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Now at 6 weeks post op and should have "fully...

Now at 6 weeks post op and should have "fully recovered" and my left ear is over pinned in the middle and sticks out at the top and bottom and the right ear sticks out at the top. Very poor result and the procedure cost me £3,000 with Harley Medical Group. There is very little difference to my ears.


Was it dr fratti
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Get it fixed while it is still ''fresh''. Do not listen to stupid comments of your doctor saying: ''wait untill it looks more natural, over time it will''. You should be able to see a significant imporovement even right after the procedure! If you are not happy with it, get it fixed as soon as possible, before the scar tissue make is more difficult.
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Revision Otoplasty - Bilateral

I have now had revision surgery.

The right is looks "normal".

However I have taken photos of my left ear as the cartilage fold (anti helix) is very sharpe and has created a fold in my ear. You now cannot see the rim (helix) of my ear from a frontal view. The scaphoid fossa at the top of my ear is very prominent.

Question... Will my ear relax and have a more normal shape eventually?

I am 12 days post op - otoplasty revision.

Advice welcome :)


Hi EmilyMay142, I'm very keen to know how your ears have settled now. I hope they are the way you want them to be
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Hallo EmilyMay142. I can confirm that the left ear has been overcorrected, i.e. it lies too close to the head at the top. That is because the surgeon bent the upper end of the antihelix, called the crus superius of the antihelix, too strongly. Thus, it’s not the scaphoid fossa that is prominent, as you think, but rather the crus superius of the antihelix that is too prominent and, as you have correctly described, the rim (helix) can therefore not be seen from a frontal view. Nothing can be said yet about the final result just 12 days after the operation. This can only be seen 3 months after the operation at the earliest, but sometimes also much later - after 6 months. If you were operated on with the traditional method and not with the Stitch Method, it is to be feared that the current result is permanently secured by scar tissue. An overcorrection in the upper third is also made with the Stitch Method, but not as strongly, and this disappears again in the course of a few weeks as the ears tend to move 2 to 3mm outwards again. This tendency is not hindered by scar tissue with the Stitch Method, as there aren’t any scars occurring with this new method.
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can i ask what doctor you had? I had otoplasty with Harley a week and a half ago and I have sever bruising and a very prominant anti-helix also. I was told by Harley that I would have the best natural look possible! Im very stressed and worried
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Poor procedure

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