Liposuction at the Tummy, Waist, Chin, and Arm - Hatyai, Thailand

Finally buck up the courage to travel solo to...

Finally buck up the courage to travel solo to Hatyai, Thailand to do my liposuction.

I did traditional lipo for tummy, waist and arms, and vaser lipo for chin area for my double chin.

Tummy and waist are showing good results, seeing that the surgery was done only yesterday.

Today I did arms (traditional) and chin (vaser), but the results weren't fantastic. My chin still look horrible with the fats and double chin. Due to language barrier, I am not sure if the doctor understood what I meant. He just kept saying 'swelling, swelling'. I hope swelling will subside though. Arms look not much diff but chin is DEFINITELY no diff. :( I really hope it is the swelling. If anyone could provide me with any advice, that'd by fantastic.

And I hope you guys do not mind the obscene part of my body.

The doctor is polite and patience. Each time I yelled pain during the procedure, he'd kee-p saying 'sorry sorry'.


ur arms look fine, and ur neck is swollen, if u wear your compression neck and arm garments it should be ok... i think it takes 3 months for final results to start settling. prayers r with u !
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Day 4 Post Op

My Doctor just replied my email where I enquired him about my chin.

He told me that after melting my fats, he did not suck any fats out. He merely squeezed some fats out and asked me to give it 1-2 months to see the result. Does this work? I have always thought vaser involves sucking fats out! ):


Be patient because you probably do still have a lot of swelling. Your stomach is looking amazing!
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Thank you for your kind words :) I will try my best to be patient.

Day 5 Post Op

Lots of swelling on tummy and waist, though now I can see a waistline. My body size remains the same. It's kinda disappointing ):

For my chins, I'm not optimistic at all knowing that my doctor did not suck any fats out. Will perhaps go for a revision some time this month.

For my arms...well still pretty swollen, can't see results!


I have actually heard of melting the fat and not sucking it out. I don't know anything else about it, just that it has been done. Give it a little time and see what the results are. Also, at my one week appointment my waist was 6 inches bigger than it is now! Be patient and let yourself heal because it really is a long process.
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Thanks dear.. :) but my stomach is swelling a lot now and is almost back to pre-op size. Will cont waiting!

Day 5 Post Op #2

Is anyone able to tell me if it's swelling or the fact that the doctor didn't suck the fat out caused my chin to be the same as before?


Yup thanks for the reminder that healing takes time. It's just that it is really discouraging seeing your body remaining the same when so many people on this site have glowing reviews! Didn't help that my chin was done using a method that isn't commonly heard of.
I felt the same when when people looked awesome at a week out and I was hugely swollen. I'm more than two months out and still have noticeable swelling on my stomach. Other people say they feel that they feel fully healed at a month! Grrrrr…...

11 Days Post Op

Swelling has reduced for tummy and waist! But my size remains pretty much the same. After wearing clothes, no one noticed that I have slimmed down.

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11 Days Post Op


I'm glad that your swelling is starting to go down. Be patient because it's still very early in the healing process. I'm nearly three months out and my waist is more than 6 inches smaller than it was at one week out. My clothes are fitting MUCH looser and I can wear fitted clothes comfortably. I think that even if people notice you looking smaller most people are cautious about saying anything because they don't want to be offensive and imply that you looked bigger before. LOL (Kind of like asking a woman if she's pregnant and finding out she's not!) Are you happy with your shape? I think at two weeks out my clothes probably fit the same as pre-op, but I could tell the difference in my shape.
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" two weeks out my clothes probably fit the same as pre-op, but I could tell the difference in my shape." This is exactly what I'm going through! Wow 6 inches is A LOT. How much did your doctor take out from your waist/tummy? :)
I am indeed happy with the SHAPE (i never had curves), I just wish I could look smaller. But like you said, 2 weeks out is still way too early. :) thanks for your constant encouragement.

Post Op 14 Days

Family has commented that I looked smaller, but just very slightly. I hope it is just the swelling! Certain shirts that were skin hugging have become loose and that's a good sign :)

For my chin, nothing has changed. Still double chin and lots of molten fats....any idea how long that would take to go away?


Hi there... How are you?.. kindly update...
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Hi Glassowman... appreciate if you could kindly update yr progress... thinking of using Dr Prinya... thanks in advance
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Btw your tummy looks so pretty!! :)
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Dr Prinya

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