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I have been wanting a tummy tuck for a while now. ...

I have been wanting a tummy tuck for a while now. I have 2 beautiful girls, both born via c-section. I did not gain much weight with either girl, 19 pounds and 13 pounds respectively, as I was very sick throughout my pregnancies. I have joined a gym, but didn't last long there, because I have a very demanding job and also both of my girls dance, so we are running around most nights getting to dance, church, and so on. I finally talked my husband in to going with me to a consultation just to see what they said and find out exactly how much it would cost. We both really liked the doctor as he was very honest and open with answering all our questions. All the staff there is actually wonderful. We came home and discussed it some more to make sure, and about a week later, finally scheduled it.
I did very well with both of my c-sections, stopping all pain medication the very next day after having both my girls, so I had hopes my TT wouldn't be too bad.
I am now post-op day 3, and I am doing well. I took a shower today, which felt great, and then my doctor told us we could remove the gauze today (leaving just the brown tape). Everything looks good, and he was able to use my previous c-section scar (which is very low thank goodness). The only surprise when we removed the gauze was what looks like a water blister. It is not on the incision, but below it. Not sure exactly what that is. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I don't feel any smaller, and I can't tell if I am just swollen or what. Fingers are crossed though that all will turn out well. My doctor is wonderful in that he guarantees satisfaction of my tummy tuck. If I am not happy within this first year, he will redo my tummy tuck, only making me pay for the medical tray ($275). I thought that was awesome!!
I think this blog is so wonderful and I am so happy I found it. I have already asked a couple of questions and received responses. Thank goodness I am not alone in this!


So I don't have a lot of pictures with my belly in it...I have trained my husband to take pictures from the neck up lol. I didn't even take before pictures of myself except the ones they required at my plastic surgeons office. Here is the best I can do for pre TT...just flabby belly from 2 c sections. The second picture is three days post op.

Ready to be free...

The first week and half have not been a walk in the park. Surgery was the easy part! Recovery is going to take a while...I knew this, but then again, I thought after bouncing back from 2 c-sections with no pain medicine the very next day, I would just be fine after a week or so. I am doing good though...biggest pain so far...drains!! One was painful from the first day, and continued off and on until this past Friday when I had to call I was in so much pain. My surgeon was on vacation this week, but his nurse was absolutly wonderful in having me come right in. She took my temp and I had a low grade fever, and the right drain that was hurting so bad wasn't taking a lot out anymore, so she took it out. It didn't hurt a bit coming out, and it felt so good to have it gone!!! I of course wished both were out, but oh well, I could make it until this coming Tuesday, right?
(FYI...some gross but true parts coming, skip this paragraph if you don't want to read it) Woke up Saturday morning with the left drain really hurting...noticed some white maybe puss coming from the drain site. My husband looked at it, and said it looked red and irrated, but didn't think it was puss for sure. So I took a shower to clean it up some, and put antibiotic ointment on it. It contiued to hurt all day. Looked at it again with my husband last night, and there was actually a little greenish, white puss coming from the site. It was hot to the touch, red, and mean looking, and did I mention it hurt!!
I called the on call nurse, which called my surgeon to see if he wanted to start me on antibiotics. However, when she called me back, she said he thought it sounded normal for a drain that wasn't putting a lot out, and it probably just needed to come out, and to come in when they opened first thing Monday morning.
So...now just trying to hang on until tomorrow morning...24 hours...surely I can handle the pain until then. I CAN"T WAIT TO BE FREE from the last drain!!!!! I have not really went anywhere, mainly just b/c of the drains. I am feeling really good otherwise, and ready to go back into the world!!
Swelling is doing great with drinking TONS of water...trying to drink 4 to 5 L a day at least. I haven't ventured to try on anything other than yoga clothing yet, not until this last drain is out. My weight is about where it was pre-op now, since I have got a hold of the swelling. My next venture is to find a compression garment that works well compressing, but is also smooth under clothing!! I like the one my doctor gave me compression wise, but it velcros in the front and is bulky. I am ready to see a slimmer me, and this one just isn't getting it!!
I have taken some newer photos, but with my phone and I haven't synced them yet with my computer or ipad, so I will add those later...cannot wait to see myself without the drains hopefully tomorrow. A part of me is so scared though, he will say to leave this one in...I would be heartbroken!! Fingers crossed!!!
See you guys on the thin side!!!

Pics from a few days ago...

These are from 4 or 5 days ago before I started drinking water like a camel!! You can see I'm swollen. Hopefully the last drain will come out tomorrow, and then I will update more pics!!

Almost 2 weeks

2 weeks!!

Finally feel like I've got my energy back for the most part. I did push myself a little too much bending and carrying things around this past week at church, especially last night. However, I went to my ps today and he said everything was looking great and as long as I keep not retaining fluid, I can go without my binder after next week!? I couldn't believe it! However, I feel better with it on, and will probably wear it at night still for a while.
Only bad news is I had found a lump right in between my breasts a while ago and finally got the courage to ask him about it today. He said it was a cyst and it really needed to be removed. It is going to leave a scar, great, another scar to treat and have on me, but then again grateful that's all it is. (I have to admit I am a little nervous that he may find more when he removes it, but praying not). Anyway, surgery set for July 9th. Can't believe I have to have another surgery this summer! Bummer!!
Feeling really good, takin my vitamins and I am continuing to drink water as though I am a camel. Going to the beach this Sunday through the following Saturday though, and I am going to have a few adult beverages!! I have been so good for 2 weeks not drinking anything but water.
I laid out in the sun some today (stomach completely covered, but had a hard time laying on my belly to let my back get any...any suggestions for this?). I went to the mirror when I came back in and was putting my binder back on when I glanced at myself and just smiled!! I took a few pictures....here is me at 2 weeks!

7 weeks and 3 days

Here is some pics...not really happy right now, especially with my left side. I had asked my ps if I should get lipo for my sides, which he said no. BUT even though my tummy is much improved, I HATE those sides pockets! Especially my left side. I know I can get a revision, but not sure if that will include lipo, or if I will have to pay extra for that. On top of that, I have no idea how long recovery will be. :*(
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My fleexes even the small I feel have not been giving enough compression and only after 24 hours of wearing my replacement binder I ordered off of Amazon size small & & maidenform WYOB cameo on top for extra compression & to make it less noticeable swelling on the sides & upper abs has not went down ....this further supports my assumption the compression the fleexes & spanx provide is just not enough for ME! I'm going to order with a Veronique or vedette .... I'm leaning a lil more towards Veronique because they have the phase 2 garment for final stages of contouring, addl support in flanks, return policy etc....until it arrives I will continue with this combo at home and during the night.
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When did u have ur TT done an are u also still having fluid issues? I am so worried rhat I'm not healing fast enough and worried I shouldn't b continuing to have fluid build up like this? I just want to find other tummy Tuckers rhat r having the same issues to talk with :)
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My tt was May 29. Same doctor as yours I think if I remember correctly. So sorry your having these fluid issues!
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How far PO are you? Maybe I need to get another garment...hmm
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9 weeks today :)
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Hey girl I wrote u a private message about a week ago but just realized it didn't go through :( I am still having trouble with fluid and swelling but I know it takes along time to heal he did tell me that if the fluid didn't start draining naturally and him having to drain it out himself then I would need another surgery so I pray that doesn't have to happen ugh. On the other hand it does look so much better than it did pre surgery. I am also not liking my love handles and I def think he should hVe done sum lipo but he said I didn't need it and I also wanted him to do an extended TT which he did not and I still have loose skin on sides :(. I just rhink for the money and trouble we have to go through rhat it should b perfect and not have to pay extra money for revisions etc when we tell them exactly what we want at consultations etc but I guess rhat is life for ya. Anyway u still look so good to b 8 weeks :)
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Oh no! I will check my inbox. He said I didn't have any sweeping and didn't even ask me to come back for 2 months. He even said I didn't have to wear compression garment anymore. I did express my concern and he said no big deal he could also go back and do lipo, but I am scared that wont be part of revision surgery that he includes. I also don't know the recovery time. He said the lipo would just be a little to help it out. I don't go back until mid to end of August, however I am returning back to him tomorrow for the cyst he removed 2 weeks ago from my breast. I may go ahead and make him look again at me and find out details. I so hope you get to feeling better and the drainage gets better!
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That's awesome that u have no swelling.. It sucks having to go every week and where this compression 24/7. I thought revision was like around 1000 bc of the anesthia and surgical tray but I could b wrong.. I'm just ready for a yr to b over lol and completely healed and look fabulous.. I need to post pics too but I am jus really not happy with things now :(. The comment I left about when was ur TT etc was for another post that someone else had posted on ur feeds :)
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I see what you are talking about. You look amazing first off. Truly...your results are great! But I'm just curious why your ps told you no to lipo? I'm heavier than you, but I'm having more lipo done in mid September...it's part of my revision. My ps says its common to go back in and sculpt and contour if the patient feels the need and the results could be improved. Dd you have any lipo with your tt or just the tt alone? Again though, you look beautiful! Hugs!
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I didn't have any lipo. I asked if I needed it for my flanks and he said no. Revisions are free (only pay for surgery tray $275), but since I just had the tt, I'm worried it will not include that. Frustrated!
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You know, looking at your earliest photo you can't see that left side swelling. So id imagine that it may clear up and be only swelling. I haven't done mine yet so I don't have the insight and experience someone else may offer. Could you be sleeping on it or something that simple?
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Could be, but even the cut is lower on that side. Just don't know.
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You look Good Hun!!!! I'm concern about my left side and back as well. My husband just agreed 5 minutes ago to lipo & BA. no BBL but hey I'll take it lol....I am swelling still and must remember the dr said 1 year. :). Things will get better for both of us
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Thank you! My husband agreed to BA in the spring but afraid if I have to pay full price for lipo to fix this, then the BA may be out. :(
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You look beautiful!
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I hope I look as good as you do!:)
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Your looking so good!
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Thank you so much sexybrunette907! Feeling really good about the results so far. Only thing is I am hurting on the inside the last 24 hours. I think I did too much yesterday!
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U look amazing!:)
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You look wonderful!
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You're looking good girlie!
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Looks great!!
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you really do look flat!!! : ) hope that you continue to heal and are pleased with your results.
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You are looking sooooo good! Happy healing
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So flat!!!! You look amazing! Happy healing!
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