Hated the Experience, Very Unhappy with the Results

I did everything I was told to do. The treatment...

I did everything I was told to do. The treatment was extremly painful. The pain lasted for about 7 hours after the treatment. I looked like a monster for about 2 days after the treatment. Swelling and Burn... The results after 3 treatments in 3 months. NOTHING.. no differnece whatsoever. It has been 3 months since my last Flaxil treatment. STIL NO RESULTS... 3,000.00 down the drain..... I DO NOT RECCOMEND THIS TREATMENT AT ALL. I am not sure where they get those before and after pictures, they have to be touched up though..
I live in Katy TX. Was this a Med-Spa or a Dermatalogist? Sure like to know who it is. I was severely burned at Youthful Essence, which has gone out of business. I've had 17K worth of reconstructive surgery. Still I am looking for a way to remove all the scars, before I go through my next fat graft to my face. Seems the UltraPulsa Deep FX Co2 is all the rage. Do you remember the name of the laser used on you?
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