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I recently had a tummy tuck done 10 weeks ago....

I recently had a tummy tuck done 10 weeks ago. When I went into the doctors office for my consultation, I discussed with the Cosmetic Surgeon (he stated himself as) the procedure I wanted performed. Which included removal of tummy and waist flab. He explained to me that by the looks of my abdominal area and flanks, that I wouldn't need a full tummy tuck and that a mini tummy tuck would be just fine. He also explained to me that if after my surgery anything wasn't to my satisfaction, he would revised it for no cost.

Now this was my second time visiting being seen about having a tummy tuck done. The first PS explained that all of my abdominal area (full tummy tuck) and waist flab would be removed, And he could revised my lower bra flab as well, all for a set cost. I wasn't certain on if I wanted to pay the price I was given and also commute as far from home with a procedure as this. Therefore I searched for a closer PS.

After explaining and receiving feedback from the CS (2nd surgeon) for about an hour long, I decided that I was going to get it done with him because he was closer to home and wanted less of a cost. On the day of my surgery, I was nervous and anxious. The CS prepped me and gave me ProMethazine and Bactrim. During surgery he gave my Anesthesia. Somehow I still felt the tubes as he was inserting them into my tummy and back area. He told me that it was normal because he wanted me to be able to move on my own if necessary.

After surgery he placed me in the recovering area where I was still a bit under sedation and placed a garment on me. As I followed up with him, a week from surgery, He gave me a bio-serum cream for speedy healing. At 2 weeks he told me, I was healing great and that the stitches would come out on their or he would take them out. He ended up taking out several from my belly button at that time. He explained that if my stitches form my incision didn't dissolve 2wks from removing those from my belly button, He would take them out which he didn't have to.

At 5 wks I explained to him of the pain and lumps in my upper abdominal area and also the dog flaps(he called them) on my waist. At this time he examined my belly and explained that the lumps and swelling areas should be gone by 6-8wks and that the dog flaps could be removed at no cost.

At 9wks I went back for a follow up and explained to him about the non-swelling areas on my waist area that were still flabby and that I could tell the difference from my upper and lower abdominal still being swollen. He told me that its normal for a tummy tuck and if i wanted more work performed that he would revise it for an extra cost. Now I was really shocked that he would charged me more for work that he agreed to. He told me that he did a great job and nothing was wrong. He also told me to get a second opinion from another PS.

Therefore I did and the board certified PS (over 17yrs experienced) told me that my belly button was extremely to small, that I had a lot of lipo incisions for my waist and under my bra area to still be flabby(6 incision). He told me that my incision healed well and that I will need more work in the future definitely on my waist and if my swollen lumps on my front lower abdominal area which bulged out didn't go away.

The surgery who did my tummy tuck was not a board certified plastic surgeon but had previous training, only performed one tummy tuck before mines and just opened in December of 2011.

I still have pain all over and swelling in my upper and lower abdominal area. My abdominal area is flat on my left side( center lower abdominal) and bulge out on my right side. My belly button is so small that a q-tip can barely fit inside of it. I try not to worry and stress myself but I no other choice. This is my appearance after getting a tummy tummy which I felt would solve my flabby waist and tummy. Now I'm stuck with this. I spoke to a lawyer about it but he said he couldn't assist me because its not considered malpractice. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Hello, Week 11 of post op and the lower area of...

Week 11 of post op and the lower area of my stomach, around and inside of my tiny navel is still numb. I have flab on my waist and the lumps are still present as well. :-(
Bhanoo Sharma

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I'm sorry about your negative experience. :/
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Hey Mommymakeover, I do still have numbness and I am almost 5 months. It does take a while for the nerves to all reconnect and I think the numbness is from that. I don't have any lumps in the abdominal area but I am still fat and have a high scar :-( I go in about 2 weeks to see my PS so we can discuss what can be done to get me a better result cause I am not happy. Difference is that I did go to a board cert PS so I wouldn't expect to be in my situation.
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Just curious to know about any of you ladies, still having or had numbness and lumps in abdominal area 12wks post tt procedure?
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So sorry that you had a bad experience.....
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Yes, I will re post them.
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Yeah, I'm nervous about redoing mine too but to have this done and it not be right is too frustrating to let go. And you have the battle scar to show for it. Do you have any pics?
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Oh no, so sorry to hear the bad story. I too am not happy with my results. What are you going to do?
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After undergoing surgery for the 1st time, I wasn't looking to undergo again but by the looks of my tummy I may have to. I've spoken with a board certified plastic surgeon, who's willing to revised my tummy once I've completely healed.
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I wish you well.
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I am so sorry to have had to go through this. I just went through lipo, tummy tuck, and butt augmentation with a great board certified surgeon which I trust with my entire body. This is the difference between experience and not. When you can go to a certified surgeon who gives you confidence and you can trust. We all learn by our mistakes and I understand that the doctor you chose was less in cost but your results also shows it. Take heart in knowing your problems can be solved with a great surgeon. My thoughts are with you and I hope you can solve your problems soon. Take Care and don't give up.
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Thank you kindly, You are so true. When we pay less, we receive less and it's a terrible thing when you trust a doctor who's untrustworthy. Now I'm nervous about getting my tummy redone.
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Thank you for sharing your experience with us.  I am sorry you do not have the results that you were expecting.  That's very frustrating!!

Unfortunately it sounds like you are going to have to go to another surgeon to have this fixed.  When you do make sure they are board certified and that they have done many tummy tucks.  

I am very sorry you have gone through this.  We are all here to help support you through this.

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Thank you very much for your response. I was able to go to a board certified plastic surgeon who's been certified for over 17yrs and who's giving paitients great results. He's willing to revise my tummy once I've completely healed. I just have to rebuild the courage to undergo surgery again.
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Perfect!   That sounds wonderful and you will get there.  Take your time and heal properly first.

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