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I had a lower blepharoplasty one month ago and...

I had a lower blepharoplasty one month ago and feel very unhappy with my results and very worried. I had the traditional approach, by removing fat with an incision under my eyelashes.

My left eye looks really good and is healing fine but my right eye had a problem I could see straight away. You can see more of the White of my eye under my eyeball making my eye look bigger and very strange. It looks like it is drooping compared to my left eye. It is also sore and uncomfortable. I also have a very deep crease under my right eye. I think that maybe he has taken too much fat? I have been told to massage and go back in two weeks time. My surgeon has told me I have nothing to worry about and it will all sort itself out by 3 months.

Besides some of the swelling subsiding I cannot see any improvement in this eye and am so worried I will need another operation. If I do is it a major op and should I let this surgeon do the revision or go for a second opinion? Is it likely it will resolve by itself?

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I had lower bletharoplasty one month ago too. My left eye sounds very similar to yours and the lid pulls down slightly. My surgeon told me it will correct itself as the tendon starts to relax. It could take up to 4 months to correct itself. They can also do a procedure under local anaesthetic to correct it if it doesn't improve. Let me know how you get on. I've been told it wi take a little time to settle down. I hope so! I've been a little worried too but my surgeon reassured me x
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You can try the dermal filler or Botox approach for the correction of your blepharoplasty surgery. I can recommend you see Dr. Jha at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, they have branches all over England, and as I looked it up now, the closest to you would be either London or Milton Keynes. They are fully qualified practitioners and have worked in the cosmetic and medical field for quite some time now, plus I have some friends who had had cosmetic treatments there and the results was very satisfying! You can just schedule a consultation and see what they recommend for you. Dermal fillers or Botox are non-invasive, non-surgical, painless procedures that can be quite effective, and you can also check out the videos they have on Botox treatments for blepharoplasty. Hope this helped! Cheers!
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I understand. A friend of mine had it done by students a few years ago.. and she looks good. I didnt know her before her surgery so I can't compare. But she looks 10 years younger than her age. She did say that only she can see a mistake.. I didnt look hard enough to see any error. I know that I would keep examining myself if I had it done. and would be looking for perfection. I would expect it but one PA said to me ' well right now your eyes aren't perfect' meaning no two eyes on your head are alike.
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I agree. It has now been over 6 weeks since I had mine and I am starting to see some improvement with the left eye, but still have a long way to go before I will be completely happy with my results. All I can say that this has probably been the most stressfull thing I have ever put myself through and if you are considering having it done think very very hard whether its really worth it in the long run.
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Lower blepharoplasty is complex and risky.
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The nurses are paid to praise their boss, the doctor
for whom they work. You need to ask for patients'
names and then speak with them. Look up the doctor's
credentials and find out if there have been any
disciplinary actions. Talk to someone preferably
outside the office you wish to go to.
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Wow, I didn't know this decision of having my lower lids done was going to be one of the biggest decisions in my life.. But it is scarey. I will ask for a DR who specializes in the Eyes.. If everyone says "She'ss Wonderful!" Should I believe??? All the nurses are saying she is one of the best. I will ask more questions next time..
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Don't do it! It was the worst decision of my life. The chances of a problem are fairly high and it is not worth the risk. It has changed my life and resulted in a lot of emotional trauma. I would give anything to turn back the clock and be happy with just aging gracefully.
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Who did your surgery??
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No. Think of a plastic surgeon as a general practitioner in different surgical areas. An
oculoplastic (occuloplastic) surgeon is this
already, but went on to specialize in the field
of eye surgery. They deal best with the eyes.
Some plastic surgeons are face specialists, some
have breast/abdominoplasty as their specialty,
the so called "mommy makeover".
Always ask what their speciality is. Use oculo-
plastic surgeons for the eyes only. Check them
out, not all are excellent.
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Is an Occuloplastic Surgeon the same as a Plastic Surgeon?
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Even highly experienced surgeons can encounter a bad
outcome in a given patient (poor healing, prone
to infection, bleeding, poor skin quality, etc.) since they are dealing with what is already there. Factor in human error which is inherent in most handiwork, and there could be a less than perfect result. Was everything you crafted perfect?
Scalpels are by nature razor sharp. Imagine what
can go wrong in a complex and delicate operation.
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As someone who needed 7 procedures to correct a very badly done lower bleph despite this doctor telling me he had done over 900 of them....of course he didnt tell me how many complaints. He really had no idea and was clearly over confident in his cookie cutter procedure. He denied anything was wrong. I had to travel to another city to find an occuloplastic surgeon who did a wonderful job trying to repair the disaster left for him. I developed full blown entropion (which I had, but only occasionally prior to the original surgery) my original surgeon just ignored this ( I know now it is because he didnt know how to assess for it). Upshot of this is DONT DO IT. Read Dr Steinsepir's information before you do anything. Everything he says is totally correct. If you do decide to go ahead go to a really good occuloplastic surgeon. Not just one who says he is good. Look for humility and honesty.
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Did you go to a General Surgeon to have your lid done or a Plastic Surgeon?
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Plastic surgeon. General surgeons remove appendixes,
tonsils, etc., although you can encounter a plastic
surgeon that also chooses to do general surgery, however, this is not the norm.
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I had upper and lower bleph done in January 2011. I definitely needed the upper done (skin was hanging over my eyes), but I was talked into the lower. My surgeon said that I would not be happy if I just did the top. I had some minor bags but I was ok with that. No problems with the upper surgery, however the lower was another story. One eye (left) is still slightly smaller than the right. i can see this in the area closest to my eye. Not sure if he took too much skin off that area or what. It was a profound difference for the first 4 months and then evened out a little. I have what I call a "bulge" under my right eye still - it is not as big as it was 8 months ago but it is still there. Doctor says it could resolve in time or he may not have taken enough fat out. I had dry eye in my left eye for 4 months. Always felt like something was in it. Now, at 9 months I am pretty satisfied with the surgery despite the assymetry and tiny bulge. Dry eye issues are resolved. The dangers of this surgery are overwhelming compared to the benefits. I would definitely recommend upper bleph as it is more forgiving. Lower bleph should only be done by a surgeon that has done thousands of them - it is not for a rookie. Read Read Read before you go through with this Kcad. I see my doctor in January and we will see if I need a revision although, truth be told, I don't think I could go through with another eye surgery again.
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Thanks so much for your reply.. Glad that your uppers came out good.. I have fat and bags under my eyes and the upper are OK. I have been researching and all the DR's are eager to do right away when I see them.. How can they just think someone would jump right in on such a major surgery? That made me nervous. I understand your issues with your outcome and I would be the same way with worry. So I am now thinking of just laser treatment which is about $1,500.00. What could possibly happen there? Glad you are getting a better outcome with your eyes as time goes by.
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sounds good maybe i should do that too.. I am quite nervous to have surgery which is permanent and could come out freakish.. If anyone who had bleph of the lowlids, can you comment on your outcome and revisions please? Thanks a lot. K
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I chose not to have the lower lid done due to the
risk of retinal detachment leading to permanent
blindness. I am glad I did not do it. It's
more complex surgery than the upper lids and it can
require revision from an expert later on. I might
have laser skin tightening done under the eye only.
Few doctors do it, but it works well in the right
hands. The risk is far lower for anything untoward.
Best of luck to you.
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Dont have it done!! Try fillers first with someone who is good at it. there is no going back after bad surgery, and it will set you on the roundabout of trying to get it fixed.
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sounds like everyone is having trouble with their lower lid surgery.. I was thinking of having it done this year but now I am nervous.!!
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This message perhaps was meant for someone else. I
had an upper blepharoplasty a year and a half ago.
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I think you are being far to hasty. My lower eyelid has only just started to look normal and it is 3 months since my op. Massage the area regularly and use eye drops for the dry eye that you are experiencing. All will turn out well....be patient!
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Dry eyes feel itchy, the vessels become red and
irritated. Swelling prevents lids from fully
closing leading to redness and irritation. Use
drops and ointments without fail until this subsides.
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If you get no response from the drops and ointment, go and see an occuloplastic surgeon. I agree with all the above comments. Wait, wait wait. However if your doc is not able to spot an infection there is a little something lacking in his knowledge base. Did he view your eye through the slit lamp? If it is concluded that you do need further surgery. DO NOT let your original doc do this. If he cant get it right the first time.....Seek expert knowledge,NOT a general PS.
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