Asian Blepharoplasty and Epicanthal Fold - Hawaii

Just did my revision for my asian eyelid surgery a...

Just did my revision for my asian eyelid surgery a week ago....the first time I did it my eyes healed with multiple folds and wrinkles. Also, the doctor did not perform the epicanthal fold surgery correctly the first and second time. I asked for a parallel line but it looks like its going to be tapered.


Hi-How are you now? Any updates? I'm going through my own issues with my eyes and wanted to see how everything worked out for you.
  • Reply's been over a year and yes the swelling went down significantly but it's still a hot mess. I can't leave the house without makeup. :( I really regret getting my eyes done by a non Korean surgeon. He obviously was not familiar with Asian are yours?
you have the most swollen eyelids i have ever seen. who did your surgery?.. wow he must have dissected all of your eyelid...did all your swelling go down already? how high/tall are your creases before surgery?
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Looking better as time goes by but not 100%....

Looking better as time goes by but not 100%. Could've been a lot better if the doctor didn't mess up so much.


Can you please update your results? Did it ever heal?
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Hi Smakihira! I am so glad you commented! We should form a support group in Hawaii for those of us who have had a bad experience! I went to Dr. Randy Wong. He did a horrible job on both me eyes and face. I went through six very painful reconstructive procedures and it is still bad. Do not go to him for reconstructive surgery. He even removed sutures I paid $5000 for because he said he inserted them unevenly and yet he won't refund my money. You can see my comments under my review of him. I was going to Dr. Healy for reconstructive surgery as a last attempt to correct the bad wrinkling and uneven eye shapes, but I may have to rethink this if you had a bad experience. I need someone with experience doing Asian eyes. Please let me know how you are doing. I know how frustrating and depressing this whole reconstructive process is.
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he is not experienced with asian eyelid surgery.

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