7 weeks po

I'm scheduled for my tummy tuck on June 19th. This...

I'm scheduled for my tummy tuck on June 19th. This is something I have been wanting for over 10 years. But luckily i waited because after 10 years got pregnant again. I have 3 daughters and a son. My son is 16 and my daughters are 13, 11, 2. I also have two step children I love as my own ages 13 and 10. I'm 5'3 and weight 139. I am currently at my heaviest ever. My husband loves to eat out and I like to please him.lol. I just turned 37 this month. I'm taking my vitamins and I am ready to get this over with. I am also getting a hernia repaired at same time as Tt.

Pictures of my flab

I like to wear fitted clothing and for the past year I have noticed I now have a muffin top I can't get rid off. My daughter once asked me why I was sticking out my tummy and I told her I wasn't. She asked why I was so bloated. Well I must still be bloated cuz it never went away. I can loose weight fast when I diet or exercise but from the wrong places. My boobs are the first to go flat then I also loose weight from my face. Can't believe I'm finally doing this. I do worry about scar being too high. Doctor did say my belly button is to high and that the skin around my belly button is to thin so I might need a vertical scar as well. I really hope I don't. I have seen some pictures on this website of how that might look and it doesn't look that bad but I rather not have it. And if I do need it I hope it looks as good as the pictures I've seen if not better. I'm 6 days away, any advice for preop?

2 more days

Can't believe I am two days away from my surgery. This morning I forgot to take my vitamins and I feel fatigue. I hadn't notice how the vitamins were actually helping with energy. I am taking prenatal vitamin, vitamin c, zinc, iron, and B complex. I will start taking the arnica today and wait to take the bromelain until after surgery. I hate taking pills. The make me nauseated. I did not buy stool Softner but I am eating papaya every morning. It help me stay regular. I hope that is enough for after surgery. I went grocery shopping and I will be making some no sodium cabbage soup. I read the cabbage also helps with constipation. Bought apple sauce, salad, salmon, and chicken breast. I will be making a lot of soup and will freeze. Also bought pineapple and plan on eatting it these next few days. My parents lend me this lawn chair that is like a recliner. I think it will help to sleep in. It reclines back. Posted a picture. My sectional sofa has recliners but I think I will make too much force to get it where I want it. I also borrowed some granny pajamas from my mom. The type that is a knee length with snap on buttons all the way down. Think that will help first few days. Let me know if you have any advice as to what else to buy.

Haven't gotten any sleep

Ok well I have always had problems with sleeping but just seems like this past few days has been worse. It doesn't help that my hubby leaves at 4 am to work. I always have a hard time going back to sleep. I have been taking melatonin and doesn't help at all. I even think I sleep less. I have been worrying about how i am going to react to cut and blood. Luckily my husband will be helping me with the drains and cleaning up my wounds. Yesterday was a productive day. Lots of cleaning. Helps that I'm off for the summer. My kids helped out that was great and made cleaning up easier and faster. Today ill be cleaning the bathrooms (yuck!), showers, and mopping. My son has volunteered to help. Finishing up the laundry and making some soup for the next few days and to freeze for later. My 3 older kids will be with their dad (my ex) and my little one will be going to my moms tonight until Thursday. That was my moms choice. My husband actually wanted to take her with us to surgery but no kids are aloud.lol. It is going to be hard not being able to carry her. And she loves to climb into my lap. Hopefully that won't be a problem. Don't want her to feel Iike mommy doesn't love her.

3 days post op

Made it through surgery, thank God! Didn't even see when they gavel te anesthesia. Just remember being in a room with nurse then being awaken for recovery. This past two days have been hard on me. I depend on my husband a lot. He is so wonderful and I don't know what I would of done without him. The soreness has gone down a little but I still feel swollen. It's hard to sit down or lay down without help and also need help when getting up. To my surprise I have been sleeping well at night on my own bed. I have a huge pillow behind head and 2 pillows under knees. I wasn't able to eat well first two days but I have been eating much more today since doctor told me I needed to eat to recover faster. Also had been nauseated so I wasn't taking my vitamins either. Started taking them and I think that's why now I have an appetite. I'll try to take pictures next time my hubby changes dressings. I get weak when he does that so I have only taken a few peaks. I think it looks good. Don't know why but I only got one drain. My doctor is out of town and she told me to call Monday to her office to give them the number of cc's I have drained. She said that when I hit the magic number the nurse will remove. I haven't been draining much and she said that was fine. My mom doesn't want to return me my daughter.lol she is afraid she will hurt me. She said she would bring her tomorrow if I'm feeling better. I did buy a female urinal and that has been very helpful. I'm taking arnica and bromelain. My husband says I don't have much bruising so far. I didn't need vertical cut after all but dr said since area is super tight I have to be extra careful and prescribed a cream to put on my scars cuz she said my skin is going through stress. I did notice my skin looking kind of funny between scar and bb. I think it is the thin skin I used to have above my old bb. My husband goes back to work next Thursday. I really hope I can get up and sit down on my own by then. I haven't taken a shower. I'm afraid ill feel to weak and faint. Also even tho I hate how thight the cg feels I don't want to take it off cuz I have this feeling like if my intestines will come out or something, weird.



Finally was able to take some pictures. I think it looks much better in person.

Feeling better

I didn't sleep well last night but still doing better than yesterday. I have only been taking pain medication once a day right before going to bed. I thought it was helping me sleep well but not sure what happened last night. I probably only sleep about a full hour throughout the day. I've been eating Greek yogurt, salmon, soy beans, grilled chicken, salad, and pineapple. Eat little every few hours and only have salmon or grilled chicken once a day. I've been going to restroom regularly if not more than often. I only had papaya day of surgery and it still seems to be working. Haven't taken any stool softeners or laxatives. Which I'm really surprised since I'm taking so many vitamins including iron twice a day. Hate the black stool. I hate crotch area of cg. I have a huge butt and I had to cut the crotchless area bigger. Hate how it fits in that area. I feel tiny and love my results. I have weight about 138-139 past few months and I think I had gained weight but hadn't gotten on scale. Today my mom brought me a scale and I was at 131. Still walking hunched over and walking slowly. Always sit in recliner position. I'm wondering if I can sit in a normal chair. Dr said not to sit in 90 degree angle. I was lucky to only get one drain. The dr is out of town but I'm suppose to call doctors office today to give my total daily cc's. once I hit magic # nurse will remove drain. It doesn't bother me at all and I think having it is good to remove blood clots. Still haven't showered and surprised I actually still feel clean. Even my hair.

I got my drains removed today

I got my drains removed today. It had been clogged up for the past two days. My doctor is out of town so the nurse pulled them out. She warned me that it would be painful due to it being clogged up. On her first attempt she pulled and nothing came out but the feeling was so terrible it bent me forward. I could feel the drain go toward hips then up right below breast. I told her I was scared to give me a few seconds. She did and told me you are lucky the doctor is not here she would of just kept pulling. It finally came out around the fourth attempt. Thanked God it was finally out. I also told her how cg was terrible on my crotch area. Luckily she had a special ordered cg bathing suit type that is bigger from bottom. Fit so much better. This one has buttons to the crotch area. Also informed her I got a hemorrhoid :-(. When i would try going to restroom tge darn cg was so thight it would close my cheeck (tmi). It's so painful. She called doctor and approved of over counter medication. Still needing help getting up from bed and couch and getting on. I do a little on own but still need the back support. My hauls band went back to work yesterday. My mom has been great staying over to care for me and kids. However she doesn't provide the strength support my husband provides in helping in an out of bed/couch. But still she is awesome for helping. I don't have much pain. Mostly just scared of hurting muscle repair or surgery cut. That's all for now praying all my tummy tuck sisters are healing well.

No more drains...don't have to wear dress anymore

Things will get better

Things will get better, eventually. That's what I keep telling myself but then something else always seems to come up. I went to my 2nd post op appt on Wednesday. Dr took out some fluid near the incision and gave prescribed antibiotic due to having pus and scar being a different color not sure if she said purple. I felt better just knowing that I was going to be antibiotics and thought things can only get better now. Wrong! The next day I had a hole on my incision. I was so scared and text dr who reassured me that it wasn't a big deal. She asked me to put a mixture of bleach, saline water, and baking soda on gauze and pack hole. I had to make this because it being 4th of July pharmacies were closed or about to close and wouldn't do it. Just the thought of all this was stressing me out. I had been on minimal activity and cg 24/7 as per dr but when this happened she said I could not start walking a little bit more and that I could take of cg for short periods. She said I could also use a cg that didn't have as much compression as the one I was currently using. Luckily I had the one I purchased last week that was less tight and more comfortable in crotch area. So now I have this hole that is draining. I'm so paranoid of it opening more or not healing quick. I am so blessed to have a husband that is changing dressings for me. I don't know what I would of done without him. I have been very emotional this past weeks. Sometimes I wonder if all this really is worth it. I feel so dependent of everyone. I hate that. I hate that I'm walking slow and hunched over. I hate that I got infection and hole. I hate that my mom is having to care for my 2 year old just because mommy wanted to look and feel better by getting Tt. I keep praying to God (my healer, my doctor, my daddy, my strength, my redeemer...) to help me with all that I am going through. He provides me strength mentally and physically to endure all this. I turn to Him for all my needs and always asking for His will and not mine. God has been so great in my life and has never let me down. I pray that I feel better by Sunday to start going to church again. I want to thank all of the June ttuckes that are praying for me. Love ya all and God bless!

Forgot to post pic of hole

Post op appt

I want to my 3rf post op appt yesterday. Dr said hole is healing well. My small hole is now quarter size :-(. It diguises me to see it. She told me to continue sitting in recliner position due to the hole. I wish it would hurry and heal. Did anyone get a hole on incision? Any tips on making it heal faster?

24 days post op pics

More pics

After surgery I was a little disappointed that I had fat rolls on my back right below bra. Since then I have lost weight and so happy they are gone. I'm happy with results. I just wish the hole would heal faster. Just seems like I haven't noticed any changes but dr says its healing well. I'm feeling much better. Have had some outings. I am still eat watching what I eat but eating more because I don't want to loose too much weight. I went from 140 to currently 123.

7 weeks PO

Doing great! I finally can say that I am back to normal. I'm sleeping on my sides again, able to workout, and sooooooo happy my hole is gone. It closed up about 2 weeks ago. My scar area is taped up. And will have to have it that way for 6 months. I did develop some keloid scars in bb area so I'm using silicone tape there. Not so happy about that but not the end of the world. I am liking the shape of my bb. I'm so loving my new tummy and the way I look. Love that i can wear fitted clothing and not worry about muffin top. Now having trouble with shirts fitting big.lol. I've been doing some walking and squats. Doing little at a time. Still eating healthy but I have started to eat out some and sometimes have indulged in junk food. I haven't swelled too much and when I do It's not that bad.
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You look amazing! I'm glad your hole closed up. How does the scar look now? Can you post a recent pic?
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You look great! Glad to hear that you're doing better. I also had a hole, but it developed on my right breast. you can look at pics on my profile. It it is finally NOW starting to close. It has been a slow healing process for me and I do still experience some swelling.
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Wow your so curvy! Glad you're healing well
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I'm starting to swell more than usual :-(. Are you still swelling and if not when did it stop? Also have you noticed if you are gaining weight from other body parts? In wondering cuz i have lost my boobs and booty and hoping ill get them back someday.
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Funny that you would mention that. Yes I have notice weight on my legs more so. So gross. Swelling took about 4 months. When on my monthly its very noticeable.
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Thanks for the warning. My legs are already gross so in going to focus more in my legs when I work out.
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So glad you healed quickly! Looking great!
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U look AWESOME!!!!
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hadn't seen you post. Hope your healing well.
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I'm doing great. Thanks
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Sure hope your hole closes & heal quickly! Your after pictures look great, keep your head up your on your way to be one HOT MAMA! I had my TT on 6-28 & I've been running into one complication after another, I know it's frustrating just keep your "eye on the prize" We're all in this lonnnnnng process together! As for the hole, I'd fill it with neosporin & cover with gauze during the day and maybe leave it open to the air at night
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I'm just following drs orders. I'm afraid to put anything else In it. I've read of people who get several holes an some are like already 1 month post op. I'm praying I don't get anymore
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Was your surgery with Dr. Giovanna?
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Pack it with that clear gel cant remember aquafor and bandage up
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For now she just wantse using that saline and bleach solution. She says its healing well.
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I had a hole around 11 weeks myself. It was the size of a pencil eraser. My dr packed it with a medicated gauze strip, and had me do that 3 times/day until it closed. It made me nervous, but closed up pretty quickly. That part of my scar is slightly wider, but if you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't notice it. I hope you heal quickly and can get back to caring for your babies asap. I'm sure that just adds to your recovery stress! Take care!
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Thanks for giving me hope. I'm glad to hear from someone that had same experience. She did tell me that if I changed it 3 times a day it would be better. I think I'll try doing it more often to see if it heals faster. She told their is a possibility I might get an indention. She said if that's the case she would cut and stitch 5 months after it heals.
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I totally understand how you feel regarding your children. I also have a 2 year old and she is a mommy's girls. It has been hard on her having daddy do most of it. Breaks my heart and I also question myself.
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Hopefully we can return to mommy duties very soon.
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How you feeling today?
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Actually much better except for stupid rash I have because crotch area of garment is too tight and cutting me everywhere. I tore it already and put pads but the pads keep moving out of place. I can get up on my own and sit down now. Still limiting all activities as per doctor. I have my follow up on Wednesday. I took a shower last night and that was great.
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Are you putting pads across? That help me a lot. Did you stop leaking from drain site? I am waiting for them to call to reschedule my appt since she is out of town
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Yes I'm putting pads all over. Look like I'm wearing a diaper.lol yes it stopped leaking and last night hubby said it was scabbing a little.
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What r u going to get done? I have appt tomorrow.
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Just need to do follow up 1yr ba is July and 7 month tt
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