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I had my BBL done at Vanity Cosmetics in Hialeah,...

I had my BBL done at Vanity Cosmetics in Hialeah, Florida. I had my surgery with Dr. BASS. I live in NY so it all together with travel expenses for me and my helper and miscellaneous fees ended up costing somewhere in the $7,000 range. Right now I am extremely disappointed with my results. I ended up in the hospital for 8 days due to an Infection about a few days after I got home. Omg... that was a nightmare. My left butt was very very inflamed and sore. I had told Dr. BASS that I noticed that there was an indentation on my left but but he kept saying don't worry about that. The swelling is now going away but you can still see the unevenness. My back fat is still pretty much in tact, my stomach is still very high. I told Dr Bass that all my life I felt like I had no curves and really wanted hips and he told me he couldn't put fat in my hip because the fat would not stay. He also told me he could only put 500 cc of fat in my butt. I should have canceled right then and there but I had but I felt at this point i felt like I was backed in a corner. I had already bought two plane tickets for 2 weeks, paid for my hotel rented a car etc. He assured me that I would be happy when he was finished. I still don't have any hips, I look just as straight as before. They say 3 months to see your results but thus far I am far from happy. I had one of my coworkers who knew I was doing the surgery ask me to turn around so she could see my results, all I got from her was silence. I was so embarrassed I told her that I only did lipo on my stomach and didn't do my butt. I told the office mgr/coordinator that I wanted to be his model for the before and after pics but she has yet to respond. I guess they don't want to have any pics up. I am going to post my before and after pics here and y'all can tell me what you think.
I just posted a review about my tummy tuck surgery that Dr. Bass performed on May 6th, 2014. He left me with a deformed stomach, larger on the right side, it still jiggles and i still have a huge stomach and a huge dog ear on my right side. He also would tell me it would be alright. Finally he said he would fix me up but when he found out because i advised his office that i went to see a another surgeon for a 2nd opinion he got so upset. He told me i had violated our client/doctor trust and he was not going to fix me up. I have gone to his office crying and begging to fix my deformity and he said NO. Also, do not let his so called office manager Maria or Susie fool you for one second. They are.of no assistance. They are there to convince innocent people such asus that he is a wwonderful doctor and will fix any wrongdoing after surgery, if any, and to take people's money. So they told me NO for no reason and refuse to refund my money so that i can get my deformity fixed elsewhere. But i am going to make him real famous and drag his name to the public. I am going to dedicate myself to doing this to save others from Dr. Bass and Maria.
That sucks!! But I will say I was not 100% satisfied at first but it has gotten better. I'm almost at the three month mark and I'm starting to see good results. Keep your head up.
I'm sad that you are satisfied... But stay positive girlfriend...
Dr. Siddharth Bass

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