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Hi everyone! Well I guess I should start at the...

Hi everyone! Well I guess I should start at the beginning.....when I turned 13 my boobs decided to come in. I was a cheerleader, average size and my boobs were a b-c. Everybody thought I was stuffing if that says anything. Then in high school they shot up to a DD. Needless to say my back hurt and so did my self image. After high school at age 20, I got married and had my daughter. My boobs 4months after birth were a 38G! Omg...Well this past spring I decided to lose weight and have a reduction. My husband has been so supporting in every way with me. I'm now 24 yrs old, 5'3'', and lost 30lbs down to 138lbs. My boobs even dropped to a 34f! I also just went through six weeks of physical therapy to prepare my back muscles for after surgery. My survey is the 25th of this month and I am so so so terrified. I want to chicken out but I know ill regret it if i do. I have come too far. Plus the benefits of no back pain and high self esteem are too appealing. But I'm scared of needles, the pain, the results or complications possible, and I've even had a nightmare of dying on the table! Seriously!! So this is my story so far!

So last night o started having a really bad panic...

So last night o started having a really bad panic attack of fears. I'm so scared im going to have boobs that look or heal bad. Im trying to stay positive but im scared to death and nightmares are not helping. I literally almost cried on my husband last night :(....anyways I have my preop tomorrow so ill update after that!

So since a good bit of people are, I guess Im...

So since a good bit of people are, I guess Im uploading before and after pics too!

I use to do the same thing holding mine up in the mirror.  I would stand there and just imagine how wonderful it would be with them off my waist:)

And it's amazing!!  So happy for you.

Haha I show my husband and say "Look! I'll get to see my ribs after next week!"

LOL..that and other things:)


Hey everyone! So i just got home from my Preop...

Hey everyone! So i just got home from my Preop with the surgeon and I feel a little calmer. I found out all my stitches will be internal so yay! No stitch removal! Also Aww told that I wont get a surgical bra til my first post op appt, ill be wrapped til then. I do my Preop with th anesthesiologist next week and then surgery Friday. I told the nurse how bad ive been freaking out and she gave me a hug and made me feel more reassured since she's been there ten yrs. I need to remind him next time I see him that I wish to be a C cup if possible... Anyways ill update more later! Happy healing to those that need it.
Thank you all for the kind and encouraging words! I'm planning on doing my best!
try not to stress but we all do. I can say that my recovery has been longer than a few (I had an FNG) and I'm older, but I would not ever change my decision. I too lost 35 lbs before surgery and I have another 20 - 30 to lose. BUT today I was able to buy a little black dress! The first dress in 16 or more years that fits. I can't say how happy I am and I will be modeling it for my husband when he gets home. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The key is to rest and heal and listen to your post-op directions! good luck
dont stress things will be just fine. its more anxious before the surgery. stay positive and know that ur cute little waist is begging to be seen!!!! its there....see!!! points at ur pic!

So last night my husband and i had our date night...

So last night my husband and i had our date night since after Friday that's not happening for a while. We went to eat and went to a friends get together and had a blast. Then today we went to a friends, hung out and i shot my crossbow as much as possible lol. Aside from that ive still had moments of stress and fear but I'm trying to get through it. Of course a friend of ours did not help in the least....he said,"hey I read there's been times when people were put under that they could feel them cutting and couldnt do anything about it."....REALLY?!?!?! WHY KNOWING IM HAVING SURGERY, THAT I'M PETRIFIED TO DEATH OF, AND ALL THINGS LOGICAL WOULD YOU SAY THIS TO ME?!?! OMG!!! Anyways, that didn't help even though I know the chances of that a way slim. *sigh* I guess I'm going to try and sleep with these crazy thoughts and dreams....
I have learned that some people really do say things without thinking!! I had friends that would say similar things to me and they knew how I was soooooo worried about all of the "risks"! Its like they thought that they were trying to make me aware of them so I would know! Duh, I have google, I know what the risks of surgery are!!! lol! But seriously like you said, and what I kept repeating to myself everytime I would let my mind wander, the "risks" are super rare!! And know being post op and knowing how completely happy I am I wish I wouldn't have worried at all.....but that is easier said than done, we are human! Just keep your mind on the prize!!
Lol, some people don't know when to not try and make you informed. I'm trying to remind myself to keep thinking of the positives. Thanks for your encouragement!:)

Surgery is friday!! Ahhhhh!!!! My hearts racing!...

Surgery is friday!! Ahhhhh!!!! My hearts racing! So I had a super awesome weekend out with my husband and with our daughter. I'm glad since ill be down for a while. And today I've been cleaning like a mad woman so hubbers wont get stuck with a ton of stuff while he is being Mr. Mom lol. Still no call from the hospital about Preop yet and still having moments of panic lol...anyways I'm off to a hot bubble bath and a fluffy bed to cuddle with my hubby...oh yea our son (my step) told me tonight he was sad i was going to get cut and he would help daddy take care of me and he would feed his sister lol. Hes so sweet.

Hello ladies! Well this morning I got my Preop...

Hello ladies! Well this morning I got my Preop phone call from the hospital! I had to answer a billion questions over the phone and get instructions from the nurse. My Preop is at 8:45 Friday morning! Omg!! My hearts been racing all day long! At least its early in the morning and then I can go home. I swear I keep reading bad pain stories with drains and I'm hoping I don't have to have them, but I know how my luck goes lol. I've still been cleaning today and doing more homework so I won't have to worry about anything come Friday. I keep trying to pray and relax to calm my nerves but its not really helping too much lol. Anyways, so the countdown is over in 2 days!!:):/:@ lol. Oh...anyone know how long to wait til I can love on mf hubbers again ?:)
good luck!

Omg, tomorrow morning is the day and my nerves are...

Omg, tomorrow morning is the day and my nerves are crazy!!! I couldnt sleep last night and i doubt I will tonight. I'm so stressed I've even started spotting :( I'm really trying to stay calm but its hard. I'm really really scared and I cant help it. Ugh......I wish I could just turn it off. But anyways off I go to clean and do more homework.
So I'm still freaking out and my nerves are terrible. The hospital called and moved my time up to 8! Oh my gah....I've been trying to finish packing my things, my husbands and my daughters for grannys house , all while trying not to puke lol. I'm pretty sure no sleep will be gotten tonight. Please say and send prayers my way!
Thank you all! I appreciate all of the prayers and encouraging words!
Good Luck tomorrow! You will do great!!

On the way to the hospital, my stomach is in knots...

On the way to the hospital, my stomach is in knots and I'm prob going to puke. Update later if i survive!
Good luck!!!
I just read your story...can't believe how much we are alike. I wish I could have spoken to you prior to your surgery. Anyway, I'm wishing you luck. You will be fine :)

Hey everyone! Well its the day after and I'm alive...

Hey everyone! Well its the day after and I'm alive lol. Surgery went great and from what i can tell I'm a lot smaller than I was. i have had a lot of pain and mess to help it. Yesterday I was really Nauseas bit today its gone. I didn't have to have any drains, and i havent seen my doctor yet. They did keep me over night though. Im really sore along the bottom, middle and top where I'm swollen. My stomachs not really bloated bad either. I want to say thanks for all the encouragement all of you UBS given and I will post pics soon :)

So I'm in a fair amount of pain still. I got to...

So I'm in a fair amount of pain still. I got to come home after lunch and the ride home killed me. Ever since then my pain has increased. What's really hurting is the big ace bandage they wrapped around me. It's killing my ribs and i want to take it off for a little while but im scared to. I'm supposed ti call my surgeon Monday morning to get an appt to come in for dressing changeqnd to get my surgical bra put on. My backs killing me from being stiff and i cant get comfy at all. Its going to be a long night :(
Thank you

So Today I was getting cabin fever,alh my husband....

So Today I was getting cabin fever,alh my husband. So we went out to go me a few button up shirts and him some hunting stuff, and out for dinner. It was nice then my pain started up and we came home. But today was the first time I have ever been able to wear a fitted button up. EVER. and I was so excited and felt good. My husband said he thinks I look great which was nice to hear. He has been so wonderful taking on being dad and mom while I'm down.Plus hes taken this week off to care for me. Im glad tomorrow Im supposed to go get my ace bandage and dressings off and get my surgical bra. I am nervous about what they look like under the dressings. Ive seen them without the ace because my Hubbs had to rewrap me twice due to it slipping and causing so much discomfort and its crazy to see the difference. Oh, and today my huband gave me the most amazing sponge bath ever and went and got me a can of dry shampoo til I can shower. Hes the greatest
congratulations you, survived!!!!!! look great,,il have that ace bandage 6 days,,hope i look that good wrapped,i still cant imagine!!.i hope your healing goes smoothly!!
Thank you, lord six days would be torture! I'm sure you'll look wonderful!!
Thank you all for your tips and encouragements. Have any of you had internal stitches? All of mine are internal and wanted to know how your scars and healing was with them.

Well today I got the horrible ace bandage off and...

Well today I got the horrible ace bandage off and got my surgical bra. I also saw my new boobs the first time. And I am so happy and pleased with them! My PS wants to see me in a week to check up but said he took a pound and a half off each side and I was healing awesome. My husband also saw them and was a little taken back at first, but was happy they look as good as they do. He saw some pics of not so nice ones the other night lol. But he gave me the best shower ever tonight! ahh I feel so much better! Im going to upload some pics in a minute!
welcome to recovery side!!!!!!!!!!! so glad u are doing well. the girls are looking great and u can really tell a difference. take care of urself and let others do for u! happy healing xxxx
lookin fantastic!!! wow,,they look alot further healed than your short time,your ps did a great job!
Thank you! He really did. I'm super pleased with them.

Five days post op and had my last pain pill this...

Five days post op and had my last pain pill this morning. Still very sore and the bruises are starting to show. I'm a little weirded out by the swelling and puffiness of my left under incisions where it ends under my pit sorta. It's more swollen looking than the right. but there's no redness, leaking, or hardness so I'm guessing its normal. This surgical bra band kills me. The gauze helps a little but def still sucks. No drainage still :) ill update some pics how awesome are the needle pains when your nipples try and get excited?! Yea..they're not lol. I tried to do spme light house work like swiffer dusting and folding a few things. Not too bad. I wish the itching would just stop!! Lol, well I'm off to watch duck dynasty reruns!:-)
Looking good!!!! congrats!

8 days post op... I'm feeling sore and all still...

8 days post op... I'm feeling sore and all still but other wise doing great. This sleeping on my back is killing me!! I can't wait for it to be done lol. I cannot express how amazing I feel when I wear my clothes now! I even cried! This was the best decision I ever made. For anyone who has fears its sooooo worth it!! I do have a little swelling "lump spot" on the left side but I'm guessing its normal since its not red or sore and drainy. Still have the sterile strips on, how long til they come off? Do I wash them? I've been cleaning around the edges. Anyways happy healing to those who need it!:)
I was told to keep my surgical tape on for 12 days, shower as usual and blow dry the strips after. After 12 days I have to change them, and from then on change them once or twice a week until the scars are pale. Ideally 3 months.
Congrats on your surgery, you look GREAT!!!! Mine is Feb 11 and i'm excited and a little nervous at the same time. What pain meds did they prescribe you? My dr is giving me percoset because i told them that lortab makes me itch all over, sometimes. I want the best ones for pain, because i know i will be in pain, UGH! Any advice?
I had Percocet on the hospital but when I came home I had Vicodin and they both work great!

Ok question, I tried driving yesterday for the...

Ok question, I tried driving yesterday for the first time. When I turned the wheel from the top with my right hand, it hurt and felt like something pulled in my right boob near the top. Last night the top of my right boob started feeling much stiffer and hard compared to the left and sore. It feels kinda like a knot. Is this from possible strain ? I looked stuff up and some stuff freaked me out lol. I have a check up tomorrow though.
Thats super normal Im sure, well at least I have noticed that on my breast too! I have some areas that still feel like a big knot-ish area, then I have other parts that feel, now that they've settled a bit, like real boob......I'm glad you have an appt tomorrow tho, its always nice to have a doctor reassure you!

Sorry it's been so long for an update I've been...

Sorry it's been so long for an update I've been busy busy!! So everything is going great, healing great, and looking great. I've still got my steri strips on and a little pain here and there but other than that I'm fine. I don't know why my iPhone uploads my pics upside down so I'm sorry but its the only way I can get them on here. Maybe you can enlarge and turn them?:)
My procedure is in the morning. I'm so nervous because my mom and grandmother are so negative about everything. I don't like having that vibe around me. I'm trying to stay so positive because everybody that I have heard of having this done, loves it and would do it all over again. I need more confidence from people. But, it will prob be too late when you get on here again. Keep me in your prayers!! :O) Goodnite
My surgery is in the morning also..Don't let anyone dull your shine you will do great and feel so much better. Good Luck
Good luck and keep telling yourself this is for you and you will look and feel amazing!! Then when you do you can flaunt and rub it in their faces lol!
Joseph Fewell

Well they were in my insurance network and a friend had hers done by him and was really pleased.

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