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I'm really worried about the results of my...

I'm really worried about the results of my rhinopasty and the doc has not even taken the splint off yet (had surgery 6 days ago). Is it normal to feel this way?  I'm worried that the space above my lip is too big.  Does that part usually get swollen too?

Thank you, as soon as he took the splint off i loved it!
can you tell me who you went to? Thanks- you look beautiful in your picture.
hi I was gonna get a rhinoplasty in beverly hills..can you send me the name of the surgeon..thanks!!

It was worth it after all!!!  I was in shock...

It was worth it after all!!!  I was in shock at first because my face was still swollen, but now I love the fat grafting and rhinoplasty that he did. 

I will submit some pictures very soon.  I just want to let everyone know that if you are considering rhinoplasty I highly recomened the Doc that I went to in LA....I don't know If you can say names on this cite, so you can email me if need be.


yes honey you can say the name...this is a plastic surgery platform
Can you pls send me dr. Name and phone number
I'm currently researching board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons/otolaryngologists is LA area. Have had a few consultations and would like to get the name of your surgeon to schedule a consultation. Please email surgeons name, thanks!!!!
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