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Ultherapy is More Painful Than I Thought!! - Henderson, NV

I had my mid-face and upper neck done. I...

I had my mid-face and upper neck done. I definitely had tears and some whimpering happening during my procedure. The neck is way more painful than the face. I took a relaxant and pain reliever but I would have had a nerve block done, if I knew it was this bad. It is the day after and my face and neck is numb and a painful to the touch. I will post before and after pictures when I reach one month and longer.
Hi Eva, It takes a little time for results. The skin under my neck was much worse a day or two after the procedure. I think it's from swelling. It's been a month and everything is tightening up, plus you skin gets a nice glow. My doctor said people who get more swelling, usually end up have better results.
Thank you Myajolie!! That is encouraging. And looking from the side. It does look a little mor poofy than before. I'm also getting these weird "phantom" pains as if my body is reenacting the procedure.
Hi. I've heard it is incredibly painful. Any lumps, dents, burns, or all ok? Good luck and keep posting your photos.

6 days later

I am still numb on my face and neck, still some pain. The best way to describe it is it feels like I was slapped in the face really hard!! It only hurts when I touch it though. I have been told my face looks tighter by a friend. But my neck still sags. I'm putting a lot of creams and skin products on every day. Plus I'm taking collegen supplements and Garcinia Combogia. I'm hoping that will help the healing process in a positive way. Photos to come!

12th day

My face is finally getting the feeling back in it. My neck still feels numb and a little tiny bit of pain like a sunburn. I feel like my neck looks worse and saggier. My picture looks a little better from the side. Guess it's too early still
I had lipo and skin tightening laser to my neck/submental area. I feel too like my chin is saggier!
Oh no! When did you have that done Tux? I was considering laser tightening on my neck too if this doesn't work. We will see!
I have had similar odd pains and Im 6 weeks post. Just this week had an odd sore feeling return to under chip/neck and by cheek. Not sure of all results but think there is notable skin improvement and some tightening of jaw line/neck.

New pic

I'm almost fully healed. Now it's just a waiting game.
I actually had thermatite and he said it may take up to 6 weeks to see tightening! I sure hope it does otherwise this was a WASTE of $
Yah I feel the same way. But I did research on every website I could find, showing all good reviews. Plus it was endorsed by Dr Oz, Martha Stewart, The Doctors, The View. Not that that matters, I'm sure they were paid. So ill wait...!
How long has it been for you? I am 2 weeks post op today and over the compression garment.

All healed

How are the results not that it's been a little longer?
*now that it's been . . .
I'm amazed at how differently people seem to react to this proc. I didn't have hardly any reaction, except the bony parts of the face where it's god-awful. I wish there were more objective studies as to how effective it is. I feel like I've had an improvement, but it's hard to really tell, and it's a LOT of money, so you kind of want some reassurance.

Not worth the money

It has been almost 5 months now, and I feel my neck has actually gotten saggier. I wish now that I would've saved the $1300 and put it towards the neck lift I will be working on getting next year. The procedure seemed to refresh my face a little, and maybe made my face a little more tight, but it did not "lift" my saggy skin under my chin.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

The young lady performing the procedure was 23, but she was as gentle as she could possibly be. She was very encouraging and talked me through it, wiping away my tears. She also let me know how many more "zaps" we had left per section. And also asked me half-way if I needed to get up and stretch or get a drink of water.

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