Hated Both Experience and Results

I had vaginal bleeding following 21 shots in and...

I had vaginal bleeding following 21 shots in and around my abdomen; and I don't have a uterus/ovaries; No one told me that results varied between physicians because the consistency of that which was injected depends on the physician doing the injecting! There's a lot more they should know about it before they begin offering it to their patients. They made lots of money for a procedure that no one really knows a lot about. The pain was bad, so was the swelling and the bleeding frankly scared the hell out of me. Bottom line: don''t do it.


Roberta, Where did you have your treatment? I am considering it and so far I think FIG is the only place having poor results. I live in orange county. Thanks. Diane
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Roberta of Newport Beach, can you please contact me? lagirl4200 at yahoo. Thanks!
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I got my abdomen done yesterday and now I'm having vaginal bleeding. I'm 18 and my periods are regular so this is pretty scary. Do you have any information on why or what to do?
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