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I am having this procedure completed to minimize...

I am having this procedure completed to minimize the appearance of my acne scars. The first procedure went well- not overly painful. I spent an hour sitting with the numbing cream on and then about 45 minutes under the laser. I noticed slight swelling and redness right after so I immediately starting icing my face. Today is day 1 and the redness is more noticeable as well as the swelling ( especially under my eyes) but I expected this. I will continue icing, gently cleaning and moisturizing for the next week.

Thanks for your review and posting photos!! On a scale of 1-10 what was the pain like?

I would rate it a 4-5 out of 10 but I will admit to having a higher pain tolerance... Honestly, it's all worth it for me to get rid of the scars!

Day 2

Today is day 2 after getting my first treatment and the swelling has gone down. My face is much more red today and has now developed a rough/course texture which was expected.
wich laser was it? fractional or ablativ?
Fractional restore

Day 3

Today there is no swelling and the redness is subsiding. My skin is still very course and is flaking off. I am heavily moisturizing but the skin is so dried out that it hardly absorbs the lotion. All is going as planned :)
are you happy with the results so far, I am told with fraxel restore you continue to see results over 6 months
So far I am very pleased ... Time will tell ( I still have 3 more treatments). Coworkers have already noticed a difference though which is a great sign!
Judging from your before and after pics you can tell there is an obvious difference. Is the $3000 you spent for one session or all 4 sessions you will have? Thanks.

Day 6

My skin is pretty much completely healed today, no redness, no swelling , little coarseness , and very little flaking. I was very pleased w the healing time! I am having a little breakout but I did expect that. Signing off until next Friday when I get my 2nd treatment (more pics to come)!

Thank you for your update!!! Good luck with your next treatment, can't wait to see your updated progress photos!

That's great, I am less anxious about having this treatment done. I have read so many bad reviews. Thnks for your review I hope you will keep us updated on your journey
Thanks for the support!

Second Treatment

I had my second treatment today. We up'd the setting to 50 with 8 passes, so it was a bit more uncomfortable then the last. Very pleased so far :)

OH my gosh, your results are incredible!!


Day 1 after 2nd treatment

I've been icing since I got the procedure done yesterday and I feel like the swelling is better this time around . The right side of my face is more swollen bc I slept on that side ( didn't sleep w my head elevated as recommended). A bit of redness today but all in all, everything's looking great!

Day 2 After 2nd Treatment

Day 2 is going great! Swelling has gone down, redness is more noticeable and although I'm heavily moisturizing, my skin has already started flaking.
Your skin looks amazing. I am due to get this treatment done on my chin and under eye in a few weeks time. Great review and very helpful, so I know what to expect.
I have decided to wait on getting fraxel treatment and I trying less invasive treatment. I am trying out a series of chemical peels. I don't have any scars in fact my skin really good for being 45, hoping it will help with the lines under eyes and chin. If not will do fraxel next year. Keep u posted on my peel treatments, my first went okay , 2nd and 3rd will be more deeper
Well fraxel is less invasie than acid peelings unless your percentage is lower than 30%. let me know how it goes has i wanted something more radical like tca peeling or dermabrasion.

3rd treatment

I had my third treatment and my my, it was much more painful than the first two. This was what I expected though considering we bumped up the level to 55 still w 8 passes. It def had a swollen and redness even by the time I left the office.

Day 1 after 3rd treatment

Getting very used to this, swelling and redness are def apparent today. Spending the day icing, cleansing and moisturizing :)

Hang in there! Thanks again for keeping us updated :)


Day 2 after 3rd treatment

The swelling is down today but the redness remains. Flaking has begun and this time my face is bleeding a little in places. Still worth it?- of course!
i have some superficial acne scars on my cheeks
im in my middle 20 is it ok laser at this age? Thank you
Of course- I'm 27

4th treatment

Ok, I finally made it- completed my fourth treatment tonight. We did a 65 on my cheeks and 60 on the rest of my face. A tid bit more painful than the last. Initial swelling doesn't seem as bad this time. Once again, happy with the results! Updates on the recovery to follow over the next couple of days.

Day 1 after 4th treatment

Today I have swelling and redness. Everything is looking good and my skin feels ultra smooth.

Day 2 after 4th treatment

The swelling is going down today and the redness is more noticeable. My skin is becoming rough and flakey- as usual after 2 days following the treatment.
I am going for my fifth, I noticed a better texture and the acne scars are less visible. Fine wrinkles disapear and that's cool for 30+ I want to do another treatment for next winter. Not sure if I should continue with Fraxel or go for TCA or Dermabrasion. I have rolling scars (you will only see them on bad light).
hi millie, i recently did a fractional c02 laser and just finished a fraxel 1550 treatment yesterday. i have similar scaring to you but only on my left cheek. i have not seen any results from the c02 and was quite disappointed. hoping for better results with the fraxel. what percentage would you say your scars have improved?
I am still waiting for the final results (you have to be patient)... it will take 3-6 months to see the final results from my treatments. So far I do notice reduced scarring though and much clearer skin!

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