Mini Tuck but Want Full with Lipo - Harrisburg, PA

I have had breast augmentation with lift in past....

I have had breast augmentation with lift in past. Am not real happy with that procedure. I am now scheduled for a mini tummy tuck with lipo and brow lift. Don't have much down time so need to get as much done at one time as I can. I've been to two surgeons both different opinions. Now I'm confused and anxious.

2 years post mini TT

Advice don't ever do it... I don't look any better if not maybe worse. Had second opinion today . At least I was validated with my current thoughts and how poor I look. I am going back and we are going to talk.


Revision of surgery 2 1/2 years ago. Really bummed out have to pay again!!!

So I had a mini TT and breast lift with new implants and have been so unhappy with the results. I wanted a full TT but doc said I didn't need it. Now my stomach protrudes above belly button and is vert unattractive. My breasts are uneven and have pain and implant moves and is larger on the left. Now will be having both redone. I am discussed with myself as I'd much rather be getting other things done. Anyone else in this situation??? Need some support her. Thanks. Surgery is scheduled September 23rd!!!

Revision getting close and I'm getting nervous

So less than 3 weeks from revision of breasts and mini tuck to full TT. I have to say I am experiencing a lot of anxiety. Certainly doesn't help having a recent procedure go bad on a celebrity. I am also extremely excited to be out of pain and hopefully have the beautiful abdomen I have been trying to achieve. Hate that I have to do all of this twice. I still do not believe that my original ps did not see how awful it looked. Thanks for the support and all the wonderful posts!! Love this site.

Omg I hate my auto spelling

So sorry for all the errors in spelling as my auto spell check has a mind of its own!!!

What is getting revised

Very unhappy with mini tt

Surgery in 5 days very nervous

not sure what I'm more nervous about, the actual procedure and all going well or being satisfied with the results. I picked up my medication so I could have everything ready prior to surgery. Was given 2 days of narcotics! Are you kidding me??? My physician does not do any long term numbing medication or pain pumps. NOT HAPPY!!! I am a nurse and understand the use of pain meds, when to use them and why. Not sure how this (what is considered major surgery) would consists of 2 days of narcotics. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I'm having a revision, therefore I have been through this before and it was not a picnic. He said his patients have a much better experience than what I had in the past.....I am freaking out!!!!
Name not provided

Am only scheduled for procedure... Am not honestly able to answer the other questions.

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Never had boob work done but I've had both a mini and a full tuck. Like you the mini tuck didn't give me optimal results so I had a revision with great results.
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Hi Hummelstown...I didn't know how often you visit this site, but I wanted so much to share about the coolsculpting vs. TT you asked about on my profile page that I thought I'd just let you know that I left the details there as a reply to you. All the best to you in your planning this time around... We only get wiser, right? Looking forward to your success!!! :)
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Not sure if you had your redo, but I am in the Harrisburg area and I have a suggestion for a surgeon if you need it.
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That would be helpful . I do have a new surgeon. But thx would like to know who u are going to.
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I decided to go out of town. I wasn't excited about anything I had seen here local. So I went to Rockville md to dr Adam tattlebaum it is about an hour 45 but soooo worth it. I found him on here and he is a master at tt and ba Who did your mini?
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Normington.....Did you see Dr. Wolf?
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I have not heard of Normington and I thought I had researched all around. I only had 1 local consult before going out of town and that was with Dr. Stratis. I know people who have had procedures done by Dr. wolf, mainly mini face lifts.
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I wanted to go to someone who does a lot of tt and often- I guess I feel like practice perfects technique and this is such a specialty surgery. Dr. tattlebaum has done and does a lot - he is a perfectionist and extremely talented. I feel like different docs have different specialties and tt are his. keep us posted
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Wolf is well known to me and many friends...thanks
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I have to say Wolf is not the biggest advertiser. I think he gets business from word or mouth. Very kind and caring per all of his patients.
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How are you doing hummel?
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Best of luck for your surgery tomorrow, Hummel! I'll be thinking of you!
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So I've changed some plans. I am not getting a brow lift...I am getting my implants out and having a lift..with a mini tuck...I'm very excited yet nervous about my new breast size...I'm tired of how heavy they are and they really droop...
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i do like the guy I'm going to just need to get better understaneding...good luck keep me posted...
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thanks I may have to do that or really talk with the one I like and suggest a full. I don't want to do this again...and I'm not concerned about the down time or the scare.....thanks I'm actually getting alot of good advice. I'd love to beable to thank all the physicians who have taken their time to view this. :)
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Hi Hummelstown! I had to laugh reading your post about being a nurse-but still confused about it all-me too lol! I'm 54 and not overweight, exercise like a fiend & have for years & yet that belly issue...anyway, it's funny because I was thinking (hoping) all I'd need was a mini & probably no muscle repair (never having had kids)- well apparently I was dreaming-I'm sceduled on the 22nd of Dec. for a fulltt with muscle 'tightening' AND I'm having the 'small t' incision in order for him to be able to have enough skin to pull tightly enough-it will also address the small area above the belly button & leave my belly button in the same location (without ps said belly button would be lower)I've had procedures before with the same ps & trust him 100% so I feel lucky in that respect (he did say he could do a mini if I was ok with a lower bb & if the area above bb was not a concern) I was afraid if the lower looked really nice & flat- it would make the little bit above bb look worse! (?) Soo I said go for the whole 9 yds-like you I'm not looking to do this again! Best of Luck to you! I think finding a Dr. you really trust is the answer and I really hope that for you! I'll look forward to your updates!!
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Maybe the answer is to try a third surgeon and see whose opinion he agrees with. I always advise people to consult at least three surgeons anyway. It truly gives you a better idea of what to do.

Let us know how your decision making process is going! Good luck!

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