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Read reviews here before doing surgery. I am so...

Read reviews here before doing surgery. I am so glad I decided to do it! The result is great. I feel so much more confident having some volume to my upper lip and not having to worry about the temporary fillers fading. My implant was placed at the wet-dry border so it doesn't stand out as being in the mustache area and looks very natural. Wish I had done this sooner. I am completely satisfied. The result is completely symmetrical and beautiful. So thankful to Dr. Jessica Kulak who is an amazing and talented and super nice doctor!!! The Naderi Center is amazing... highly recommend.
LOVE YOUR RESULT!!! It's heartening to hear that you haven't experienced any shifting. I really badly want to get this done (top only, as you did) but get pretty freaked out reading all these horror stories about people whose implants shift. So happy for you!! :-D
Ur results look amazing. Do u have a pic before? I m ales getting just the upper lip but I told ps I wanted 4 mm but now I m afraid it won't be noticible. I m afraid of getting the 5 mm because it might look too fake! What should I do??!!!
Based on your review I am considering the same PS. Thanks for your input. Have you had any issues with the implant moving, shifting out of place? That seems to be the issue that most have that leads to problems.

Not completely happy. Just wanted to update.

First of all I just want to preface this by saying I have not had any shifting, migrating, etc. The reason why I am unhappy with the implant is because my lips are not big enough for my taste. This is not the doctors fault. But I just want to warn other girls that the 5mm implant in your lip will not make it nearly as big as the injections can. I did not expect this to be the case; in fact I thought that the 5mm might be too big. But instead, the injections provided me with more flexibility on how big I could go. I prefer injections. If you are considering this surgery I would not recommend it anymore, unless you might be happy with a LITTLE bit of a difference. If you like huge plump lips like me, and like the flexibility of being able to add more if they're not big enough, then Just GET INJECTIONS. Shell out the money and keep paying your doctor to keep it up. It's worth it. I wish I had just kept up more injections. Because now I'm worried I might have scar tissue in my lip from the trauma of the surgery. I want to get the implant taken out so I can just get more syringes of injections, but I'm concerned. I have an appt to discuss this all with my doctor. I hope I can figure this out!
That's such a shame that your not happy with them now! I'm considering them myself but if there really isn't that much difference after the swelling goes down? Then there isn't much point.
This may be because I have a naturally very small upper lip. it depends on this size of your upper lip naturally. I have heard from many other girls that they are not happy with the 5mm size and think its too small. With injections though you can get multiple syringes to get the desired look, but with the implant you cannot. I just got a syringe of filler added (not done by Dr. Kulak) with my implant already in, and it completely distorted my implant. I think the needle bent one of the corners backward. Now I have to get it removed. I am going to discuss my options with my doctor. I am either going to get it removed, let my lip heal, and get A LOT more filler if it's safe to do so, or try and see if I can get a larger implant size ordered from the company, as I contacted them awhile ago and they said they were discussing making larger sizes. But the one major thing I don't like about the implant is that it does not enhance the cupids bow area. Its more like at the wetdry border, which looks natural I guess, but I like the prominent sultry look of enhancing the cupids bow. The bottom line is, no one could tell I had this done, which is great if youre looking for a subtle result, but not satisfying if you really do want plump, Kardashian esque lips! I will update again soon on my decision regarding this current implant I messed up by getting additional filler. Either I will get it removed completely and get more injections OR I will get it replaced, with either another 5mm and just live with it, or a larger one if I can get Surgisil to send me one. I will update everyone on what's going on soon.
Thank you for your in depth reply, I also use fillers but fin it so expensive needing to top up every few months , how often did u top up? I would be really interested if surgisill gave u a bigger impant. Do you have a recent picture of your lips? Xx

Just want to emphasize... Wanting my lips bigger = trying to fix what isn't broken

I really do just want to emphasize that I had no REAL problems with the implant. It was placed perfectly, it was symmetrical, and it did not shift, or look fake. It looked completely natural and my doctor did any amazing job.

I really wanted to keep this review completely positive, but I did feel an obligation to let you all know that if you like the flexiblity of being able to control how large your lips are, then keep up the injections, because the implants don't allow that. Once you get the largest, if it's not big enough, than you pretty much have to either wait and see if the implant company makes bigger sizes, OR, accept what you have.

Because getting injections.... either with the implant already in..... or after you get it removed.... may not result in perfect symmetry like before. Doctors might claim it will, but you never really know, because if you developed any sort of unnoticable (but still existing) irregularities, such as a tiny bit of scar tissue from the implant, it might look asymetrical if you then go ahead and try to augment the lips.

If you're sure you want Permalip forever, then of course go ahead and do it, but if any part of you might miss the injections, then just know in advance that your lips / the tissue might not (and probably won't) be exactly the same as they were before the implant. :)
Also I think she measured my lip perfectly so she knew exactly what size to order in length so it didnt shift.

Just wanted to show comparison

You can see that it did make a difference for sure, just not as much as I had achieved with the filler!
Hi Miss M I am thinking about getting the 5mm Permalips . I think my lips are a similar size to yours. They do not do this procedure here in Australia so I have been thinking about flying to the USA to have this done. I would be really disappointed if i go to all this trouble & expense & only have disappointing results. Do you think it may have been the placement of the implants ? I have read reviews where some people can faintly see them or feel them more than others.
To be honest, I actually think in retrospect that I AM happy with my results. It actually had made a difference, just not a huge one. But it did make a difference, so I'm glad I did it. Then after I got 1 syringe of added filler, my lips are dream like now. Haha. So I would recommend the combination perhaps. And no I can't see it and I'd really have to try hard to feel it. I forget it's there :)
I just got my implant last week. Put 4 mm because I was afraid I will look funny just with the upper one. Even though I read the reviews about lip looking to Small. Yes I am disappointed but I only had juvederm done once before so I m not used to it. I ll live with what I have now low maybe in the future I will replace for bigger and get my lower lip done too. Honestly I like your lips. Don't be sad:( xoxo

Okay REALLY happy now

I got a syringe of filler added, and although initially the swelling was uneven, after it subsided, now my lips are dreamlike :). So I would recommend the combination of Permalip and filler perhaps. Ultimately I AM happy that I did the Permalip because it did make a difference, but the filler + the implant really gave me my desired look.
Beautiful lips! I just had fat injections and have a duck look. How did your Dr avoid the duck look? I'm hoping that filler later can help as I like the fullness. Thanks for posting.
Your lips look great thank u for sharing.

Happy :) 3-4 Months Post. It feels like a lifetime ago!

I found my old phone and was scrolling through photos. I cannot believe how small my upper lip used to be compared to my lower. I remember how badly I wanted this procedure. For an entire year it was on the forefront of my mind. Saving up for it was difficult because I had doubts and I would always end up spending my money on other things. I also remember people telling me that I didn't need it. But I knew what I saw in the mirror and how I felt. I realized that if my upper lip was so small at such a young age it would only get worse with time. So I finally got Permalip to my upper lip only and I am so glad I did. My lip ratio is now normal and I completely forget that I ever even did this (I forget the implant is there). It looks natural and I could not be happier. I wish this success upon all who undergo this procedure.
Nice outcome!

Please disregard the photos where my upper lip looked small after the implant!!

I just needed to update this review...

A few months ago I had separate facial procedure done which unintentionally changed the shape of my lip and made it under rotate. I have learned that the separate procedure (not performed by Dr. Kulak-she probably would have advised against it) caused the tissues in my face to sag downward, which created a significant change in the shape of my lip.

The pictures where I am dissatisfied with how small my upper lip is are the result of a different procedure!

So please do not use those photos to make a determination about how big Permalip will actually look.

There were other factors contributing to its appearance when the photos were taken. Thank you :)
Your lips look great! I have also had the perma lip implant and like you, I wish they were fuller. I Am considering getting some injections to complete that fuller look, but I am not sure what to go with, as far as I was concerned you couldn't get injections if you have implants, so I am excited to know that someone did it and got such amazing results! Do you mind sharing what type of injections you got along with the implants?
Hello Miss M just want to give you another compliment - your lips look very juicy. I would like to ask a question - so I put my permalip implants 7 years ago 5mm in both lips but now I want my lips to look fuller by injecting filler you know what I mean :) could you tell me please did you take any antibiotics after you injected the filler? I spoke with my doctor who did permalip for me and he said yes it's fine to inject fillers on top of permalip. But I'm still concerned. Please advice me. Thank you
Wow, the photo on the far right from June 19, 2014 makes you look like a movie star! How much did Dr. Kulak charge for the two syringes of Restalyne?

I'm going to get it removed and get filler

Unfortunately I am just not happy with how small my upper lip still is with the implant comparison to how it was with multiple syringes of filler. I am going to get my implant removed, heal, and get more filler.
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