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I have scheduled my appointment for my breast...

I have scheduled my appointment for my breast augmentation with a lift i am 39 years old with 4 kids 24,21,19,12 my breast have been sagging all of my life i had to adapt but now i am ready to have my procedure or should i say give myself something i have and still do take care if my kids but i will be 40 and it my turn now and my kids understand wjy i want this done

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I want to have nice full breast i have 4 kids and...

i want to have nice full breast i have 4 kids and now my are flat and sagging i have been trying to get this procedure done since 2000 after my 4th child now i am ready and so excited i had my consultation and i gave my 500.00 deposit and also did my blood work and they gave me a post op date for 3/7/2013 and my surgery is set for the 15th of march


Less than two weeks to go! I'm so glad you started your story with us on RealSelf and I hope you'll keep us posted throughout your transformation. Do you know what type/size/placement of implants you're going with?

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I had my blood work done and booked my date all in...

I had my blood work done and booked my date all in one day I was so happy when they told me to go right next door and get my blood drawn everything has happened so fast I hope everything goes smooth from hear so my preop date is march 7th two days from today I can't wait then the big dd date is the 15 th of march next Friday


I tried on my sizers and went with 450cc but I want to go at least to 500cc i am already a 36 d or a38c I would like to be a DD I am going with saline under the muscle
Congrats! I too have saggy girls and need a lift to go along with my implants. I getting saline under the muscle also. My dr is using the anchor method for the lift. My surgery will be april 4th so im finally down to less than a month! Yay. Girl I cant wait to have some big nice breast! My man likes mine jus the way they are but he is also very encouraging and says if it will make me feel better about my body do it. I have three kids and no more to come. Im jus ready to get my body back and enjoy it. Im 31 years young and looking forward to the outcome!
I looked at your pictures and your bl came out great but you looked good before also so yes I tried the rice treatment today and it did work for me I felt funny I had 500 cc of rice in each boob I got a lot of looks lol I tried on a couple of dresses and they fit well

I am sitting in the room waiting on the Dr. I've...

I am sitting in the room waiting on the Dr. I've filled out paper work and i have taken my pictures (before) i am going to go up in my size i was at a 421cc they said thats not even a full D i am going to ask him for atleast 500cc

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I just left the doctors they are all paid up...

I just left the doctors they are all paid up everything is in order i am due at the surgery center on friday the 15th at 9:45 am i was hoping for a little earlier but thats great time i hate afternoon appointments i am excited and nervous all in one no turning back now


I am getting 500 cc to be a full D but I want to be a DD ,I think I should go to 550cc but will I be happy with that I started with 421cc and went up from there I already have a lot of tissue but once I get a lift a lot of that will be gone ,but I also have to think about getting to big and the lift starts to sag . These are a lot of questions being that I have surgery day after tomorrow
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I am one day away from surgery on Friday the 15 th I am getting nervous I am nervous everyday but as I look at these pictures of lifts and augmentation I am thinking that I need to go bigger what do I do , should I contact the doctor and ask them is I could go up in size I am already a full 38 C and my sister size is 36 DI was hoping to be a 36 DD when I get through but I am starting to get anxiety about being to small after . After all these years of waiting to get this done and not be happy with the out come I will be very upset . I am the type person if I don't like something I get upset but figure the hell it can always be fixed (nails, hair, make up) but this is nothing like that I think I am going to call the office tomorrow and see what I can do .
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Well lady's I have 5 days to go I went to sears today and got myself two zip front bra's I got Xl because that's the size I used with my sizers on. I stopped at Walmart and got me a bag of bendy straws per the doctors orders .i also went to khols and got me a zip front hoodie for the day of surgery I don't want to be in there trying to button up a shirt half doped and in pain. I cut my finger on saturday morning and I have been crying every since my husband tried to put a bandaid and I start screaming and jumping around then I thought what the hell am I going to do on Friday but I also had 4 c-sections and didn't complain but I am nervous now because this iOS my breast I still need to turn in my paper work at the surgery center tomorrow and my prescriptions and I also forgot to pay for my warranty extra $100 I need that
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Well tomorrow is the day can't wait seems like...

Well tomorrow is the day can't wait seems like forever got all of the things I need see you tomorrow my surgery is for 10:45 I have to be there at 9:45 will probably be there at 8 I am so antsiest


Very nice outcome so far. How are you feeling today?
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I feel great but still on meds I went out of the house to my post op dr said everything looks great I agreed they are still really high gave me excersis to do to help push them down they are still under my arm pits and high up under my chin
I had a great experience all the wa around I wish I would i have went bigger I think I am a full D but I was already a d before I was in and out I waited in the waiting room for 15 minutes they took my voils and I changed into my gown and surgical stockings they have this wonder ful stuff that they stick u with to numb you with before the if is put in so you can't feel it and it is a mirical worker doctor and his office nurse came over and talked to me and drew on me and five minutes later I was on the table anesthesiologist came to talk 2 minutes I layed on theft able he didn't even tell me to count down he put put something in my I've and I was looking up at the lights I was out and when awoke I was in pain level 12 I had a lift and augmentation 3shots of Demerol still didnt work .i got home and took all my meds and went to sleep I could only sleep every three hours I am on day 4 I couldn't remember the days I thought Sunday was Saturday I am getting back on track
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I am sooooo happy with my new boobs they have been...

I am sooooo happy with my new boobs they have been getting a lot of attention they are both dripping at the same time. Just gotta get use to waking up in the morning and the pressure . I want to say thanks to the nurse at my doctors office she new the perfect size for me 500 cc each I wanted more but she said since I already had a lot of tissue I wouldn't need to go up to 550 and she was right they are huge just how I wanted them.

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