65 and I Was Showing It..... and Dr. Sohn Reversed a Lot of It! - Henderson, NV

I debated back and forth about the money. But...

I debated back and forth about the money. But eventually the fact that I'll never see 65 again convinced me to do it. On a side note, I had also lost some weight which added to the loose skin on my face. I really can't say enough good about Dr. Sohn MD and Amy, in fact all the staff at Haskins and Sohn.
We did the procedure in house and everything went smoothly. I would like to reassure you, twilight works just great and I'm a real sissy when it comes to procedures....lol! Would I opt for it again, oh hell yes.
My recovery was a tad slow..... but only because we removed SO MUCH EXCESS SKIN, enough to recover my favorite recliner and the ottoman. It's been about 3 months now and the little things are sorting themselves out and the minor numbness is going away.
Dr. Sohn is very articulate and competent. (My partner was so impressed with the work that he ended up having his upper eyes done a week later and plans to have the lower done this summer. ) I'm thinking of having fat grafting on my face done this spring for the final make over.
Dr. Sohn has a knack of making you feel "special" and important and his confidence seams to calm your fears.
Lastly what people were saying about how great it came out was not resonating with me. I kept thinking they were just trying to be kind. Until I had an accident in the airport in Cabo (Dec16th) on my return from a wonderful mini vacation. When the EMT (it was a nasty gash) asked my age and I said 65.... he about said.... NFW. Wow did I feel great, an unsolicited opinion. Then at the clinic that night here in Las Vegas, they said the same thing and at the pharmacy, the pharmacist carded (ID'd) me when I handed him my medicare card and said "you must take really good care of yourself"
OH yes, I was thrilled.
If you can afford it DO IT! And have Dr Sohn take care of ya.
One photo is about a month before and the second is about a month after the procedure.
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

Seriously, I can not heap enough praise on Dr. Sohn (and his nurse Amy) They both ALWAYS answered my questions, even if they were nellie. The work he did for me was just fantastic! You owe it to yourself to check him out!

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Just looking back on everyones journeys --- you do look great -- wow what a change -- I wouldn't say 65 either -- in late 50's is the way I look with the new you. Congrats.
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So did you have his mini lift or his facelift? He has both offered according to his website. And in your consultation did he describe each of these options and how they differ? Was your anesthesia an IV or local with oral medication and injected lidocaine? thanks, grace
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We talked more in "generalities" as to how he could help not really specifics. Mostly lower, which you could assume as a mini. I really wanted my turkey neck gone and some tightening where he could. I was a realist as to the out come. As I said... our vanity is a squirrelly bitch on drugs....... totally unrealistic. Wait for an unsolicited comment. I wasn't expecting 30 or 40...... mid 55s would do...... the work he did brought me there and remember the carriage is 65. So hopefully I'll look 10 years younger than I really am for the rest of my life. I still have more work I could have done if my vanity starts to act up. You have be realistic in your expectations.........they can't erase 20 - 30 years, 10 at best. We went over the options...... I could have done more, but the lower was all I was willing to do at this time. Facial fat transplant is in the future. The anesthesia was local with oral medication and injected. It was totally adequate and I would opt for it again. Most people appear to focus on this....... I assure you, this is a great option and can save ya some money....... for more work! If you can afford a full, then go fo it. If a lower will do the trick, then do that. All I can say is Dr. Sohn is the go to guy.... tell him Craig & Doug sent ya. Thank for asking
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Holy SHt ! You do look 10 yrs younger ,glad everything went well for you!
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Thank you very much!
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You look really, really good! Thank you for sharing your experience. I'm sure you're going to help and reassure many other people looking into facelifts. Maybe you can convince your partner to start his story here, too. :)
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You look great! Good to know about the twilight anesthesia as I have the procedure coming up in late February. :) Glad the EMT gave you compliments. You look much younger. How long did it take for you to feel comfortable about the incisions around your ears? I'm going to be pulling my hair forward a lot, but it's down to mid-back for me. Did you have much tightness in your neck? That's probably my major freaking out point right now.
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You will feel many new sensations, mainly stretching and numbness..... everywhere. Yes, you will feel the inner skin muscles stretch when you move your head and neck in most any direction but it diminishes within a couple months. Don't rush it and don't fear it, embrace it. That is your new face. Think of it this way, if it feels tight, your face is going to look better and that is what we're all after. For guys, we usually raise our chin to shave under it, but this isn't as easy anymore..... I just changed my shave routine and all is good! Just after your procedure try to keep your stretching to a minimum. The skin is trying to re-attach it's self in areas to the underlying muscles. Wear your wrap religiously, always! For me, the incisions around the ears healed quickly and nicely except behind the left ear.... it was slower to heal. As of now, you really can't see the incisions and guys don't really have the luxury to pull our hair forward, but I now have new areas to shave. I slept upright in my recliner (the newly recovered one) propped up with pillows for about 3 weeks........ after the first couple nights I really started to like it....go figure. You will experience new "things" and "sensations" just deal with it as..... my new look. Everything will resolve it's self in due time. Some of the numbness may take quite a while to resolve. I still have some and my work was done in October. You will see bruising and that is normal and might take awhile to go away. I have thin blood naturally so mine was a little more noticeable. (they kept asking me if I was on blood thinners....lol) Arnica Montana will help. Please have realistic expectations. These Dr's are trying their best to treat our vanity, which at best is one squirrely bitch on drugs, but in reality, we all are aging and the best we can hope for is to shave maybe 10 years and that "IS THE BEST WE CAN HOPE FOR".
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Good to know. I'll try not to freak out over the tightness. I have pretty bad claustrophobia, so it may be an issue. I will definitely ask for Valium (which I usually only take for flying or MRI's) just in case. I also plan to sleep in a recliner and have already purchased some pillows. One of the pillows is supposed to help me to not turn my head while I'm sleeping. I hope after two weeks I can walk my Golden Retriever, as he will miss me greatly. My husband is going to do it for me, however, so he won't have to be sedentary. I have purchased Arnica and Bromelain. Hopefully, it will help because I'm definitely a bruiser. :) I would guess you to be 50 in your after, so your doctor did great! LOL about our vanities -- very true!
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Thanks on the 50...... 2 weeks should be more than enough so the pooch can get back to normal. Tightness is a good thing so embrace it. And it sounds like you have a plan, best of luck to you.
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