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I have lost over 100 lbs and kept it off for 3...

I have lost over 100 lbs and kept it off for 3 years. Scheduled to do a tummy tuck aug 20. Freaking out!!! What do I need to be prepared for? Please help ease my mind!!! I've struggled choosing my doctor because I have no one I know that used him for a tummy tuck but a lot that have used him to breasts. Any information I could use is greatly appreciated!!!

Two weeks to go!!

I have two weeks and I'm really starting to get excited. I have almost all of my supplies I will need for the surgery, so all I have to do is really give the house a good cleaning! I was nervous, but now I am just ready to get it over with and move on with my life! I have worked so hard for this and can not wait!! I teach a fitness class and even though I am afraid I won't be able to go back to it very soon, my students seem very happy for me!

Pre-op today!

Freaking out just a little bit!! I am nervous that I don't have everything ready (I do) and I am also nervous because I didn't get an appointment reminder phone call! Lol. If there is nothing to worry about I find something!!

24 hour liquid diet

Well, It's Monday morning, my surgery is Tuesday morning. My Plastic Surgeon put me on 24 hour liquid diet, beginning at midnight Sunday night. Sucks because I am working overnight tonight and won't get off until 6 am. I am going to have to do an enema Tuesday morning. The nurse mentioned I may want to do a magnesium citrate at noon today (Monday) I have never done either of these, so it's funny that I am freaking out over the mag citrate and enema worse than the surgery itself ha.

Absolutely love my doctor

So my surgery was Tuesday. Up until Thursday when I saw what was under the bandages I hated myself for doing this! I have never felt so Much pain! But after I saw my belly even with the amount of swelling it had I am convinced my dr is an artist!! I can't believe he made it look so good!! I can't wait to se how further healing looks!!

10 days post op

Finally started feeling human on day 8. Thank God I feel better!! Able to stand straight, get up easily, bathe myself! I went to the dr this am got the stitches out from around my belly button, and one drain removed. Dr. Pecunia was very pleased with my healing and progress. Keeping one of the drains in longer as I'm still emptying over 80 cc a day. He sent me a rx of a cream to fade the scar that a local compounded makes. Excited to try that! So very pleased with this doctor! From everything from his work to his personality! So lucky I found him!!

20 days post op.. back to work

Today is my first day back to work. I have a sit down desk job so it is pretty laid back. I finally had my last drain pulled out Friday. I had an odor coming from the fluid I emptied from my drain that started Thursday night. They did not want to remove the drain until Monday because it was still draining around 55 cc's. My dr said that seroma would be easier to treat, than an infection. So, they wanted to catch it before it became an infection if it were to. They put me on a round of antibiotics just in case. I was finally able to sleep in the bed!!! I could not do it before being a side sleeper and having the drains in my hip.. For the first time I slept all through the night Saturday night.. You don't realize how much you miss your bed!!! Will update pictures soon!

One year post op

My scar is almost completely gone. I love my doctor. And my tummy tuck was best decision ever!!
Richard pecunia

Meeting Dr. Pecunia had changed my life! After losing over 100 lbs through diet & exercise I still had terrible self esteem due to my large stomach! From the consultation to the post op visits he was absolutely amazing!! The night of my surgery he called and checked to make sure we made it home ok and have us his cell phone number if I needed him. What a great doctor!! I had no expectations of my outcome. I actually didn't think he could make my stomach as good as he did! But if I expected something I would have been let down! Not a chance he could let me down! He is an artist!!

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he did a great job .. cant wait to join the flat side
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Wow!! What a transformation!! You look great!!
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You look great!!! I have a lot of loose skin from weight loss too! I hope to get my TT in the spring
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I felt foolish to for having this surgery but when I look at myself in the mirror I hate seeing that gut even more. I ended up having way more support than I expected from co workers and even my mother. It has been worth it, I'm three days flat.
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Wow! I love you dr too! Look at that scar! And you look great and its just going to get better and better over the next few months! Happy healing!
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Thank you all for the tips! I feel less anxious after reading all the posts I've read through out the forum. I am so ready to do this!!!
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I am 11 days post TT w/lipo and finally able to stand up straight! Agree w/ all below...take at least 3 full weeks off of work. The 1st 4 days you will pretty much only get out of bed to pee. Then you'll start walking around more...be prepared for burning back pain for several days as you begin to start walking around. For me, that was the worst! I ditched my pain meds after day 2 bc I was nauseas/dry heaving even taking them w/food. Ice pack on my back on and off helped alot! You will feel really tight and numb for weeks post surg. I am wearing alot of comfy maxi dresses, scrubs pants and work out tops. I thought I'd be wearing yoga pants, but the waist is right where the incision is and drain was, so those were out for me. I also dug out my "maternity granny panties" mostly bc they are high waisted and I could pull them up over the drain and incision. Good luck!
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First... breathe, I was more than freaking out before my surgery and it really does all turn out fine!! You are going to be so happy with the results!! Second, the recovery is extensive but not at all unbearable, more inconvenient and uncomfortable. But you will need help for the first two weeks at least and as Delaware Daisy said, depending on your job, don't plan to return back to work before 3 weeks at the earliest. Third, this experience is different for everyone. Some people bounce back immediately, others take a long time. So no matter how much you read, your experience will be unique. The key is to stay positive and you will sail though the experience!!! Keep us posted!! :)
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Sweet.... congrats on your weight lose! As you follow this site, you'll get loads of tips and will be well prepared before your surgery date. Personally, my top recommendations are to get: flex straws for drinking. a toilet riser, so you don't have to bend so low to reach potty. a plastic lawn chair to use for your showers (no baths for 8 wks). take 3 weeks off work. have 24/7 help for at least 3-4 days. shop ahead of time for all the basic household things you'll need. I chose to only tell my 2 daughters what I was doing. I didn't want to hear anyone's opinion or deal with jealousy or judgement. Hope that helps!
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My doc said NO recliner. I had no problem sleeping comfortably in bed. He did want my legs elevated at a 90 degree angle, with legs above heart, to aid in drainage. I've had no problems with swelling (so far anyway). I'm 2.5 wks post op.
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I can't speak to you about the doctor, but I can help you with a list of things you will need afterward. First get some comfy clothes like sweatpants and such, get some Phillips stool softener, ( you REALLY don't want to strain having a BM) cook ahead and freeze some meals that you can heat and eat. If you don't have a recliner, rent one. You won't be able to sleep stretched out flat for a while or invest in a sleep pillow system, check the internet for one. Get some books, magazines or dvd's to read and watch. Most of all, relax abd take care of yourself! Good luck!
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