Umbilical Float Tummy Tuck, Vertical Breast Lift with Implants Scheduled 8-1-11 - Hawaii

I am 24 and have had two children one year and ten...

I am 24 and have had two children one year and ten days apart, both weighing almost 9 lbs each . I just want to like the way i look in the mirror naked ! lol


You sure had big babies.  Your poor tummy has been through a lot. 

Only a couple more weeks and you will love what you see in the mirror.  Please keep us up to date on how you are doing.

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In ten days i will be on the operating table !...

in ten days i will be on the operating table ! nerves are comming in hard !


Eye on the prize!
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hi artsy girl, the nerves come and go, one moment i am soooo excited and the nextt my stomach is turning. I also had to quit smoking so its hard to deal with all the emotions ,not to mention gaining about ten lbs. from quitting :/. We will be recovering together ! that eases my stomach a little :)
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I am so with you on the mood swings! Was reading an article this morning about BA risks and it made me nauseous- I wanted to cancel! Then I had to put on a bathing suit for an adult pool party and was ready to hop on the operating table that minute! I think I need to carry around a pic of me in a bikini just so I have a reminder of why I'm going through this for when I have my doubts!

Can't believe we're just over a week away! We will get through this! Eye on the prize, right?! ;)

I am so sick of looking at before and after...

i am so sick of looking at before and after pictures, i swear i have seen all that there is ... watched all the live procedures there are out there , for hours . i dot think i will ever look at boobs the same again . i keep having these little anxiety moments where i get all stiff and take a deep breath , the wait is killing me , i bet i could count the hours . monday at 7 am is fastly approaching !! im getting so anxious i have to remind my self that i want this ! , i actually said bye to my boobs today. kinda weird but not realy at the same time .


Will have you in my thoughts tomorrow! Am sure it will all go great and you will have a new bod you will LOVE! Good luck to you :)
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Sending prayers your way! ~ so excited for YOU!!!! Take the DRUGS ~~~
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Holy crap, I'm glad I have to take a valume tonight because I am nervous ! I
Soooooo tomorrow I will be hunched over in pain with t-rex arms .... And won't be able to do anything for my self, I don't even fart in front of my boyfriend, now he is going to be changing my drain saucy things... Hmmmmm . I am excited too tho, when I calm down I picture what my body will look like in like 6 months and it makes me happy :)
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Wow i had expected to be in more pain then this, i...

wow i had expected to be in more pain then this, i am 5 hrs. post opp and have pain only from where i had muscle repair. when i stand and try to move, its a whole different story... makes me realize how much i use my abdominal muscles . my boyfriend has to dead lift my back up until i am leaning over enugh to not be using my abs , and a whole lot more, he really is being sooo patient. i am drowsy from the pain meds so sorry if this does not make any sence. i had my ps take a pic of me before he bandaged me up , i remember being happy but i cant picture it at all now


I am so excited to see your results. I know they will be AMAZING! I am doing the Lift BA and TT.. I love hearing all the GOOD reports.
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3am had to pee.. , cant get up with out my...

3am had to pee.. , cant get up with out my boyfriend/saviors help.i immediatly realize there is alot more pain when u have been sitting still for long periods of time. i started shaking/having muscle spasms. it felt like beginning of labor , but alot shorter. i took 3 vicoden and one valumne and slowly got in to bed with the help of my bf. i kept waking up just to make sure he was thre(really weird). i after realized it was because i had twilight sedation and would wake up when there was an extreme pain and ask the nurce to up the meds . is it common to remember alot of twilight sedation and also some of the pain ? and in one of my after pictures , one nipple is higher, will ths even out a little ?


thanks that is very sweet of you , best to u to xoxo

Constapation sucks, i was taking way more stool...

constapation sucks, i was taking way more stool softeners then needed but it still happened. plan ahead for this, it was about the worst part of recovery so far . i also got my drains out, that does not hurt, dont be scared, really easy


Wow, you look awesome! I think your tummy is perfect!
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Oh we have aloevera here too and my gammy actually has alot in the back yard! Valium I will consider that and I did hear restroom i like having a small baby ouch! sorry abt that!
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Lying awake... Day like 18 po, uugh... Can't get...

Lying awake... Day like 18 po, uugh... Can't get comfortable. I am swollen, well I hope I am. No one can seem to say how swollen or how much my breasts or tummy will go down. I just feel like my stomach is the same as far as not being comfortable looking at it, it still sticks out... Hmm it's just one of those nights I guess . I am thankful for so much tho ! this is just a place I feel comfortable expressing my uncertainties and :( moments. I just miss the comfortableness of simple things like pajamas with no underwear, I hate this tight clingy spandex crap... Blah blah blah..


you look great!!
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What did you find out about your breast? Is it normal swelling? Or something else? I am having the same concern but I am only less than 2 weeks out so I am waiting it out for now.
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You look so good. How far along are you now? What do you think you will be cup size wise? I think perky comfy D. Just D nothing more. When I had implants 10 years ago..I really needed a lift, anyway I was so worried about all kinda of things. I think I was a bit uneven at first too. hard to remember. I do know for sure for sure things move around in the strangest ways. You really have no idea what there will be in the end just that it will good.
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Swelling goes up... swelling goes down .. my smile...

swelling goes up... swelling goes down .. my smile goes up then my smile goes down. my body is just constantly morphing , so weird !! looking through my pics, some from last week look better then this week :/ dear self be patient ! grrrrrr


Do you have a before and after picture? I'm in Hawaii too.
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U look so great! Ur tummy is so tiny! Did u have a mini tummy tuck?
Ur incision is so much shorter than most I've seen. I'd love for mine to b that short. I'm having mine done n feb.
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I had a floating tummy tuck, I had muscle tightening all the way up. It may be more in the mini category because my skin was removed below my belly button instead of above it. But my skin had to be lifted all the way up and muscles tightened to rite under breast . I think typical mini's remove small amount of skin and only sometimes do muscle tightening . Hope that helps ? Xoxo ps. I can totally relate to your nerves !
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