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I Discussed with this doctor the size of the...

I Discussed with this doctor the size of the breast implants I wanted. He assured me that it could be done. However the outcome was not what we discussed, and then he kept mentioning that he was not capable to get me to the size I wanted, 700cc at least; Until manufactures were to make that "special" implant for my body measurements (5'5 126, athletic, wide torso due to swimming and volleyball), breastfed a child, and with previous implants (375cc). During the initial consultations He quickly collected $6000 from me, but when I asked to do what most reputable surgeon do, after the surgery, to stand by his work, he bailed out by saying that there are not sources with the implants manufactures to place a larger implant than 500cc. I found out quickly that my body could easily had handle a 600cc to be fill out to 700cc.


Update!!! I'm so happy to announced that I had my...

Update!!! I'm so happy to announced that I had my breast augmentation last week and I'm the happiest patient ever.
Dr. Hankins here in Las Vegas performed my revision surgery and placed the 800cc silicone implants I wanted all alone. Obviously it takes an experienced surgeon to do such a master piece. I can't stop looking at my dream breast implants.
Ladies, not all surgeons have the expertise to perform surgery with large implants, and obtain results so marvelous results. I learned my lesson with the first doctor who misled me and tricked me into believing that he could do it. He ended up placing smaller size because didn't have the skills and knowledge to put the size i originally wanted
I'm so blessed Dr.Hankins took my case and gave me the look I have been dreaming of for a decade. pictures to follow =D soon
John Minoli

I discussed this with other surgeons who advised me to go back and talk with him about a revision. They told me that a reputable plastic surgeon will stand by their work. He made all kind of excuses and told me he would give me other doctors names that will specialized in large breast implants. I am furious because he knew all along the size I was looking for. He took my money and then hid in the fact that he lack the skills and knowledge to put a larger size. I have consulted with other plastic surgeons and they didn't see a problem with my measurements to be one breast implant larger at all. He was rude when I confronted him, screamed at me in front of his staff and finally offer to give me other surgeons name that could deal with 600cc filled to 700cc. Why wouldn't this surgeon told me at the beginning that he was not skilled to do so. He took my $6000 and then figured he could convince that it was all that could be done.

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7 months after the surgery to correct what another incompetent doctor did Im so in love with the work Dr. Hawkins did on my breast. Don't you agree ?
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His full of s######........ I relativitly have the same build as you but quite tiny up top , Im sure if I could fit a 700cc silicone in my frame , you would of not had any problem..I actually told my doctor first time round that my body could handle a bigger implant and im not even a doctor lol...This guy is such an a### all that money you spent I would be so upset ...Yeah he sounds really unethenical , my doc saw me that same day and even called my home to check on me and saw me all week ..Did you instincts not kick in and who recommened this doc....btw i was reading your story again up top that part of the manufactuers making that implant for your body is total b######......... the only thing you need to watch out for is the width of the implant but the body is amazing what it can accomadate......your tissues etc and and skin all already all stretched...I would personally try and get some money back from this doc........Im sorry you had to go through this .....
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Yes I started the process to dispute the charge. I also will make a formal complaint w the board. He is not standing by his work. 6000 is a lot of money. I waited 10 years to have them redone. :(
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Hi Ticabella, Good Luck Im glad to hear that.::)).......Please keep us posted......Kittling
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Im sorry to hear that................ im 5"5 and 125lbs and athetlic like yourself .....My doctor was also relulent to go big because of my small frame ..My first BA was 10 months ago I had 492cc cc mid range profile and was sooo unhappy with the size , so I had my second BA with the same doctor 2 months ago........He knew from the get go I wanted bigger breasts so he was more than happy to give me a discount second time round and gave me 700cc high profile.. ..My doctor believes in making his patients happy and to give them the best result....You should try and fight for him to re do what he said he would ...Kittling
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I would not trust the same doctor again. I believe though, that they are doctors who are GOOD at what they do and others are just ignorants and should limit their practice to BOTOX only. I am happy for you. 700cc would have been the very least for me. My friend w very same measurement with previous implants , they are at 800cc. Lovely which is what I wanted. My big complaint is that I made it clear to him what I wanted and he still in the name "for your best interest" went his way. He could have said "I cannot do large breast implants". In Vegas, lots of doctors do that every day.
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I agree he should of been honest , what upsets me is that you had to pay that money and you didnt get what you wanted .... I know how you must feel....Well i hope you find a good doctor and get exactly what you want...Best wishes Kittling
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Thank you. I'm happy to hear good stories. I even doubt he put 600cc. When I see what 600cc should look like I have this unsettled feeling he only fill it up to 500 cc
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Thats so unenthical if thats the case .. wow I would sue him ...what was this doctors problem???
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He argues that my body frame would not handle a 600cc implant. I'm a athletic buil broad shoulders 5.5 127 -129 lb woman with previous 10 year old implants. Hence, the capsule had been formed for 20 years. I never saw him the day of the surgery or right after until 2 days later.
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf. I'm a little confused. He said your body couldn't handle 700ccs, so what size did he place? And did you agree to his placing a smaller size?

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