or clingy dress. NOWAY would I wear a bikini. It makes you feel like your just not good enough to be one of those girls... Like, you have won the war but that darkness won the battle. I wanted one less thing to worry about regarding my body image. It was taking care of but replaced by another. I live near the beach and my husband surfs.
what am I going to wear now? If the scar doesnt flatten out I wont be able to wear a one piece. I'm sorry your all going through this as well. I really am.
I too have been considering revision if things do not change. Just be very careful! I have been doing alot research on it and several dr's have spoke to me regarding my full TT and they said. Lowering + Scar revision is not a easy task and isn't taken lightly. Some PS won't even attempt to fix something thats already been done because the chance of making things alot worse is a big chance. I would only absolutely go through with this when it is completely unacceptable to you personally and you cannot live with what they have done.
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