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Miradry - First Procedure April 13th, 2012 - Hermosa, Beach, CA

I had my first procedure on April 13th and I have...

I had my first procedure on April 13th and I have been sweat and odor free for 5 days, but this morning I am a little sweaty - not anywhere near what I was before as I have a severe case of hyperhydrosis under my arms, facial/cranial and torso. I'm feeling a bit disappointed today. I understand it's an 86% reduction and it needs 2 procedures, but the first 5 days were very exciting! I only hope the second procedure nips it in the bud. Definately worth it just for the reduction in sweat and odor. I won't lie, it was a bit uncomfortable - just the lidocaine shots, and there is definate swelling but just ice, ice , ice and you will have no problem.

I decided to have the miradry procedure to enhance...

I decided to have the miradry procedure to enhance my life even a little bit. Since I suffer from facial/cranial and torso hyperhidrosis as well, I can't really do anything about that except taking medication. I take Ditropan 2 - 3 times a day. As this procedure is only for the underarms, I really felt I would be more self confident not worrying about odor on top of the sweating. This disease can be very debilitating as to quality of life when you are so embarrassed to go out in case you have a severe attack. Stress definately triggers an attack and I would be uncomfortable in social settings especially in hot weather.

The procedure itself wasn't bad at all and I will definately have the second procedure and I would encourage everyone else to try this as well - maybe when the price comes down. I opted to pay full price to have it done as soon as possible as I have struggled with this most of my life. I'm 42 years old and fortunate to live at the Beach in Southern California so I don't have the weather issues here ; )

I have a definate reduction in sweating under my arms and no odor at all.

I would be interested in others experiences after the first procedure as I am only on day 7.

Thank you,

Thanks for posting such an authentic review, and especially appreciate the photo! Its so helpful to see & hear from someone who has really gone through it.

I know many community members will be looking forward to your updates and to hearing how it is working for you. :)


Hi Lauriebusy...thanks for sharing your story. Since this is such a new procedure, we'll continue to gather consumer feedback and get the real story. I thought you might find the Q&A section for Miradry interesting as it's answered by multiple RS docs so you'll have multiple opinions. You can also ask questions there too if you have any unanswered. But I have to say...there have been 5 reviews and all 5 people thought it was 'worth it' which is pretty amazing. Keep us posted on your second treatment and results.


Please see photo after 1 week. The swelling is...

Please see photo after 1 week. The swelling is barely there and just a bit of bruising. No pain at all. I'm still sweating just a very tiny bit, but there is no odor at all. I'll update this again in a week.
I've tried several times to update my procedure, but real self gets stuck, doesn't recognize my login or just doesn't get posted. So, I will try one last time. It is May 2013 and I am still sweat and odor free. I still highly recommend the procedure. I suggest you vet where you are going as I have heard some horror stories... Anyone in So Cal should go to see Dr. Karyn Grossman. Best of luck to all. Laurie
Thanks for posting your review...very interested to hear how things go after the 2nd treatment. I live in LA and have called Dr. Grossman's office for information.
I had my first procedure in April. The procedure itself was uncomfortable at times. There were some sensitive spots on one armpit than the other. I developed an abscess on my right armpit that needed to be drained. I still had some sweating, about 70-75% reduction after my first treament. I was a bit reluctant to have the second procedure done, since I had the abscess with the first treatment and a lot of discomfort for weeks. I figuered I would get the second treatment to get rid of the swetaing all together. The second treament was much worse than I expected. I could feel a lot of the hot sensations on both armpits. I was in pain! I had some red marks that actually looked more like burn marks. I thought I would give it a day or so before I contacted my doctor. Two days after my procedure they continued to get worse, and now I have sores that are not healing very well and not to mention I am still sweating. Condsiderably less than I was sweating but I'm still wearing black and have sores so not only can I not wear colored shirts but I can't wear tank tops because if I raise my arms these awful sores will be exposed for everyone to see. I regret that I went in for the second procedure. I should've just stuck with the Botox.
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Can't say enough about Dr. Grossman and her staff. They are top notch and really good to me, spending plenty of time with me and answering all my questions.

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