Hated It, Loose Skin on Neck After Getting Treatments. Applied for Refund.

It did not work on me. My friends all tell me that...

It did not work on me. My friends all tell me that I have loose skin WHICH WAS A RESULT FROM THE SKIN SWELLING UP. The failure to remove fat now has left me with expanded skin. No fat went away. LipoDissolve has stated that they will give me a refund.
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I just wanted to say that it's nice of the Fig people to come here and offer their help. They sure don't have to do that! Since you are here, Apsie, could you tell me what you think about applying topicals to the area treated. By topicals, I mean the OTC creams claiming to reduce the 'appearance' of cellulite and fat. I used L'Oreal patches, and several others containing caffene. I've only had one Lipo treatment so far (Sept 4), for a little 'pouch' on my abs, and experienced no side effects. Thanks for your opinion on these creams and applying them in conjunction with treatments :) Jos
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Thanks for that. You're right, we don't have to come on here but i like to come on from time to time and answer questions and just try and get accurate and balanced information out there. Fig. has an institute dedicated to testing the latest in body shaping technologies.(http://www.lipotherapyinstitute.org)Our medical experts, which do include Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, have seen no evidence that any topical creams are effective in reducing the appearance cellulite or inch loss. Some OTC creams can help with making the skin itself healthier and more aesthetic. About applying topicals to areas being treated: You should avoid putting any creams on the injection site immediatley after treatment to aviod any type of irritation.
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Hi Mike, I work for fig. and was a little concerned about your experience. I hope you went back to the clinic and talked to them about your concerns. If not, I would suggest you make an appointment and they have help you resolve your concerns and dissatisfaction. I hope it all works out for you in the end. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to click on my name and email me directly.
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