Hated the Experience, Still Looking for the Results.

I just had my third treatment last week and I am...

I just had my third treatment last week and I am still waiting to see an appreciable difference. I am having my love handles done first and my sides as well as my abdomen seem bloated all the time. I have had four weeks between each treatment and I remain bloated the entire time. My sides are sore and it gets worse with each treatment. I am still paying for the treatments, so I can't stop. I almost left in tears after the last treatment. The staff member who gives my injections, which by the way the dose has been doubled, said that I am forming knots and that is good, well it doesn't feel good. I have lost four pounds, but I'm not absolutely sure that I can attribute it to the injections. I have been on a low carb diet. My advice to anyone considering this procedure is #1 if your are getting multiple areas done, do one area first and if you like the results, go for the rest. If you don't like the results, you will have minimized your losses financially. #2 make sure that the person or persons giving you the injections are physcians or nurses. #3 If you are having any problems, request to see the physcian associated with that particular clinic, don't waste time talking with the staff. #4 Do your research. Fig is not the only place that does this procedure. Some plastic surgeons will at a lower cost for the same medication.
Houston Tx. I am a provider with fig. and just wanted to respond to your blog. It sounds that you are very uncomfortable after treatment, especially with the double dose. Have you talked with your provider who is giving you the treatment? If you are really sore and swollen you can back down the dose. I agree with you that the 4 lb weight loss is from your diet and not the injections. The treatments will not lead to weight loss. They are for body contouring and best for the stubborn areas that diet and exercise don’t resolve. It sounds like your have invested a lot into the procedure and you should talk to your provider to help develop a treatment plan that is more comfortable and suitable for you. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
Yes, the treatments are very uncomfortable. Now, not only uncomfortable, but migraines to accompany the discomfort. Since my last appointment August 8 I have lost an additional 4lbs and that I attribute to the nausea and vomiting. I have never had migraines before and I don't want them to continue. I have another appointment this Wed. Sept. 5th, I am not looking forward to the appointment. If a person is spending this much money on something that is supposed to make them feel and look better, they should look forward to the experience. I hate it that I ever started this process. The pain is bad enough, but like I said, I have noticed no appreciable differences. People who say that they have had results after just one or two treatments are the real "perfect candidates." I have friends who WERE interested in the treatments, but are seriously reconsidering.
Tell your friends NOT to do it!!!!!!!!!
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