Ahhh I'm so excited. I'm 23 yrs old I have 4 kids...

Ahhh I'm so excited. I'm 23 yrs old I have 4 kids two I Gabe birth to and to adopted. I got pregos at 15 and went from 105+185 so needless to say my body lost its... hotness. I'm 140 5'6 scheduled for the whole shabang... Tt, boobs, and lipo.

I can't wait to look as good as I feel and pay myself back for all the hardworking us mommies do!!! Oh yea I live in maui so as u can imagine there is no where to hide a not so perfect body. Can't wait to put on that Lil bikini and surf! Good luck ladies can't wait to check up on everybody!

Yea 1 week left..... sooooo excited. Anyone haven...

Yea 1 week left..... sooooo excited. Anyone haven tips for flying after surgery? I have to fly from oahu bCk to maui 3 days after surgery. I'm dreading the airport

So i just today decided on my cc size. I am going...

so i just today decided on my cc size. I am going 550cc;s. I am currently a small c. high profile should give just the lift i need. round silicone under muscle. cant wait! I am hoping since i have a big butt and hips it will still look natural! wohoo. 6 days to go!

Countdown..... yeah!!!! SO i started my period...

countdown..... yeah!!!! SO i started my period today, i dont know if im relieved or bummed! Good side should be over the heavy days before the big day, bad new i will still be on during and postop :( oh well life gives u lemons....
So the only person who knows im etting my tatas done is my husband. All my work and close girlfriends just think a TT so i get to surprise everybody a little, but im really bad at secrets so hopefully i dont spill the beans!
I only am taking 6 days off work + 2 weekends. all together ill be off for 9 days :( so hopefully ill have a quick recovery and my work is pretty flexible so i can take breaks. I am a little worried though b/c i am on my feet and have to get up and down alot. I am a FT preschool teacher. wish me luck!
I am a size 8 now and i am hoping to be down to a six after swelling goes away! I am also 140 and hope to be 130 at the end.... hoping that is all realistic.

Wow....4 days and I feel like I'm running behind...

Wow....4 days and I feel like I'm running behind already! Ahhh1 I started my period so hoping I will b done by Friday. Have more shopping to do still :( better get on that! I'be been wondering how long everyone waited to get intimate? My husband is bummed Haha! Poor thing he will be working so hard for 2 weeks and I can't even 'reward him' oh well he will enjoy the final package at the end so sometimes its worth the wait. Any last minute suggestions on what to buy???

I'm creaking out a little today. My husband is...

I'm creaking out a little today. My husband is really nervous and it is making me nervous. I still have to finish packing and we catch our plane to oahu in a few hrs. It all seems so real now. My mil will be at home with the kiddos while we go. I'm glad to have some quiet time to recover but I'm a little worried about leaving her with all 4 she's a bit spacey. And I'm not ice clean but I keep a Clean house so I hope its as clean when I come home as it is when I leave. Wish me luck. I'm creaking out!!!!!

I'm at hotel now. Tierd. Sore. I got up and walked...

I'm at hotel now. Tierd. Sore. I got up and walked around a little around my room. Post-op tomarrow morning at 630am. My surgery lasted just over 8 hrs..jeez. my lovely husband is helping me sooo much. I love him. Goodnight

So today I got my cathider out and and my breast...

So today I got my cathider out and and my breast drains out too. going in again tomarrow. for another postop and to check my tummy drains. the pain is manageable and so far hasn't been horrible. I have great ARM mobility thank goodness and my breasts don't really hurt my tummy isn't too bad but is hurts when I sit up or sit down.my Dr said I had a 5 inch muscle separation. I still have some stretch marks but my tummy is nice and flat. my tatas look huge. my feet r swollen. I've are some crackers and I am only taking 1 pain pill instead of 2. I had to go up a few stairs today but it wasnt as bad as I expected. Like I said I'm defiantly sore but it is not as bad As I imagined. def manageablemore uncomfortable than anything.

K I wanted to add this for people going to have...

K I wanted to add this for people going to have surgery bc I can't even tell u how much its helped me. The wisp disposable toothbrush's have been great. The anesthesia leaves such a gross taste in your mouth and not having to get up to brushtham has been awesome. I got peppermint and also realized it helped my nausea too.

I'm sore today. Think I moved around too much...

I'm sore today. Think I moved around too much yesterday. Still tolerable though. It hurts when I sit up and sit down mainly. My Boobs don't hurt but they r huge. Hope they go down a bit. I think 1 of my stomach drains leaked a little cause when I stood up a few drops came out. I am still draining about 30cc every 4 hrs. A few of my girlfriends flew over from maui and are going to come visit me soon :). I was able to eat some oatmeAL today. Still don't have much appetite. I'm still tierd though. Hoping I can stand up straighter soon cause I'm still very hunched over.

Holy itching... I'm itching like crazy all over....

Holy itching... I'm itching like crazy all over. My feet hands etc. I think it might be a reaction to one of ky prescriptions. Anyone have this? I'm on cephalexin and Oxy's. I'm going to switch to high strength tylenol and I see my ps tomarrow so I will see what he says. Other than that doing good. Standing a little straighter now! Yeah!!!

Got my tummy drains out today. Getting read to fly...

Got my tummy drains out today. Getting read to fly back home to maui. Walking more straight now that drains r out. I'm swollen and my right breast is sore. I'm not on the Oxys anymore just taking extra strength tylenol. Ate some food today. Still waiting on bm. But I haven't ate much until today so I'm not surprised. I get to tale a shower she I get home and see my kids. Yeah! I miss them.

DOing great on day 4 recovery.getting ready to...

DOing great on day 4 recovery.getting ready to take a shower (YEAH to showering). my hubby has been so great! my house is messy :( my mom-in-law is a mess but oh well cant have your cake and eat it too.
It feels weird when the fluid (?) moves around its like being pregos again or the movie alien. Smooth sailing so far hopefully all stays this way!
oh yeah bm this morning! great to be regular! woohoo! other than that everything is well. def swollen and bruised but that will subside!

Feeling better today. Got myself dressed put on...

Feeling better today. Got myself dressed put on some make-up hair in a bun and now off to get my stitches out. Happy I got a shower and I don't smell like death anymore. It's day 5 and I'm hoping to go with my husband to pick up my kiddos after school. We will see if I'm too tierd after my doc appt. Yesterday I washed my compression garment while I was showering and by the time I put it back on I had swelled up a bit. Hopefully today I can take some tummy pics. It just feels so wierd w/o the compression garment on.

Feeling good and sleepy was out with my hubby...

Feeling good and sleepy was out with my hubby from9-2 getting therapy on some areas and stitches removed then went w him to pick up our kiddos and sat in the car while he got us some lunch and yummmm Starbucks. Came home and took a shower, much more independently this time. I'm trying to do a little more everyday without pushing myself to hard. Now I'm sleepy and decided its time to take a nap. Just wanted to update some pics first.

Day 6- feeling good today. haven't done much...

day 6- feeling good today. haven't done much though! it sucks not being able to do the things i wanna and usually do but i know it will all pay off soon. going to go to the market with my husband in a hour so at least i will get out of the house! im not in much pain today and have only had pain pills (tylenol) when i first woke up! i can defiantly see my shape and im liking it even with the swelling and bruising! I see my doc on saturday and get more stitches removed (from my drains and my armpits) and get more therapy (it feels nice) for the bruising! did i mention i bruise very easy so that is why i look like a bus ran me over!! so any questions just ask! all in all doing great!

Happy mommies day!!! so i am 9 days postop. doing...

happy mommies day!!! so i am 9 days postop. doing great! got the rest of my stitches out yesterday except for belly button! all together with swelling I've lost about 11 inches i think. I will post my pre and post measurements on monday after i go to the doctor! I am feeling good haven't even been taking any tylenol. had a big day yesterday, all my gf's came to visit me, i was only feet almost all day, and i thought i would be sore today but im not so that is nice! I was supposed to go back to work tomorrow but i might take a extra 2 days and go back on Wed. just to be sure im ready for my 2 year olds at school! Today im going to lay low and hang out with my family at home! Oh Yea and I slept in my bed last night ahhh that was great!! I can sleep flat but im still not standing all the way straight. oh well, in time! Hope all u hot mommies have a great mommies day!!! I will post more pics after my shower today.... since this new bod is my mothers day present my husband is going to help me shower and we decided as a tradition from here on out he can shower me every mothers day lol.

Ok so sorry i have been such a slacker about...

ok so sorry i have been such a slacker about posting pics. I promise i will do so soon! BUT..... i do have my pre and postop measurements to share which are amazing so here goes;
Pre 1 week post
height 5'7 5'7
weight 143 140
Waist 30" 28 1/2"
Bellybutton 37" 29"
Worst 39" 34 1/2"
Hips 42" 36 1/2"
Thighs 41" 38 1/2"
Thigh right 26" 23"
Thigh Left 26" 22 1/2"

WOHOO! so pics to follow! I will be returning to work on wed for 1/2 day so wish me luck, i am feeling ready and like I can handle it! I feel like I am 65-75% back to myself and only 10 days out! thanks for all the support and I hope everyone is doing great. Next post op is sat. in 5days.

Yeah updating my pics. my riht breast hasn't...

yeah updating my pics. my riht breast hasn't dropped, u can kinda see that in the picture. also my right side of my incision is more swollen doc says it will go down and i shouldn't get a dog ear so i am going to hope that is true! :)bruising has went down substantially. sat i get my bellybutton stitches out which i am not looking forward to b/c i think it is the weirdest feeling when the doc touches my new belly button (anyone else experience that?) other than that all is well!

2 weeks yesterday! doing good. I went to my PS...

2 weeks yesterday! doing good. I went to my PS today. Everything looks great. I do have some bacteria on the tummy insision so he perscribed me a stronger antibacterial ointment to put on it, it looks pretty nar though.... kinda a little goopy hole. got most of my bb stitches taken out. got rid of my garment and the ace bandage i had to bandage my chest with wohoo! my right side implant is slowly coming down. I went back to work on wed. and was tired and swollen but other than that and the fact I was slow it wasnt soo bad! will post pics again soon!!!!

Hi everyon, i've had a few rough days. i am really...

hi everyon, i've had a few rough days. i am really swollen. i feel like i am 4 mths pregos. I have been working 9 hr shifts at work and i work with 2 year olds so there is a lot of getting up and downs, then I come home and cook and bathe my kids then make lunches clean up and by that point i am exhausted and haven't had much rest so im sure that is my swelling problem. i still have some holes in my incision from the infection i am on antibiotics and prescription antiseptic, i just hope it heals nicely. I go on vacation to my hometown in 2 weeks and i was hoping my scar would be healed a little more and my breasts would be softer and also the lip areas will have softened oh yea... and swell hell! we will see, i hope so cause my sis-in-law is having her wedding and i get to see a lot of my old friends. My tatas are still great though so i should be happy about that. love them. the right one is sitting a smudge higher still though! Also weird question did anyone else lactate?? Only my 1 right breast has a little. doc said it is normal but i think it is weird! i will post some pics but they are from a few days ago so soon i will take more. next post-op is saturday i will update after :) hope all u marvelous mamas are doing great :)

Sorry ladies sorry on the slacker-ness of my...

Sorry ladies sorry on the slacker-ness of my updates. Things are going ok. so the holes in my incision.... apparently my body doesn't dissolve things, my ps used plastic staples which aren't dissolving, instead they r creating holes and pushing themselves out. ugh!!!! sucks so i go to the doc tomorrow and im sure he will take more out since they are poking through the skin... not a great feeling! Also, I have a rash on my face, I was thinking it was from anthesia but now its been 4 weeks and its still there?? boo! has a anyone else had these issues or any experience with dissolvable staples? I cant find much info about them anywhere! :( ok so enough of the sob story! my boobs look great! 1 on the right still has to move down more but it looks fine never the less. My lipo is less sore everyday although I do have to say the lipo areas have been the sorest so far! My swelling is still going down. Tip... Massage ur lipo areas in the shower with a bar of soap! it is the perfect shape and glides smoothly over lipo areas. ok so wish me luck tomorrow! i am praying he wont say he has to cut me open and remove them. updated pics from 3 weeks too! more to come soon!

Wow i havent been on in a long time i am so sorry...

wow i havent been on in a long time i am so sorry to everyone who has written me. slacker!! I am 7 months post op! I have to say right at 4 weeks i felt 90% back to myself again! i went on vacation, went hiking, walking, dancing, paintballing, go carting, literally 90% normal! been feeling great ever since at 5 mths post op i started insanity workouts and turbo fire and have been dropping even more inches! I do have one small complaint. my body is still spitting some dissolvable stitches that havent disolved (jeesh body just dissolve them already) so I do have a small hole on my scar that i have had to get poked at twice and stitches pulled out and I have a appt tomorrow because anohter poked out this week. I am guessing they are coming out more now becuase i have been doing some intense ab workouts and the muscles are pushing them closer to the skin. no infections though just a little tenderness! my doc is amazing and I have seen him every 2 weeks since i hit the 2 month mark just for checkups and to make sure everything is running smooth. I also had some ultrasound therapy in the first 2 mths to smooth out my lipo areas which i think worked cause they look pretty good! I will post a few pics but i need to take more! once again so sorry for not updating. happy holidays

Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

He has been amazing so far and so has everyone else in his offices. I have had a 24/7 way to get hold of him and he has also went out of his way to meet with me and check my progress even on Sunday when his office was closed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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so glad I found your review. I am 5wks and now have 5 staples coming thru. One caused a huge hole and PS removed what he could of it last week. So frustrating. I know I am not 100% because of it. How is your doing?
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U look great hon'. I haven't come on here much at all. Good with the working out!
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Yay good luck! It is a big decision but I am so pleased with it all! 4mths should give u plenty of planning time!
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You look so super fantastic! I just had a consult today...thanks for posting the pics your doc took, too. Now I know what to expect :) Planning on taking the leap myself before my birthday (4 months and counting)
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You look great and the breast look awesome!!!
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thanks so much I have to update some photos i havent been on in so long >.
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Can u tell me who your doc was.
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hi dr schlessinger was my doc. He has offices in Oahu, Maui and Big island and I am ver pleased :)
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you look great!!
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thanks lady you are looking hot as ever as well!
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U are healing so nicely! Your surgeon did a great job on your belly button. What's it like to have boobies? I can't wait for mine!
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thank you so much i am loving the belly button! My surgeon takes his belly buttons very seriously :)
I FORGET HOW BIG THEY ARE!!! I close them in cabinets sometimes but other than that I love them!!!
how excited r u?
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You look great! Yikes-that is what it looks like when they open us up?! Anyhow, you look really beautiful.
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I know right pretty graphic when you see a picture! thank you so much!
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Okay and why am I jealous you got the gruesome pics? I wish i could have seen mine .... yes i am weird like that.
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haha! The doc asked me right before i went into surgery if it was okay and I was like YES!!! i think they are using them in a book or something. how r u feeling???
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OMG! Is that how we look when they cut us open???
By the way you're looking good girl! Have your boobs dropped yet? I'm still waiting on mine to drop
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There's a video on youtube if you wanna see it...breast lift and aug and a full tt. I watched it twice LOL.
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haha yes my husband refers to it as cut open like a fish! My right one is slowly moving down. i heard it can take like 3 mths-12mths. ug. But i also heard it is more common for it to drop more slowly on the side you use more often. Oh well at least it isn't really that noticeable except to me :) r u just waiting on 1 of yours or both? FYI u r looking so hot, you don't even look that swollen! im completely jealous! :)
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What size breast did you get & how tall are you? I am looking at 650cc & im 5'2 I want them big like yours but not too big your big boobs are perfect. Oh & im getting moderate profile plus saline are yours saline & moderate profile plus? Well I go in for lipo TT & BA Monday The 23rd. Im scared that Im not picking the righ BA size........ Thanks for your help in advance you look GREAT!
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haha i was just like you looking at pics i wanted then comparing size etc. I have 550cc under muscle silicone high profile. I started out a small 34 c i am 5'7 and presurgery i was 143.

I would also look at more people in your height range to. i've heard that too big on shorter woman look i little top heavy and woman often feel like they look thicher in the midsection b/c of that but i personally am not sure. You should look at happy girls and crystal deer clarks profile to i believe they are around 5'2 As well.

I'm sure whatever you decide you will be happy :) and congrats you r right around the corner! thanks so much for the tata's comment I was feeling like they were a lil large! haha! i guess they just take some getting used to. lemme know if you have any more ?'s
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Those tatas are HUGE>.they work on you, and your waist is small. My measurements went down about 2" in everything (cept my thighs and hips) they still don't wanna budge LOL Oh and of course my chest is bigger.

Looking fab honey
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Thanks i am still getting used to them i keep bonking them on things and closing my fridge door to fast and catching them. haha this will take some adjusting and getting used too! isnt it so fun to see the measurements drop!!! I cant wait until the swelling is done! a Chest being bigger is a always a plus :) how r u feeling????
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Those are amazing before and after measurements. Did you have lipo done on your thighs? Inner and outer?

You look amazing!
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thanks! i thought so too! I did have lipo inner and outer thighs and wow what a difference!!!
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