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Hated Both the Experience and the Results

I didn't have a scar on my navel before the tummy...

I didn't have a scar on my navel before the tummy tuck and now my new navel has 4 lines going down every corner of my navel.It been 3 months and my stomach has started to get big again. It gives you a flat stomach for a month. Because you are lying down when the doctor is cutting and stitching the scar line isnt even.One side is higher than the other so i am unable to wear a bikini.


with all surgeries you have the good & bad affects..with such a magor surgery it will take awhile to totally heal..it sounds like you still have swellen going on.it's only been 3 months & plus a persons out come as a lot to do if they had a good ps or not
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When you have a TT you sever your lymphantic system. The lymph (fluid in your body) has no way to recycle. Once it realizes it has no recycle outlet, it pools and swelling occurs. The system DOES reconnect. You don't have a flat stomach then get big again, What you have, is swelling and you will have it on and off for a while.
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You must have had a terrible PS to have left you in such a state. I had my TT four months ago and cannot even see the scar around my navel. Also, my abdomen is very tight and flat and the scar was designed around my bikini. I have just been away and was able to wear my bikini on the beach and look and feel really good. Your stomach should not be getting big again, as if you have had a full tummy tuck your muscles would have been tightened at the same time.
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