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I am 41 , 5'5 160 lbs and my breast size was...

I am 41 , 5'5 160 lbs and my breast size was barely a B cup. I had been tossing around the idea of having breast augmentation for the past 7 years now. I finally did it! I chose smooth round high profile gel 400cc under the muscle. Today is day 3 post surgery , the pain is nothing more than feeling engorged with breast milk. I am up moving around and doing light chores. Occasionally I get a burning sensation under my left arm pit but overall it is not too bad. I have even cut back on the pain med because it is causing me to be constipated and my stomach feels bloated. I am anxious to remove this bra to see how they look. They are sitting pretty high right now and I am hoping they will drop a little bit. Only time will tell!

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf! Glad to hear your recovery is going smoothly. Yes, I agree with you that the soreness is similar to feeling engorged with breast milk. Did you have any help the first few days of your recovery? Let us know how your breasts look once you get a peek!

So glad you are doing well post surgery!!!!

Day Three Post Op

I am wearing a post surgical bra and my breast are flat on the sides and still very high.
I have noticed that most women are wearing the breast strap to help push them down. My doctor wants them to drop on there own.

Day Nine

The only pain I occasionally have is a burning/tingle sensation under my armpit and side of breast which are nerves. I went to first week check up and the incisions looked good and they removed the sterti strips. Still wearing the surgical bra : ( but sports bras are only days away : ) . He didn't say anything about massaging them yet. I have another apt. in one month

Day Four

i love hearing that you aren't in excruciating pain. it gives me hope for my surgery.
It really isn't bad at all, though I am sure everyone's experience is different. I am just so excited for them to drop and look amazing : )

11 days post op

wearing a sports bra today
I am adding one month photo today. Not much has changed in the looks of them but I feel like they are my own. I starting lifting weights again and I feel fine, it is a little strange at first because of the whole muscle action but I am used to it now. I haven't had any nerve pain or crazy sensations lately. The only thing I find odd is that my real breast tissue on the bottom hangs when I bend over and I am going to assume that will go away when the implants drop.
Congrats! How do they look now and how do you feel? My surgery is Tues and I'm nervous.
I like the way you explained the pressure because I know exactly what that feels like. I can handle that! lol Good luck with the rest of your recovery!

one month

one month

             looking good! you got alot for 400cc gels! lots off cleavage!
I see u have gel

3 months

I cant tell you how happy I am with my new breasts. They truly look amazing and they feel so natural! People cant believe how natural they even look. I must say you get what you pay for, when it comes to plastic surgery .
Your doctor did an amazing job
Your looking great !
3 months pic looks great! I live in the Harrisburg area too.
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