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I have always had trouble with my large breasts. I...

I have always had trouble with my large breasts. I was a full D to DD and enjoyed exercise. Since having 4 children, major sag occurred and my large breasts were very hard to lift. Finding a bra was difficult and was always quite uncomfortable. My hope was to reduce and lift and enjoy jogging and kickboxing without the bulk and weight.

My doctor agreed to bring me to a large B to a small C. My surgery was on Feb. 16, 2012. Everything went well and I didn't even need pain meds! My only concern is that the left breast seems larger, especially on the side. When my arm hangs down, I can feel how large it is, and it doesn't seem small enough. Do you think swelling has occurred? And will my desired result just have to wait?


Hi, I just wanted to see how your recovery is going and all is well/calming down a little. I agree with you...after so many years of being uncomfortable with huge breasts, one hopes for an immediate satisfaction after the surgery. I am learning from all the ladies kind sharing updates that 'time' needs to be a I do hope you let us know how you are soon ... and later :)
I am scheduled for Tues Feb 28...crikey!
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i see what you are talking about but i wouldnt worry about it. They settle into a more natural shape over time and the swelling will go down. the swelling stays for longer than you think it does! My surgery is on friday..wish me luck!
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Good luck! The surgery was a breeze - I was able to drive around the next day!

Healing is going well but I still have the same...

Healing is going well but I still have the same concerns. I think that because of the great lift the doctor gave me, my breasts feel a lot bigger. But, there is a lot of tissue on the sides and I still hope it goes down. I also am still filling up my current D bra. I've added two more pictures to show day 10 progress. Any hope that I have nothing to worry about?


I had my breast reduction done 11 days ago. My nipples seem to be flat and sink in. Will they pop back out?
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I never had that problem, but maybe it is because you have to wear a bra 24-7 for the first 2 weeks. Try not wearing one at night.

I did have a period of time where I was worried about my nipples.  They just didn't look quite right. It was like the peak would almost fold over (and I'm sure it was from the tightness of the bra) and leave an indent in the surrounding areola.  As my swelling lessened this corrected itself.  If it persists certainly ask your surgeon. Do you have sensation in your nipples?

One month and things are going great! There is...

One month and things are going great! There is still some soreness at the incision site, especially, when turning on my side at night. But, I am happier with the size now and I went jogging today and really noticed a difference. Look at my new pictures!


Anxioius to hear if anyone that has been concerned because their size didn't change much, if it did with time? I am almost 6 weeks out and I am very concerned my are not going to change much. I was a large DD wanted to go to a C, but I still a large D....anyone else had this problem? My PS says it takes up to 6 months...seems everyone on this breast reduction site has had good results in a few weeks or very soon after....
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I had different breasts before my surgery. One of them was DD and the other C. Now I am a B. I had my surgery in January 17th. Somedays one looks better than the other, mostly when I have my period. I feel sad that I paid all that money and they are not the same. However, I am very happy with the new me, you can't see the difference with a bra or without a bra if I have clothes on. It's much better than before and I need to remember a lot of people have one bigger than the one. So, don't concentrate in the negative but the positive. You will be so happy this summer:) good luck
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Your post helped me a lot thanks! I'm 5 days post op and still a d I'm hoping for a c and you gave me hope! Yours look great!
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2 Years Later!

Feeling great and so happy. I still think I could've gone smaller but not I have so few complaints. Love my girls!


I hope that you are happier with your results now that a little more time has passed. I remember reading posts on here that said it could take 6-12 months to get to final shape. I'm 4 weeks post op myself. I had some unusual setbacks with my left, so it is about 2 weeks behind in healing. PS says to give it time to catch up. It is still more swollen and had to have a drain, which was removed today. But the complete relief that I have--neck, shoulders, back, no migraines and even my hips and low back have stopped hurting--reaffirms that this was absolutely the right and best thing to do. As for the look, I don' t mind waiting since I don't have the pain and aches on my mind. Good luck to you!
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Awesome! I hope I love my results as much as you. I have a lot of side swelling but tomorrow is only 7 days post op.
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Wow - great result - you look super. Just shows it takes time to heal. thanks for coming back to update!
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