Very disappointed with the results - Hated the Experience - Makati City, Philippines

I've had 2 sessions of fraxel laser (with Belo...

I've had 2 sessions of fraxel laser (with Belo Medical Group - supposedly one of the best in the Philippines) and was very disappointed with the results. the discomfort and pain during the first treatment was bearable maybe because i was asked to take 1 capsule of dormicum after a topical aneastesia was applied on my face. the post treatment effect was ok except that i don't see any results after weeks of treatment. i was traumatized on my second treatment, the pain was unbearable causing the doctor to just make a few passes of the laser on the affected area. it took only about less than 5 mins. and i was done. i think the 2nd treatment was not worth my money. i felt i was cheated on, not to mention the very expensive post treatment medication that they prescribe. i just don't know if the other fraxel laser offered by other clinics are all the same. but i'm about to try facial care center and expect to see better results. pros: none cons: expensive, painful
I had also a bad experience in Fraxel laser, Im on my 3rd week after the treatment, it leaves several lines in my face its like Im a walking chess board! my doctor just told to me the downtime takes only about 5days, but on my 4th day its just that the peeling part is only in the side of my mouth, I was freaking co'z I was expecting 95% part of my face already peelled off! and I have a wedding to attend to on the following days! I dont have any choice but to srucbs and force to peel it off all the dry skin (thought my dr told to me not to removed it, just wait to peel off) coz its really disguisting face! its like Im a victim in a fire!
So the result is a SQUARE Scars in my face! Now the doctor telling me it depends on skin type when it will be healed, maximun is up to one month! GOSHHHHH! she didn't tell me that! all she told to me is just 5days!!!! and now the scars will disappear in about 6month!!!!! what the F***
Do you have the same result as I have??? and by the way its true, painfull!
i had a melasma problem on my face. Im feed up of putting creams and theres no good results..anyone can recommend a cheaper and faster treatment..? im thinking of fraxel laser treatment ..where in manila which offer a cheaper price???
Well, i think maybe it's a doctor's fault? Maybe the doctor has no experience yet on this fraxel procedure?
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