Palomar Starlux 1540 for Melasma - Hawaii

I have the melasma mustache and melasma across my...

I have the melasma mustache and melasma across my whole forehead. I received the laser treatment yesterday. First she applied a numbing creme on my face and I waited for 45 minutes for it to sink in. She did 3 passes with the laser, the 3rd pass hurt but was not unbearable.

It felt like little pin pricks. When she was doing my nose, I felt like I was going to sneeze and my eyes and nose were running. After the laser treatment- which took an hour- my face felt and looked severely sunburned and swollen. I would recommend an ice pack for the drive home.

As suggested, when I came home I had cold compresses in the refrigerator that I applied to my face the rest of the evening. Last night I slept with my upper body elevated (as suggested) and today I am not swollen at all. My face is red and tender looking. My face is too red to tell if the melasma is any better. I will post tomorrow or the next day and let you know my review.

I am on day three and I have teeny white pustules...

I am on day three and I have teeny white pustules all over my face. I had no idea that this would happen. I called the lady who worked on me and she said that this happens sometimes and she had the doctor put in prescription of tetracycline. My husband is going to go pick it up for me. I am trying to not get upset. I hope this clears up fast. If anyone has had this please respond to this post. It is hard to tell if my brown areas are better because my face is still red. I will continue to post my experience.

Hi sbol,

So I looked into our other laser communities and in our Fraxel community someone mentioned they had the same experience with the white bumps. The question was posted in the doctor Q&A you might want to check out their answers it might help. Please keep us updated to how things progress.

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I am now on day 6 since the laser, and I am...

I am now on day 6 since the laser, and I am starting day 3 of the antibiotics. My skin is still broken out really bad, but not as bad as it was 2 days ago. I have never had acne like this in my life. The esthetician said that this is rare, but it happens. I still cannot tell a difference on my melasma, in fact I don't even care about that right now, I just want this acne to go away! I have about 300 pimple across my forehead alone.
I have been putting fresh aloe vera on it and that makes it feel less irritated, and I have also been putting hydrocortizone cream on my face because it itches like crazy.
I wanted to write a review on here because I felt that there were a lot of negative reviews, I wanted to be a positive one. Who knows, maybe this will turn out to be positive, but so for this sucks.

I am sorry this happened to you. If you have not, please file a report with the FDA, via their adverse event report filing system. This might help protect others in the future. It is important to have an official record of these injuries so that they are documented. There is no time limit for filing the report. It is never too late to file.

Your name and the name of the doctor will not be on public display but only viewable by the FDA. If you reported this outcome to your doctor it was their obligation to notify the mfg, who was then supposed to file a report with the FDA but that does not always happen. Each patient still needs to file their own report with the FDA so you will have a voice and you can be sure the damage was reported and documented.

You can file the report online at this link below, just click the "Begin" button to the right. You will need the manufacturer and model (or at least that would be helpful) of device that harmed you.
Thank you Brit, but her symptoms are different than mine. I have acne, with white heads, all over. Yuck!
It is slowly getting better, but is still pretty bad.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm glad it's getting better though. Please keep us updated. Have you gone to another doctor to see what they say?


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I feel that the esthetician who was working with me did not have my best interests in mind. I regret going because my face is an utter mess right now. I wish she would have recommended some bleaching creams to try before going straight to the laser.

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