I had full face and neck. I have to say this...

I had full face and neck. I have to say this really is painful but tolerable even without medication. I just sucked it up. I wasn't about to react to the pain because I didn't want to be slighted on the treatment. The little zaps felt like everyone describes them, bee stings or a rubber band snaps, but some were worse (temples-ouch).

When I left my face was already itching and I had a bump large bump on my neck with a bruise within an hour. The bruising and itching just got worse. By day 3 I looked horrible but totally okay with it as long as it pays off in the end. I'm developing a rash on my neck but the don't do the middle of the neck so I'm not sure what's up with the rash.

I've included pictures from 2 hours prior and 2 hours after as well as day 3.

By day three I looked a lot worse, older, saggier but I still have hope.

I'll keep on updating as see how it goes.


Thank you for starting your review with us.   Give this some time before making any final conclusions.  I have hopes everything will settle down.  

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1 Week Out

You might notice I've chosen not to wear make-up in these photos because the number one thing I was looking for before doing it was accurate photos and lots of them.

One week out and I look horrible, very swollen and bruised. I also have this itchy rash on my neck. Much worse than before the treatment. However, I am happy about this because if everything looked the same I would question whether or not it was doing any good. It is always darkest before done and I am very encouraged at this point. I'm actually 6 weeks out now but I'm posting the photos I took according to the dates on them.

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1 Month Out

One month out and the swelling is gone (thank goodness). I'm looking like myself again except for my itchy neck, which has good and bad days. I do want everyone to know that I'm deliberately not picking photos I think look good. I want a real depiction of what happens both for myself and others. It's a lot of money if it doesn't work.
I'm still feeling very optimistic but don't want that to jade my perspective. Since this works by building up collagen and I know it takes time to do that I'm waiting patiently. awhile to do that. Some of these photos look good compared to earlier ones but it's just swelling and lighting.


Thanks for taking the time to post your review. Just wanted to say, I had ultherapy done 6 months ago on my neck only. I had some similar issues going on as you do. It actually helped that fatty little area that starts to sag under the chin for me. I'm hopeful that you will see improvement in that area as well. Your skin looks in really good condition, I think you are a great candidate for this type of procedure. Good luck and keep us posted! =)
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Thank you, I have a really good feeling about this. I've always had a little fat under my chin and I think about lipo for it but at 53 I'm afraid the skin would stay loose and look worse. It's nice to hear that your happy with your ultherapy.

2 Months Out

It's been two months and I have to admit I am seeing an improvement albeit small. My jawline is a bit better and my eyes have opened up and every time I look in the mirror I can see it. I tried to find the worst photos so it would be very clear whether or not it worked. I have a lot of photos that are much better. I'm looking forward to see how it is on 4 more months but so far so good.

I do still have rash that comes and goes on my neck. My dermatologist said it's a photosensitive rash most likely brought on by the Ultherapy procedure or the gel used since that's when it started.

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I have definitely noticed a difference in my eyes. These pictures are really a good representation of that. It's just something I notice when I look in the mirror. These results are subtle after 2 months but there are results and overall I just look more refreshed.


Greatly appreciate the time, effort and photos you put into sharing your experiences. Thank you. Thank you thank you!!! Ultherapy is a costly procedure so it is important to know the facts not just the hype.
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Thank you so much for spending the time to share your progress
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3 Months: I See Small Changes

It's been three months since I had Ultherapy to full face and neck. I have to say I can definitely see a difference, albeit small. I tried to post pictures from the same angle with different lighting so you can get an idea how easy it is to make it look better than it is. I still remain optimistic that I will have a nice change by the six month mark.
I still have a rash on my neck and it's got a darker pigment. I'm not happy about the rash and I'm not sure why I have it but since it started at the time I had my treatment I can only assume that it's a result of the Ultherapy. Hopefully by next month the results will be more obvious to others.


Thanks for your review. The bruising an rash risk is an important issue to raise I think. I noticed a bit of light bruising on my neck also, but not anywhere else. I think the procedure can be a bit dicey on a non-flat surface.
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Wow, thanks for sharing so many details!!
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I see a nice change in your face. Along the jaw line your cheek bones especially noticeable. Your results were what convinced me to give it a try as well. I'm only 1 week out from my procedure and am looking forward to that 3 month mark so I can see these subtle results too. I like it that the results are subtle over time so it doesn't look like I've had "work" done. I think you look refreshed. I do see a big difference in the eye brow lift on you. Your face and eyes are very similar to what I have going on as well. Please keep posting your pictures as you progress. I'll do the same.
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6 Months and Iffy

I took these pics at the 6 month mark and all I can say is what I've always said, the results are subtle. IF you are wealthy and you could do it twice a year I think it would probably do very well but for the average person that does it just once its probably not worth it. My eyes actually look the best but I do see improvement on my jaw line too. I very well may do it again since I'm so fearful of being cut. I posted a lot of photos so you guys can be the judge.


I think you look like a poster child for this procedure. I would be very happy with the results if I got this. Your pictures are great. One thing I think everyone should focus on is these procedures that are alternatives to face lifts have quite a bit of time before the results manifest. You did a great job posting the different stage so everyone could see there is a wait period. Thanks for sharing
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Wow! I think your results are amazing! It's more than subtle in my opinion. Your skin has a firmer fresher appearance . I'm considering this procedure also and with results like yours I am encouraged. Please keep posting if you have the procedure done again!
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What a great result! Thank you for the photos.
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