I finally did it!

So its finally happening. I am one phone call away...

So its finally happening. I am one phone call away from scheduling my date for a tummy tuck. If all goes well, I will be having my surgery on Thursday May 28th. I am scared--what if I don't wake up or what if I get blood clots or what if the pain is unbearable. I am anxious--I have been waiting to do this since 2011 when I lost 40 pounds after the birth of my second son. I'm confused--am I really ready for this or should I just exercise and diet some more and be happy with what good has given me. I have so many questions. What should I make sure I have on hand before the surgery so that it will be ready afterwards? How soon after can I get busy exercising again? I have a summer trip planned 6 weeks later, will I be able to enjoy myself?


I believe everyone has those same concerns at one point in their decision making, so we all understand. Just know u have to trust ur PS n you'll be great. I also love ur surgery price really low.
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Agreed. There are always risks but if the likelihood of benefit outweighs the risks and you are willing to accept that, go for it! Excited for you and just know what you're going through is completely normal. I look forward to more posts on your journey.
Not waking up should not consern you too much. You really need to think in the lines of hematoma, seroma, necrosis. Blood clots are rare and they use boots to lower the risk. Your questions are all easily answered by the scheduler. The pain is pain it hurts but it subsides.
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Date delay

So I wasn't able to get my may date but I am scheduled for June 17. Everything happens for a reason. Here's a question for those of you who had the surgery. I live almost 4 hours away from my surgeon's clinic. I will get a hotel room the night of the surgery since it is outpatient but my husband will be driving us home the following day. Anyone had an experience like this? Am I setting myself up for a world of pain?


You will be fine! I have the same questions running through my head. But i'm sure we are doing this for the right reasons and god will take care of everything. Good luck!
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I live 4 hrs away from my PS and went home the next day. It took almost 5 hrs for a 3 hr drive and I threw up once. Get a neck pillow it would have helped me. Honestly I recommend staying at a hotel an extra day if you can. I hurt pretty bad could barely walk by the time I did get home & that was with stopping every hour to stretch and walk. Its a major surgery you really need to play it with how you feel. I really wanted to stay an extra day and let my husband talk me into going home.
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Thank you. I have found myself doing the same latelylooking at others who are happy and confident with their post baby bellies and wishing I could be like that, but at the end of the day I'm not and I know this is something I need to do for me

Did I make a mistake?

So I went for my pre-op appointment yesterday. Surgery is scheduled for June 10th. I got all my prescriptions and am about to go fill this in a few. I wonder though. The pain medicine they prescribed was lortab the 7.5 mg strength. I have had lortab before in both the 5 and the 7.5 mg strength and this medicine does nothing more for me than a tylenol. My sister told me I should have asked for a different pain medicine, but I didn't feel the need to because I don't plan to use the pain medicines after the first two days so I figured it work good enough for then (plus they gave me flexeril so hopefully that will suffice). But now that I am home, I am beginning to wonder if I made a mistake. The only problem is it's a four hour drive back to my doctor's office and I am not about to make that drive between now and June 10th. I have a very high tolerance for pain so hopefully it won't be an issue. Other than that, I am super excited and nervous. Getting ready to get some granny drawers (lol) and others stuff. I'm currently in school working on my doctorate degree so I will be spending the next four days getting ahead on as many of my assignments as I can so that I won't have to deal with those next week. My husband is in workshops for the next two weeks so he won't be able to go with me or take care of me that first week, but I am lucky to have a sister who is a BSN with over 15 years of experience who will be caring for me the first week (although she has already told me I will not wipe your butt--lol). I guess my major fear right now is the ride home (which hopefully won't be too bad--I should be drugged up and out the entire time) and getting up 19 stairs to my apartment (yes--I counted them) once I get home. I know this sounds crazy, but have already been practicing how I am going to walk up them bent over and using as little abdominal muscle as possible. Other than that, I am pumped and ready to get this done.


In regards to your post about pain meds: I was prescribed Lortabs in 7.5mg too. They did NOTHING for my pain! I ended up getting 10mg instead and religiously took those babies every 6 hours. I would even set my alarm clock so I didn't miss dose during the night. Anyway, I would ask them in advance what they can do IF the pain meds you have now do not work. So excited for your surgery!
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Your going to get through this n just love the results! !!
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One day left

My surgery is tomorrow. I'm ready to get this over with. I wish I could have lost a few more pounds before doing this but oh well. At this point im just ready to get it done, heal, and get back to jogging. We' ve been having a lot of thunderstorms that will continue until Wednesday and flash floods are out so im praying thatni don' t get flooded and not able to make my surgery. That would suck

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It's Done

Tt finished. Not in pain just a burning sensation and terribly sleepy. Cant shower until Thursday. Will post pics then


Congrats on ur cross over. ..
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No pain

So far no pain. Had my surgery at 9:30 yesterday morning and have only taken 1 lortab and flexeril since then. Ive been up walkung around. The only thing hurting has been my back from being hunched over. Lucky me. My period came on monday so I was bleeding quite heavy through out the procedure and to make matters worse I have to start blood thinner shots today. This should be interesting. :)

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Gas, Constipation, Swelling



We had our surgeries the same day.
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Hello, just stopped by to check on ya hope everything is going well with ur recovery. ..
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Thank you. Everything good so far

4 days post op. shower advice

So I coughed for the first time yesterday. That was the worse pain I have ever felt in my life! I was crying, sweating and repenting of all my sins at the same time. Since then I have coughed three more times. It still hurts but not as bad as the first time.

So my dr cleared me to shower by the 2nd day and I would really love to take a shower tomorrow. Any advice? Im having a hard time seeing how this is going to happen since I cant stand longer than 5 minutes. I curse myself now for not getting that shower chair. Any suggestions for making these easy? I dont recall if they told me to avoid wetting my sutures or not. Still havent taken post op pics because I get dizzy everytime I take the darn garment off while standing.


We had surgery on the same day. How are you feeling?
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I hope your healing is going well. I wanted to post pics but I get faint when I take the garment off so I may try again today

I hope this is mostly swelling


Heyyyy, I had my surgery on 6/13 and the swelling is no joke. I'm going that it will subside soon. Honestly, I came home in the 14th & my PS said that I could take a shower on Sunday (15th) but I didn't (and still don't) feel comfortable. I'm praying that these drains will come out tomorrow, and I'll take one them. The one drain is super annoying and I just can't deal with it right now. Good to know that I'm not the only one. Anyway, things will get better soon! Happy healing doll!
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Sorry for the errors... swipe is acting up
I took one shower last week and it was difficult with the drain in so i tried to avoid the showers until my drains came out. Unfortunately at my post op yesterday he told me that because of the swelling my drains wont come out until next week. :(

30-40 mile weeks to nothing

So for the last four years of my life I have been jogging between 30-40 miles a week. I also take a 4 mile walk every evening. With that being said, it's about to kill me not being able to do anything. I am watching my husband get up every morning and go jogging and its been very difficult. I can't wait to finally be able to do something other than walk to the mailbox.


Oh no!!! I noticed more swelling after I returned home yesterday. I'm sure that mine would have stayed in if I had looked like that in his office. :(

I have been swollen since I came off the table

I would just like the swelling to go down so I can feel this has been worth it. Im so swollen my guts feel like they are going to pop out of my belly button and my mound above my vagina looks huge


Girl me too!!! This swelling has to have an expiration date.
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Not happy so far

So my swelling finally went down this morning. I began taking bromelain yesterday ( I wasn't able to take it any earlier because the doctor had me on blood thinner shots for the first ten days and you can't take anything else that may also thin the blood) and by this morning, a--but not all-of the swelling has gone down. I'm trying to wait until at least a month post op before making up my mind about this but so far I am not happy. I initially wanted lipo of my abdomen and flanks with the tummy tuck because I had most of my fat on my upper belly, but another plastic surgeon told me I didn't need this and this plastic surgeon seemed to think the tummy tuck alone would get good results. [I had lipo done two years ago by a gynecologist who was not board certified. He was paid to lipo my entire abdomen, upper and lower flanks, but he only lipo my lower abdomen and just a weird section in the middle of my back. Needless to say I learned my lesson and have been left with hanging skin on the lower abs and a fat, pot belly at the top.] I had a consultation for plastic surgery last summer, but decided not to go with that Dr. because he did not want to do the lipo. So I eventually convinced myself that lipo wasn't needed and when I did my consult with a different Dr. I only asked about lipo of the flanks which he was willing to do, but I eventually decided to just go with a tummy tuck. Now I feel as if I should have followed my first instinct and had the tummy tuck with lipo. The tummy tuck only pulled the fat down and now I look like I am pregnant. I really hope this improves with selling and exercise because I do not plan to go through another surgery.


You look Great! I was swollen like that too. I'm 3 weeks 2 days po and although I do start to swell later in the day I'm happy. My ps told me that the way you look in the mornings after about a month or so that's how you're gonna pretty much look unless you gain or lose weight. You are looking good. Happy healing to ya!
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Better. But still dealing with a lot of swelling


I just need to know did your stomach go down? ?? Cuzco I'm thinking about let him do minds December 23 Tuesday can you please let me know. ...
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Tomorrow will be three months post op and while my belly definitely looks better, I don't think he got me tight enough to begin with. I've read that a few weeks after any tummy tuck, you will loosen up some a little. However, I noticed from the beginning that I had to suck in to make my belly flatter or wear some type of compression garment under clothes to keep the gut from showing. Now that I am three months out, it pokes out even more. The only time I am flat is in the morning before eating and when I wear the compression 24 hours straight. Don't get me wrong. I look better than I did to begin with, my scar has healed great, all the excess skin is gone and I knew that I needed lipo of the belly to get more flatness, but my biggest gripe is that I just don't think he tightened my muscles up good enough so I still have a pookie belly. I don't tell any one that I had a tummy tuck because I'm ashamed that may look at me like I'm lying. I think he's a good doctor, but most of the good I have heard about him and seen has been breast. I honestly wish I would have found some one else.
Just thought I would add that I have not gained weight since the procedure. I jog 4-6 miles daily and lift light weights. I do not eat excessively so I don't think it's anything I did to cause this. I do think Dr. Reno is a good doctor and his prices are some of the best in this state. Maybe its just my body. If you decide to go with I'm just make sure you express your concerns about the muscles being tightened good. I never really did this because he rushes in and out of the room and I never wrote down my concerns to address them with him or the nurse so I would always forget during every appt. I don't want to completely throw you off because I do think he is a good doctor and I love his staff. I just think he could have done a better job tightening me up.
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