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Big Coloured Tattoo on leg with Picosure - Germany

Today i had my first picosure-session on my shin,...

Today i had my first picosure-session on my shin, calf and femoral. i have a multicolored tattoo with lots of colors like yellow, red, pink, blue, green, maroon, purple and black. the session went over 1,5 hours. the pain was bearable. not as painful as getting the tattoo done. i did not use any numbing, only cool air. it is now 6 hours after it and it is not that comfortable. it is itching as hell. also there are some pretty blisters, but i was aware of that :P it seems that there is already a huge breakup in some outlines. the blue seems to be gone more or less completely. so is the green and the purple. but we will see how it looks, when it is healed. here are some before-pics. they are pixelated and just details to show the colors.

4 days post tx1 with picosure.

breakup in the outlines. blue nearly completely gone. blisters are starting to go down.

Additional laser

the red, yellow, orange and pink got treated with a revlite laser. at those spots are the most terrifying blisters.

1 Week post

It is now one week post my first treatment and i see so much fading. of course there is still a long way to go but i can already see, that i am heading in the right direction!! even the red, pink and yellow which got treated with the revlite have faded a decent amount. i will post pictures as soon as all scabs are fallen off.

2 Weeks post TX1

Still scabs everywhere. My ink has faded a lot. Of course you can see the whole tattoo but all colors aren't as dense as they were before. Specially the parts that got treated with the revlite are still raised and scabbed. It will take a little longer, but i will post pics!

Next Treatment

Havin my 2nd TX in the first week of april. all healed pretty well except of some red areas, that are still raised. i hope that these will go down in the next 2 weeks. i will post professional b/a-pics then.

Postponed 2nd TX

Had to postpone my next treatment because the red areas treated by the revlite aren't healed up completely. After the scabs fell off, there formed some little red pimples. It is now 6 weeks after my 1st TX. My new date for TX2 is next friday. Sorry, that you all have to wait for the pictures. in the meantime i have ordered tattoo-coverup-sleeves from the states. they will help me going out in the summertime wearing shorts. i hope, that my ink has faded enough for a cover-up by the end of this year. after the 2nd TX i will take a break until september i guess. not sure yet.

2 TX coming up

So, my next treatment is coming up next saturday (had to postpone it again...). Here are some pictures taken by me. They are not showing the fading as it really is, but you get an idea.

Pictures - Calf/Ankle

One day post TX2

here is a picture of my femoral. Blisters and scabs are already forming. the laser got cranked up a bit.


1 week after session 2

After this session i think i can see even more fading. especially on my femoral. the outlines there are breaking up very nicely. the shin and calf will take more sessions i guess. the maroon is not fading a bit. i think i have to deal with that fact... well. my goal is still the end of this year, so i am pretty sure, this will work. maybe i will switch to the nd yag after my 3rd session. just need to face the black for coverup.

The fading continues

The fading continues Pt. 2


So, it is halftime between tx2 and 3. There is some massive breakup in the outlines on my femoral. hoping to see this effect continue on my lower leg with the next tx, which is in three weeks.

TX3 coming up

So i got a call yesterday and we rescheduled my 3rd tx to tomorrow. here is a picture of my shin before and after 2 tx. Here is a picture of my shin.



So i had my 3rd tx today. it hurt really bad. i was not able to do the revlite-treatment for red and yellow. but we went over the whole leg with the picosure. lets see, how it works. the doc went 2 times over the big outlines of the shark. very excited about that... my leg is swollen, but not as bad as the other two times. i used arnica pills before and after the treatment to prevent the swelling. i am still using it now. 3 times a day.


Forgot something: The tech mentioned yesterday, that there will be another pico-second laser on the market this summer. but not from cynosure. And it will be able to treat yellow and red.

3 Days post TX3

Here is a picture of my femoral.

TX3 healed

Before and after TX3


Had my fourth TX yesterday. The doc used a spot size between 2.4 and 2.6. My leg is blistered pretty bad this time but i hope it is worth it. arnica helps avoiding the swelling and the pain afterwards! Will post pictures before the 4th tx asap.


Picture - After TX3 - TX4 still healing

Ms. Schieber

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The blue and black are fading nicely!
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Nice results!!
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Im going in for my first treatment on a calf tattoo tomorrow, how is the pain afterwards? can you sleep on the tattoo, and can you work? I work in long pants, so the tatto cant breathe, but that also shields it a little from bacteria and so on.
  • Reply
the pain is bearable. i would say two days after the treatment working might be very painful... sleeping on the treated will not work i think.
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Okay thanks :) im up for treatment #1 in an hour, and im getting pretty nervous now
  • Reply
All the best! :)
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Hey there :) Seems you are a tough cookie ;) Congratulations on your fadings so far. What kind of Arnica pills do you use? I use homeopathic globules in D6 concentration, taking 6 about every hour. Do you feel Arnica helps you? I can't really say...
  • Reply
Yeah, i am taking the same ones. Compared to the first two treatment my leg is not swollen as bad as begore and the pain is way more manageble...
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It's fading beautifully. Also reassuring to see the black fading so well as my own tattoo is black! You'll be done in no time. :-)
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The blue is really responding nice... happy for you!
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Congrats on your progress! I know that there is lots to say about the efficacy of pico on red, but mine had faded considerably after 2 treatments and yours looks like its disappearing too.
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the red and yellow get treated with the revlite
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Heard about it too. Cutera Enlighten is the Name and comes out in the Second half of 2014. just google it for more (but few) informations.
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Amazing progress on that shark! Can't wait to see how much more it fades. Do you know which spot size is being used?
  • Reply
I can ask tomorrow :)
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The spotsize was between 2.7 and 2.9.
  • Reply
Thanks so much for letting me know. I've heard loads of different opinions with spot sizes. I always thought the lower the spot size the more concentrated the energy was, therefore penetrating deeper. I had my last treatment with a 6mm tip and I'm just not sure. I'm having my first Picosure session in six weeks, and I'll be asking lots of questions about spot size first. Sounds like I need to use a 2mm-3mm! Thanks again.
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Nice, glad you continue to see fading, are you planning on sharing a photo of your success?
  • Reply
of course!
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The results are amazing! We have similar colors in our tattoos so I am hoping I see the same kind of results. Thanks for sharing.
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Fading indeed!!! Happy for you :) 
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Your fading looks like it's coming in quickly, good for you! Thank you for sharing your experience.
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Hi, I see you're in Germany and I am having some trouble finding a facility with the PicoSure laser in Berlin-- can you offer any recommendations on searching for PicoSure in Germany? Thanks!
  • Reply
There is one in Frankfurt, one in Hamburg, one in Bochum and since this year one in N├╝rnberg!
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