17 year old hawaiian, caucasian girl wanting rhinoplasty

Hello everyone! I'm a 16 year old girl from the...

Hello everyone! I'm a 16 year old girl from the beautiful state of Hawaii. I actually just moved here from Alaska ( I know HUGE climate change) Anywho I've been wanting to change my nose since I was 12. The constant bullying throughout middleschool really changed my outgoing personality. I became ashamed of my face and would hide behind my hair. I wouldn't talk as much and would come home crying. Whenever someone would say that I was pretty I would never believe it. Having friends who had cute, little noses and then there was me with a larger nose made me feel so out of place. When I was 15 I decided to do research on Rhinoplasty. Seeing the video diaries on YouTube scared me a lot because of how bruised their faces were. But then I read more about how it really wasn't painful at all. Seeing how happy they all were after they got the cast off made me happy for them! I don't want to feel so insecure around people anymore and cringe at candid pictures of my profile. I want to be happy and feel confident! Hopefully someday I will be able to get this procedure done. I definitely will be saving up. And when I do get it done you can bet I will be on here posting about my experience(:

What I Want To Change In My Nose

As you can see in the picture my nose is quite bulbous. I want to reduce the size of that. I also want to shave down the hump.I've doing A LOT of research on surgeons. I think I'm going to have to fly out of state to get this procedure done. There isn't anyone in my area who specializes in rhinoplasty. I'm fine with flying out of state because it is my face and I want a doctor who has had a lot of experience.

Feeling A Little Down

So I saw some pictures that my mom and dad had taken and it had my side profile in it. I got really mad and deleted them. Then I started to cry....I know it may sound silly, but my nose has been my biggest insecurity. Getting rhinoplasty is just a dream that I have. I don't know if i'll ever get it but I hope someday I will.

It's been a year!

It's almost been a year since i've been on realself! Still thinking about getting rhinoplasty! I did whole lot of research and took a bunch of notes in a note book (: I did lots of research on surgeons and there really isn't any plastic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty where I live/: So I'm thinking that when I've saved up enough money I'll need to fly some where else to have the surgery. I've heard LOTS of good reviews about Dr. Grigoryants and I'm thinking I might go with him(:


So I've been playing around with plastic surgery stimulator app:p As you can see my nose is quite bulbous at the tip and I would like to reduce the size of that. I couldn't quite edit it to make my nose less wide because it would look all blurry and weird so I just left it at that haha.
But here's what I would like done to my nose:
• Narrowing of the bridge and tip
• The tip of my nose to be lifted
• Projection of the tip brought in
• Shave down the hump ((no ski slope nose though))
• Alar base reduction
I have done a lot of research and that is a MUST if you are considering having a rhinoplasty. Please please PLEASE do your research. Learn what the different terms are so that you understand! When you have a consultation it will definitely help you to communicate better to the doctor what you want to have done.
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