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Hi! I have a rhinoplasty scheduled for Friday 8/2....

Hi! I have a rhinoplasty scheduled for Friday 8/2.. im totally freaking out! so scared! I watched some on youtube...big mstake! lol
Im really interested to know:
1. How painful was it on a 1-10 scale?
2. Did you vomit up blood?
3. Did you have packing? How was it?
4. How long until you felt like doing your normal household/life things again?

Any tips are very welcomed!!! :)


Thank you! My arrival time is 12:30. Eastern time lol
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Good luck!!!!
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Fully under. I wasn't aware people do it under twilight!! I've had surgery w this surgeon before, and many of my friends and family, but never a face so it's nerve wracking. Thank you for the well wishes and I will update tomorrow!!
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Today is the day!!!

Absolutely freaking out! I have to be there at 12:30 and I'm more scared of nausea/v than pain. Although bloody noses really freak me out. I'm already hungry, not one to wait to eat.. Lol I posted a pic of me now and a simulated new nose pic. Wish me luck!

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Today is the day!


congrats! You can swallow a pint of blood before you get sick (quote by Tyler Durden) keep us posted on the result
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So it's over. I have w terrible headache/eye/jaw pain. And this damn packing and drip pad is so annoying. The doc prescribed Vicodin for me? But I haven't picked it up I took Advil and ill go from there. The blood going down my throat is mucousy.. Only a coupl times was it thin real looking I'm so paranoid about getting sick from the blood in my stomach? Which I don't think is much. Did any of u have bleeding down ur throat and getting sick!!
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Advil is has a blood thinner effect--did your doctor say to take it or to avoid it? I was told to avoid Advil


Surgery was just over 24 hrs ago and this damn packing is gonna be the death of me why do so many people get to go without it?! My doc said I can take it out myself or wait til Tuesday, thing is I don't remember WHEN he said I can remove it. Have a call in to him now... My cheekbones, sinuses, eyes and ears are in torturous pain.. And the pain meds only seem to help for an hr or so...
Again, I really can't stand this packing another second!


I have very bad swelling and bruising. The bruising doesn't bother me but I can barely open my eyes their soooo puffy. The sinus pain is terrible!! And eye/ear pain. When u took the packing out did u have to do anything to the inside of the nose to clean it? Did it bleed much? Thank you for the response!
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Put an ice pack wrapped in cloth on your eyes or cucumbers slices spa-style I had major eye puff too
I had packing or "internal splints" what the doctor told me they were...just gauze rolled up. He told me I could take mine out 48 hours after surgery. It was kind of hard and a little weird doing it myself as it hurt and I was not sure how hard I was to pull on them but I wanted them out so bad so I did it. he just told me to make sure you pull straight down when taking them out and good luck! It does feel weird coming out but it will feel so much better once they are out. and I also agree that Advil is a blood thinner and was advised to only take Tylenol if I did not take my pain meds but I only took my pain meds for about 6 days. those are much stronger and lasted about 4 hours for me. Good luck with the rest of your recovery! I felt pretty back to my normal self after 4 or 5 days minus the bruising...I had bad bruising under my eyes.
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Day 2

I've slept the last two days so much, I keep forgetting what really happened,, I guess pain meds and Valium will do that to u! But honestly I'd rather be knocked out through this pain than awake dealing with it... I had read so many reviews saying they had little pain, and each day got better and better, but I'm having an awful time,, if I keep my eyes open for more than a min, the pain intensifies so badly. It feels like all sinus pain and pressure.. Cheekbones, forehead, eyes and ears are all excruciating. And I'm in terrible pain before my next pain med dose is due, so I have to keep waiting in pain till I can take it again...
My ps said I can pull the packing out myself tomorrow, or wait till my Tuesday appt with him,,, at this rate I'm going to have to take them out myself tmro. I don't even know why I needed packing, sooo many people go without it. He told me when the nose is broken, it needs to be packed, but I don't think all surgeons feel the same about that...
Can't even read or watch a movie because it hurts so bad to keep my eyes open... This sucks.. I wish I had an easy time like a lot of the reviews said they had... I'm sorry I'm rambling lol. Will update again tmro!

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I did it!

I removed the dreaded, horrendous, excruciating packing! I'd had it.. The doc said I can do it myself Monday if I wasn't too scared to do it, we'll what's 12hrs difference right?
One side came out fairly easily, I got lightheaded and had to sit down by the window.
The other side had been the most bothersome, it had felt like a very very bad sinus infection on that side, and it was almost impossible (or so I thought) to pull it out. It felt stuck, so I had my amazing mother pull it for me!
I admit, I screamed when that one came out, and that side of my sinuses burned terribly all the way to my ear..
Now I've never done drugs, ESP through my nose, but i can imagine snorting chili powder would feel the same as pulling that packing out... Small amount of bleeding, and then it subsided.
I feel better now, and I'm going to try to get a full nights sleep. I put my drip pad back on because even before I pulled the packing, there was some discharge...
I also have a temp of 99.7, not bad but higher than my usual 97's. I'll update again soon!

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Ehhh help!!

I'm 4 days po and my daughter just whacked her head into my nose.. I still have the cast/splint on and the pain subsided quickly but I heard a crack. I'm so scared I ruined it. :( idk if I should call the on call surgeon? If I push the nose gently to one side or the other it does hurt. Ahhhh any input?


Oh no! My nose became an instant target after my rhinoplasty too! My youngest kept hitting it by accident and it hurt so bad but I never heard a crack. I would call but not sure there is anything they can do right now. I'm sure everything is fine. My 3 year old kicked me right in the nose about a week after my cast came off but no damage thank god but I was so scared so I feel your pain literally!!! As for the nose hurting I'm sure that's still from the initial surgery. Keep us posted.
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Day 4

Pain is much better, I had the stitched removed, which hurt but was quick so it was ok... My toddler wacked me in the side of the nose and I heard a small crack. It didnt hurt for long, and no bleeding, however the mucus (tmi sorry) seems more blood tinged... Worried.

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Day 5

Doc says my splint will likely fall off before our appt next week. I'm nervous to see it! I can't tell a huge difference with the cast on I hope I'm not disappointed !!


Are u having packing? Not everyone does..
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AH! Reading your posts freaks me out. I already suffer from sinus pressure and pain so I can only imagine how awful it will be! Yikes! You look great already though. Can't wait to see it sans cast!
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I took the splint off today

I got the splint off today, and I don't know what I think.... I will have to see when the swelling subsides

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Kinda freaking out

I know swelling is huge right now at only day 6, but I still feel a hard bump. Very small but still a bump... We're meticulous people, if we want our nose hacked down were specific people.. I said I want a slight slope, and I see a slight bump... Regardless of swelling I do NOT see how a hard bump is going to cave in to be a slope. What. The. Fuck. Can anyone give insight?!


The reason I didn't want to have rhinoplasty was because of the dreaded nose packing. The thought of not being able to breathe, especially during eating was not appealing as well as the dry tongue from mouth breathing. I was lucky enough to find a Beverly Hills doctor who invented a nasal airway that completely avoids this problem. Once I found out about the "Kotler Nasal Airway" I decided to go ahead and have my nose fixed. There is some minor packing used to prevent any bleeding BUT you are able to breathe thru your nose immediately after surgery! I found this wonderful invention to be heaven sent and a more humane way of treating patients. I don't understand why every doctor doesn't use this great invention to avoid that disgusting nose packing which can be very painful when removed. Had my nose fixed on 8/1/14 and very happy with results.
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I meant to say my surgery was 7/1/14
I'm no expert , but with the swelling it is hard to tell, I heard that a rhino can take up to six months maybe one year to see the final result , but I understand your fear about the hard bump.. I'm sure with times you'll see the slope it is too soon , talk to ur surgeon you will feel better .
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