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Tummy Tuck March 8th 2013 POST OP 4 weeks new pics

JANUARY 2013- 2 MONTHS TO GO- I have been wanting...

JANUARY 2013- 2 MONTHS TO GO- I have been wanting a TT since my first child. Before I had her very skinny and tall..5ft6 118 pounds with a flat tummy after I had her..My stomach resembled one that has been or should have been on an episode of CSI. I swore someone must have ran me over with a tractor and CSI could have compared the marks on my stomach to different types of tractor tires to figure out who done it.

Well now almost 6 years later and one more child I finally am having the surgery. Last year was a rough year for me. I had to have a hysterectomy after being told I had cervical caner. So knowing I can never have anymore children, I decided this is a perfect time. Anyways so my current feelings are scared- I am very worried that something will go wrong or it wont look any better, I am scared about the scar, I am scared I'll never be happy with the way my stomach looks. I am feeling excited because I am engaged and it would be amazing to go on a honeymoon and wear a bikini...We are holding off until Summer of 2014 to get married because of this Surgery and because I am going back to graduate school this year.. So I am hoping by then scar will have faded more and I will have some self confidence about my appearance.Ok I type too much..Shall update in February!

February 23- It is Less than 2 weeks till my...

February 23- It is Less than 2 weeks till my surgery...Ugh it seems like its taking forever...My life has been a crazy hoping things will calm down by my surgery so I can focus just on recovery. Well my current feelings are SCARED. I just saw these super cute crop tops paired with like a maxi skirt for spring and I thought Ohh I should order this and then I thought wait..dont get your hopes up my stomach will probably still look jacked up after this surgery..I am depressed about being depressed with the results..maybe I should look into counseling rather then crop tops ha well next time I update will probably be after my surgery..Cant wait to get it over with and see my results.

EEK tomorrow is the big day...they changed my time...

EEK tomorrow is the big day...they changed my time from 6:30 until 8:30 which kinda sucks because I am a nervous wreck but hopefully I'll be able to sleep in a little more. Well ladies cross your fingers for me that everything goes well and that I don't vomit from seeing my scar :/
Also side not worried about the bird tattoo i have, I hope it all goes away and I am not left with some random feather or beak on my crotch.

OMG I did it...surgery was done yesterday. The...

OMG I did it...surgery was done yesterday. The pain is a lot worse then I had expected..havent seen my belly yet since they had it all wrapped up but I get to take a shower monday so I am excited to see it. currently though my entire body aches and hurts..I am staying on pain pills but that doesnt even to see to help much..I am getting worried I heard the 3rd day is the worse...I really cant imagine worse then this.

Well its 3 days post op each day gets a little...

well its 3 days post op each day gets a little better. I was beyond tired all day. I have not slept through the night since before my surgery. But all I did this morning was nap and pee ha. I also took my first shower today it was exhausting and I couldnt even wash my hair :( my boyfriend had to do everything. He also took off the bandages while I laid in bed. I couldnt look at my scar I saw part of it and it totally grossed me out. I have to go in Thursday to have staples,drains, and pain pump removed So not looking forward to this. So scared about the pain.

Well its day 4 of post op. Still have staples,pain...

Well its day 4 of post op. Still have staples,pain pump and drains in :( get them out Thursday though. Today I feel like my stitches are ripping hope this is normal. Walking a little more today, back totally beyond kills me. I am using a walker..cant imagine recovery without one. So get ready for some TMI I asked my sister today to bring me some Milk Of Magnesia in the pill form because its been 5 days since well you know..Well before I could even take one I could feel that feeling...and well it didnt hurt as bad as I expected but not much was accomplished if you get my drift so I am wondering if this could be part of the reason I hurt so bad..Well enough grossness... I did today also put a little foundation on. Havent had makeup on in 5 days I feel disgusting. Feel a little better but still sorta disgusting since I am draining, hunched over, havent fixed my hair in 5 days etc etc lol

6 days post op today and got my staples, pain...

6 days post op today and got my staples, pain pump, and drains removed.
Well I panicked so I took two of my pain pills one 2 hours before appt and one right before appt I was preparing for the worst.
Pain pump didnt hurt but it felt so freaking weird you could feel it coming out from inside you ahh it was weird.
Well then next step was staples, they had over 75 staples in me the only ones that hurt were the ones on the side. A lot better then i expected.
Then the dreaded drains...First my dr gave me a shot by each drain to numb the area. Then after a few minutes he took them out and sewed up the little hole while I was laying there with my eyes closed. No pain at all.
I feel a ton better without the drains and everything but still cant stand up straight which sucks. Worried about going back to work hunched over ugh :(
And today my dr prescribed me some muscle relaxers only 12 hopefully thats enough to get me through.

So its officially been a week. Still a lot of...

So its officially been a week. Still a lot of tightness,pressure and horrible back pain from being so bent over. Wondering if I will ever walk straight again.

10 days Post op and I am at home working..have to...

10 days Post op and I am at home working..have to go to the office tomorrow looking like Quasimodo ick :(
So I have a question they had so much tape and crap all over my stomach and sides it left all that sticky residue and its stills on there... It hurts to like scrub on it but I want that crap off..any suggestions to getting it off?
Well other then that just practicing in my head on how to answer people when I have to go into office tomorrow..."i had surgery, its personal.' ' I had abdominal surgery for a female issue." ha I just know there will be questions and I dont want to answer any of them.

So 12 days not much is new...Started back to work...

So 12 days not much is new...Started back to work on Monday. Taking it easy while I can. Been working from home some, taking it easy. I walk around every where looking like a hunchback which is not attractive but I am starting to feel happy about my decision. Granted the Scar is nasty looking which is normal but my stomach looks flat and there are no stretch marks. I actually feel positive about the future. I feel good that in the future maybe not this Summer depending on how scar behaves but by next year I will probably be wearing a bikini for the first time since I was a teenager. Even if my scar still shows a little I dont think I'll even care. My stomach looked like an old lady's saggy butt it was gross. I have not been happy with my appearance in 6 years to think that could start to change is uplifting for me!

3 months post op

Well I had an extra minute and not going to lie I love my new stomach scars and all! A lot has gone down with this journey... My fiance/ bf of 3 years and I have broken up. Its been pretty rough..and its different because not only do I have to start over I have to start over with this giant scar which yes I said I love my new stomach scar and all...Just dont want to explain scar to others :/ also my other concern is weight gain...I was told to do not situps or ab workouts for 6 months but anything else is a go...IDK i just am so worried about gaining weight and ruining everything...
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You look amazing!! I'm having surgery with the same doctor next Wed. Any suggestions or great news about him? Or bad too, lol. He seems pretty great just in the initial consultation. He sure did an awesome job with your stomach. Could you tell a difference from the lipo? They really stress that they recommended it to me. Thanks for any responses :)
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You probably should just get the lipo while you are there..it will give you the best results sculpting wise...This dr uses staples.. a lot don't I was surprised. If you look at the first pictures after my surgery you will see all 100 something staples its pretty nasty but they come out painlessly.
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I did already pay to do the lipo of the flanks. Wow, I had no idea that he used staples. I wonder if it's because he's also an OB and does that for c-sections. Besides that were you really happy with your care? Your results look awesome.
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Yeah he does a good job..I live in Spfd though so driving an hour and 15 mins to see him is kind of a pain..Anyways you probably wont see this because I think you said you were having surgery today? Good luck!
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It's actually next Wednesday :) So one more week. Yes, I'm thinking that is probably a pia also. I'm in Ozark so will be doing that drive too. We are planning on staying in Branson (family) the night of the surgery as he said not to be more than 30 minutes away, then also for the follow up the next morning.
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Just run! You won't gain weight as long as you do that cardio. And hey, I still have your number, you can talk to me anytime. I'm sorry to hear about what happened with you and your fiance. You look great in a bikini! I just wish my butt and legs were like yours lol. my dr. said that my lose skin was every where, so in order to fix that i will have to have even more surgery. its a bummer!
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Thanks :) PS. I have not butt..I have a back and legs so you are crazy lady to what my non existent ass lol
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its better than having too much skin on your ass so its all saggy! lol.
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I wish I had something to be saggy ha and I took your advice...well actually Ive been running more at the gym anyways but last night I took it to the extreme and just went for a super long run around my neighborhood. I thought my chest was going to explode lol PS we still need to get kids together sometime, could be fun..maybe swimming now that our stomach are flat!
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running will always do it for you..its a long workout than like weightlifting, but its what keeps it off for longer anyway. i started doing squats with weights to help my butt but then on my follow up with my ps, he told me that there's no point cause its just loose skin, not fat, so it wont go away just like my stomach. buncha b.s what these children did to me! lol. probably gonna get a butt lift next yr, think its gona be a little cheaper luckily...and yes to getting together! im always stuck in the house with my online classes, need to get out!
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What a transformation! This gives me hope, as I'm having surgery Wednesday and will be in a 2 piece at 4 months post op. hallelujah!! Sorry about the break up. He's missing a rockin bod- to bad for him. You could come up with a fun story about the scar though. Maybe something that involves saving a litter of puppies or helping a kid out of a tree :)
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Thanks I like it.. maybe deep sea fishing and attacked by a swordfish? hmm who knows lol
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Looking fabulous and I love the swimsuit!
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You look really good; thank you for sharing your story and your photos. I will be interested in reading more about your progress :) Happy healing !!!
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you would think you had a boob job too lol. making me jealous!
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They look a lot bigger now that my stomach is gone haha
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your hour glass figure is coming thru. you go girl
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Aww thank you :)
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Hi! I had my MM on the 7th and I feel great! You look really good! I'm a tiny bit hunched in the morn and sometimes by the end of the day but other than that I'm pretty straight for having the TT...I'm sure people think I have bad posture! Pretty soon we will be back to normal and all this will be a memory! Take care ;)
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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm actually looking so forward to being 2 weeks out! Tomorrow will be 1 week and I'm still so sore. You take care too!
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Yes!! I am just waiting for some old lady to tell me to stand up straight! Because I am the same way about being more hunched in the morning and night..and also after sitting for awhile when I get up I feel pretty hunched.
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Thank you...you do too! The flash just didn't take. I'm still just as pale as the first one.
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