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So it's finally happening! After all these years...

So it's finally happening! After all these years of pain and feeling self conscious the time has come to make a change. This site has been a god send, everyone's stories are so helpful and encouraging. Just can't believe I'm really going to do this. Definitely scared and unsure, I know the pros will outweigh the cons but still have my fears on the unknown outcome to be.

Thought it'd be a good idea to finally join this site since the day is creeping closer my the minute and I see what a great support system there is here and I look forward to being part of that. Hoping it makes this journey that much easier to have others who understand what I'm going through and whats to come. Any advice is always welcome. I look forward to sharing this journey with you all as it gets closer, I will continue to update as the time comes :)


Good luck with your surgery. There is alot of useful information on this site. Make sure you check out the forums. And dont just visit the forum for the month of your surgery, look at the other ones too because there is a lot of useful information. And the ladies update the forums more frequently than the review section.
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I'll definitely do that, thank you very much. And I hope you continue to have a happy speedy recovery :)
Welcome, I only joined this past week the day before my surgery. Already loving my results.
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Well ladies my time has finally come, only 18 more...

Well ladies my time has finally come, only 18 more hours to go. I'm nervous, excited, anxious just a whole mix of emotions. Just spending today getting ready, then it's off to begin my journey to hopefully a happier, healthy, less painful future with the new girls lol :) I will be posting before picture later when I get home. Talk to you all soon.

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So I got my Surgery today at 9:30am. Everyone was...

So I got my Surgery today at 9:30am. Everyone was really nice which made it so much easier, I was so nervous. I'm almost home now, just picking up my prescriptions. Super sore and hurting, but happy the surgery part is over. Crazy to wake up and actually see my belly and feet Haha :-D Pretty sleepy from the pain meds and just the experience but excited for the future results. They took off about seven pounds lol crazy! Well I'm pretty sleepy so I'll update and post pics later. Hope everyone is doing great!!

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I'm now six days post op, it was definitely a...

I'm now six days post op, it was definitely a rough start. The painkillers made me get sick twice so I stopped taking them the second day, have just been using tylenol. I continued to feel extremely nauseous up until yesterday, the doctor finally prescribed me an anti nauseous pill which seemed to help. Ate an actual meal for the first time yesterday but still not feeling 100%. Incisions are very sore today and the swelling is pretty bad. The sports bra is hurting my side incisions but I wasn't given a surgical bra so it's all I have.

I'm excited about the size, the way they look right now definitely freaks me out a bit, I'm really hoping the nipples will have a more normal natural look later on and that all the ridged bumpy parts will smooth out. All in all it's been a rough journey for me so far. Today I'm definitely feeling a lot better than I have in days but the incision pain is really bothering me. Hoping I'll be feeling a lot better soon :)


Wow, what a dramatic change! Congrats on the sports bra. I had my surgery April 1st and went from wearing $50 byspecial order bras to $3 sports bras for the first time in my life. Ain't it great?!?!
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It really is great lol, I was so excited to buy a bra for like five dollars for the first time haha. Like you said normally it was like $50+ lol we'll have more money now for cute tops hehe :) Glad to see you're healing well.
Wow what a difference and you must be overjoyed. You look great and each day you will continue to improve. Best of luck to you.
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So had my first follow up appointment today....

So had my first follow up appointment today. Tomorrow makes two weeks since my surgery. My doctor said everything looks good, I still have lots of swelling and some fluid on the side but he said it can take time for the body to absorb it. I have nipple sensation which the doctor was really happy about because he said with how large my breast were and with how much he took off he was worried I wouldn't have any, so Yay for that lol. I can go back to light activities and lower body exercises. I'm getting there slowly but surely lol. I go back for a second follow up on July 1. Hope all you ladies are healing nicely and good luck to those who are going to get it. I will update again soon. :)


Congrats on your surgery! Welcome to the small side :-)
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Thank you! :) It's definitely been an interesting journey so far. Yesterday made two weeks post op. Still feels crazy to fit in cute small tops lol. Just impatiently waiting for the soreness and swelling to become less lol. You look great, love seeing ladies who are further than me it's definitely encouraging. Hope your recovery continues to go great.
Wow you look just great. You must be so happy. This recovery kicked my ass too. I was sore and just felt lousy for at least 6--7 weeks. Best advice get your rest.
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ER Visit :(

Well I was doing good, feeling better but unfortunately that changed yesterday morning. Woke up at 6am feeling weak, dizzy and feverish, my right breast was super swollen and hurt worse than ever. I waited a while took my temperature it was 101. I continued to get sicker and sicker, had the headache of the century, my body was so sore and my eyes were really sensitive to light. Called my surgeon's office and spoke to the pa, she just prescribed my more antibiotic and wants to see me Monday. But I was feeling worse as the day went on so when my fiancee got home we went to the hospital. I ended up waiting in the waiting room for four hours in pain, it was ridiculous. When I finally got a room they said I had a wound infection, called it cellulitus. Guess it can be dangerous but they told me they don't think I need to worried much. They gave me a strong antibiotic through iv and want me to take the one that was prescribed. I have to keep an eye on the redness and make sure it doesn't spread or streak. And keep an eye on fever and such. Woke up this morning don't feel as sick anymore, have a headache again not sure if that's bad. My breast is still really swollen and hurting. Looks like the redness may have gone down some. Now just have to rest and wait. I'm sad because this has been a tough recovery for me so far but just keep trying to think that it'll all be worth it in the end. Hope all you ladies continue to heal nicely. :)


Sorry to hear about that. Dont get yourself down because infections sometimes happens. I am praying for your recovery. Keep your head up! Get plenty of rest.
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Thank you Chibbey, definitely trying to stay positive. Setbacks like this are definitely a downer but trying to continue to look towards the healed future. Going to the doctors tomorrow so I'll update on what he says :)
Sorry to hear about your cellulitis! Can be very painful and harmful, lucky you knew your body and took yourself along to the hospital. Happy healing, crossing my fingers for you that there are better days to come.
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ER Visit Update

So I went to the doctors on Monday and they said it looked how they expected, that I should continue the antibiotics and watch the redness, headaches and fevers. Well today I had another 100 degree fever and the redness was bad and I'm draining like a waterfall. I called to let them know, the pa said just to make sure I'm not draining white. They want to see me again next Wednesday but that seems like a long time.

I'm just really worried and think I'm going to call my regular doctor tomorrow because this still seems really bad almost a week later and it scares me. Just really Hope I heal soon. The skin looks terrible these fevers and headaches are frustrating and I hurt. Rather be paranoid and safe then sorry. *Sigh* Hope my luck changes soon..


You should always go with your gut your pcp and get some peace of mind. You need some affirmative action.
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Next Wednesday?! That does sound like too much time. Is there a wound treatment center in your area? I don't think you're being paranoid at all. You know your body better than any doctor and it sounds like you might have to advocate for yourself. So sorry, hoping you are doing better soon.
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Thank you. It definitely sounds like a long wait. I'm still debating what I should do and who I should call. It just sucks because this is scary and cellulitis can be dangerous so I hate taking any unnecessary chances. Plus I'd love to get this fix so my healing can continue :(

Cellulitis Update (photos)

Called the doctor today. Didn't speak directly to him but told his secretary I needed to ask a few questions about my infection, she called me back and said he wants to see me tomorrow.

I had a 99 degree fever today, the drainage is worse, I'm using super maxI pads because gauze is too thin. Skin looks terrible, I'm adding some pictures I took a few hours ago. Hoping all goes well tomorrow.

I absolutely appreciate all the concern, advice and kind words from all of you ladies. It helps me get through the day, thank you. I will update you all on what he says tomorrow.. Fingers crossed this is fixed soon.


hang in there ;(
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Ok now that I see the pics, yes, you definitely need to see the doctor to make sure all is ok, glad you were persistent! Keep us posted!
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I think you did the right thing.calling your dr i hope they get it figured.out feeling better
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Cellulitis Doctor Visit Update

I just got back from the doctors. They decided to drain it. They took a needle and numbed the area even though I'm mostly numb anyways, then they cut open a small part of the incision and started pushing and kind of coring out the infection. They said it's like fat necrosis that was coming out which is pretty much dead fat tissue that should have been reabsorbed but mine wasn't. So after that they packed the hole with gauze and covered it. I go back Tuesday to have the packing removed.

It sucks, I don't deal well with creepy stuff like this lol. So I'm a mess, but just praying that after Tuesday this is all over with and I can finish healing and feel better and finally start enjoying the new girls. This has definitely been a tougher journey then I was prepared for but luckily I have great support at home and here on this site thanks to all of you amazing ladies.

I just Hope by sharing this I can help any other women who may end up going through the same thing.
Well hopefully Tuesday is the beginning to the end of this mess and the fun can finally begin. I'll continue to update on my journey. Happy and safe healing to you all, talk to ya soon :)


Crossing fingers for you. Hopefully this will be the turning point.
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Good for you going to your doctor and not waiting. Hoping you have turned the corner and healing gets easier from here because you deserve it!
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Thank you so much, it's definitely been a difficult one so far. Hoping Tuesday when they take the gauze out that they just stitch me up and let me get back to healing. Hating having this open packed wound, creeps me out lol.

Doctor Visit Update

So last night I went to change the covering on my incision hole and it was blue, green, brown and gooey. I got worried this wasn't normal, especially since I didn't think it was normal to leave gauze packed in there for days. So I called my doctor and asked him but he said it was fine, he told me to just remove the gauze packing and put a covering back over it.

So last night I had my poor fiance pull the gauze out, it smelt like death so that definitely concerned me that maybe it had gotten even more infected. So I went to the doctors today and the pa said that was all normal and that by removing the gauze I removed a lot of the nasty stuff with it. She said it's not really infected much anymore so she is just putting me on a short dose of antibiotics just to help speed up the healing. She wants me to continue to do a shallow packing everyday so it can heal inside out. She told me it's already healed more than it was Friday when she initially did this.

I guess what it is, is some kind of skin infection (forget the name) but it's really potent and got bad but they reassured me it's not one that can become like a merca or staph infection. But also I guess all the fluid in my side ended up sitting there and got old and infected and had nowhere to go so that greatly contributed to this. I asked if this could have been prevented and she said yes and no. She said they probably should have put drains in since my reduction was so large and extreme but that they don't like using drains because they can also cause infection. So it was like a crappy catch 22 type of luck I guess I don't know. Just need this to be over, it'sĀ been almost a month of crying, worrying, pain and setbacks but hopefully this is the end.

I also have like three splits on my incisions but they told me it's ok lots of people get them and they will heal. So it can take like another month of packing this hole before it will fully heal. This should be fun :( Sucks because my healing keeps getting prolonged. Just really hope once this heals that this is the end. I go back next Tuesday so they can check on it's progress. I'll continue to keep you all updated. Thank you again for all the support :)


Wowwwwww are u SERIOUS RIGHT NOW???? Who do they think they are PLAYING WITH SOMEONES LIFE???? Id get a second opinion and put them on BLAST. THIS IS SO DISTURBING AND WARRANTS SOME PUBLIC ATTENTION!!!
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Yea I've been angry too but just Hoping this is the end of it. If anything bad results from this packing then there will definitely be some answers and actions that need to be taken. Just keeping my fingers crossed they are right this time and I can finally heal. Very happy to read that your healing is going great, hope it continues that way :)
Dreamer You have had a rough time indeed . What a scary ordeal for you . You are a strong women and you will get through this . My prayers are for a complete healing and strength restored to your body . God Bless You:-)
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Doctor Visit Yesterday (Update)

So yesterday I went for a visit so the could see how the hole I've been packing is doing. They said it looks good and is healing as it should. I still have a while to go because the hole is still like two or so inches deep, so more packing it everyday for now ugh. I still have three huge splits, I showed them but they said it's normal not to worry but one of them is seriously huge and bleeds a lot so I don't know. Other than the hole and splits things are starting to look better. I still have swelling especially in the right breast but they said once the hole heals that it should go down more. I'll add some new pictures soon.

I'm a month post op, but it feels like it's been a lifetime lol. This seriously has been a much harder experience than I expected due to so many complications. But in the end I know this was still worth it. Just waiting impatiently for this darn hole to heal because packing it creeps me out lol and I'm just sick of bleeding and being broken lol. Hopefully these splits heal up and don't cause me any further headaches. Finishing up some antibiotics and then hopefully no more of them, been nonstop medicine since day one.

Well I have another follow up appointment June 17, would have been sooner but I'm going camping next Thursday. This should be an interesting experience having to pack it while camping lol. I was surprised when they told me I could go swimming in the ocean, I know salt is good for the wound but thought the water was bad in case of bacteria since this is an open wound, I don't know lol. Well I'll continue to keep you all updated hopefully I'm closing in on the end of all the headaches and will finally be able to enjoy the new girls. Happy healing everyone :)


Regarding "salt water" (Ocean water) I remember back in the "old days", before pollution was so bad, salt water (swimming in ocean water) healed wounds. Anyway, wishing you a speedy recovery.
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Yes salt water is definitely good for the wound, I'm just worried about it being dirty lol. Thank you :)
Keeping you in my prayers Dreamer :-) I can't imagine how rough this has been for you .
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Today's Doctor Visit

So I went to the doctors today, they said the hole is healing well and I don't have to pack it anymore just cover it, but there is definitely still a hole.

They want me to come back in two months. They said they are going to want to exercise the area then stitch it back up, something to do with trying to fix the extra scarring. Definitely not excited about more cutting and stitches hopefully they heal fast, always something. Can't wait til next year so I can look back at this and hopefully laugh. One day at a time, I'm getting there. They definitely look better than they did at the beginning and a hell of a lot better than before the surgery lol. Hope you are all healing well, I'll keep you updated :)


Wow, I am so glad to hear you are making some good progress. I too had a large reductin and I just had revision surgery on 6/6. I had a mass above my righ nipple which was fat necrosis. My new ps removed this and he rebised my scars which were ropey because I did not absorb any of my absorbable sutures. I just wanted to tell you the revision surgery is not bad. I had only soreness and very little pain. Yo are in my prayers.
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Thank you so much, I definitely appreciate you ttelling me that. I was pretty sad to hear I had more cutting and stitches ahead. The kind words definitely help :)

Frustrated :(

So I went to the doctors today and everything was starting to look better. A couple of hours later I was laying down on my left side (my good side) and haven't had any problems doing this, but when I got up my nipple hurt a little which it does sometimes. I went and cooked dinner and ate. My nipple still hurt a tiny bit so I went to check it in the mirror and noticed my entire left breast from the nipple all the way to the back incision and down was bright red and hot. I called the doctor they just said to leave it til tomorrow and see if it goes away and was just randomly irritated. If not He's going to start me on more antibiotics. I can't do this again, I'm almost two months post open and things were starting to look up so I reallllllly hope this is nothing. I'll let you all know tomorrow.

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The Bad News Is Never Ending :(

So went back to the doctors today..I am running a 102 temp, the redness has now spread partially down my abdomen and over to the right breast some. It's super hot and swollen, the redness on my abdomen hurts like I got punched in the ribs.

They told me they think it's a rash, but they have no idea why it just randomly popped out so quickly and badly. I havent used anything different or done anything different so I don't know. They prescribed me more freaking antibiotics and said keep the bra off and see how it is in two days, if not better I have to go back to figure out what's going on.

I feel like I'm dying, my skin is scorching, took tylenol. This really sucks, I was so excited yesterday that I was doing well, now this...Bad bad luck, sucks :(. I'll update you soon.


I WONDER what happened to this lady. ????
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I'm fine, still dealing with some things just been really busy with the holidays and all. I'll update tomorrow with what's going on and new pics. :)
Just checking for an update. I hope you went in to the ER. I hope you are feeling better. I'll be thinking of you today.
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Still Dealing But Getting There :) (New Pics)

So since my last update I've been back to the doctors twice. The rash is still there but its no where near as bad as when I got it. They are still telling me they don't know why I have it or what it is. After I had finished the antibiotics the prescribed me I went back to see them and things still hadn't gotten better. So they told me to try a week of nothing at all, and I did. This past Friday I went back and still no change from the last time. The PA told me she would talk to my doctor and call me about what they want to do. They have been avoiding and oral steroid because they are worried it could have a reverse affect. I never got a call so I will have to call them today and see what they say.

Otherwise, my hole has healed almost all the way and so have my splits. I do have to go back to have the hole area cut and sutured again so the came minimize the scarring, but hopefully after that I'll be done with everything. My breasts look a thousand times better than they did before the surgery and I'm enjoying them more each day. Just have to get out of this crazy mess of bad luck and I'll be good to go. I'll let everyone know what happens with the rash and the revision surgery. Hopefully it's all smooth sailing, but we'll see lol :)


Your a brave woman! I am a patient of Dr. Schreiber and had a breast lift with implants performed last year. I developed a wound healing issue and it can be frightening! I hope you were ultimately satisfied with your result and the level of care that you were given!!
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Wow, what an improvement!! Very encouraging. SO HAPPY your hole has healed!!
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Thanks hun :) I promise it will get better. Just look at the mess I was an hopefully that will keep you positive lol.
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