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I had a breast augmentation in 2009 at the age of...

I had a breast augmentation in 2009 at the age of 20, I had 330 cc under the muscle! Naturally Im a 36A now Im a 36D, Iv never been entirely happy with them and feel they make me look fatter then, more importantly they are PIPs and I need them removed anyway, but Im so scared of looking deformed! But I really dont want another implant as Im so over having big boobs!! Has anybody got any advice for me??


Do it! You'll be so happy to be rid of them.
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UK girls!???

Also Iv been trying to find out the price of straight forward removal and noone is able to tell me?? How much did you pay?


I'm so glad you reached out here! You might check in with Sweet31, who is having her implants out in the UK as well. Please keep us posted!
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Have faith and believe in your bodies ability to heal. You'll be relieved to have them out!
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Thanks, im definately going to do it! Just frightened of what I might look like!

hate them so much :(

Im so pleased I found this site. I cant stop thinking about having them removed, I just want to feel natural and normal again. My worry is that im single and Il never find a man with deflated weird boobs :( Thought Id share a pic of these horrible things!! So im lucky enough to know someone that works as a cosmetic surgery nurse and Im going to her clinic next wednesday to see the nurse about having them taken out! So at least the balls started rolling now :)


Hi I live in the uk and had my implants 10 years. I just had then removed before Xmas. It was a straight forward removal and I am delighted with my results. Check out my reviews. You'll Have no regrets getting them removed and you'll feel like a new woman again x
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I had my mentor gummy bear implants removed in 2011 after having them for 6 years following mastectomy. I'm very small and thin yet the doctor took me from an AA to DD. I do not regret having them removed as they were making me extremely sick. My husband didn't believe me or my surgeon or the pathology reports. Shortly after the surgery we were divorced. Worse, he made me feel ugly (without saying a word). Now I fear the same reaction from other men. But, if a man's love relates to bra size, he's not worth having. I'm still looking... but I know there is someone out there for me who see's beyond the scars. Hang in there. Be well and trust your instinct. Real love has nothing to do with the shape of a person!a body.
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I am struggling with a husband who might become an ex . He's not sure he loves me because (one reason of several) I'm not the same size as I was when I was 30. I'm finally growing the self-respect to not accept that. Thanks for your story; it touched me.


Alot of you talk about capsule removal? Does everyone need this? What does it mean?


I just had my implants removed this morning in office 1000.00 I live in Kentucky . Procedure was a breeze, much vesper than go to hospital
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My PS said that your breast tissue/muscle will adhere to your chest wall better if the capsules (scar tissue around the implant) are removed. He said scar tissue is slippery and has a tendency to drop (slip downward) therefore your chest will not 'glue' back into it's proper place. Also, fluid might build up in the empty cavity if your chest wall doesn't adhere back to your ribs. Yucky but true... Capsule removal wasn't painful for me...
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That makes sense i guess thank you x

Progress :)

So today I booked a consultation with Dr Richards at harley street! Hes had alot of good reviews and hes on youtube too! Comes across really well and seems very experienced and trustworthy! Its not until 14th feb but hopefully time will go quick!

Iv told a few of my friend about having them removed and there are like "what why???" And its kinda putting me off my decision. They think I should get a new implant but they dont understand I dont think. I kinda regreg telling them, hopefully they will forget and maybe Il do it in secret. How did your girl friends react?


Hi, my breast don't look too different, they actually look bigger than before I had implants. I used to be a size 8, since then I've had a baby and 9 years on I'm a size 10- my breast are bigger too. My friends couldn't believe how good they look without implants. One of my other friends is getting them removed after seeing mine. You'll be happy with the results. Aggy the nurse is lovely too.
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Had my anatomical cohesive gels 595g and a lift. Really glad I had the implants removed and my breast look great they just need some time to relax, settle a bit and the swelling to go down some more. Since I had the lift I have no pucker of the nipple or indentations. I say go for it especially if your really want the implants removed.
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I didn't tell anyone that didn't already know I had them. One guy was surprised but tried to be supportive, one girl kind if just looked at me weird. They don't understand. But there is plenty of support for you here! Also, stories of people's friends who were not supportive pre, but once they see how happy you are, are very supportive post
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consultation done and all booked up!

So today I had a consultation at harley street, and paid a £200 deposit to secure my surgery. Luckily my PS said it would just be a straight forward removal and that I had some breast tissue and that my boobs would just ping back as I havr good skin. I had no breast tissue before but I have gained about 2 and a bit stone so maybe they have grown. Unfortunatey I have to wait until May 12th, and its an overnight stay which I didnt really want as I know aloy of you ladies got to go home the same day. Also iv been quoted alot more then I thought. £3950. But its got to be done. Also the nurse said Id need 2 weeks off work which I was quite suprised about. So just got to play the waiting game now but im so excited to be natural again!!


Good luck I've got pips also. I'm booked for the 25th April. I was going to go with mr Richards but it was a long wait for an appointment so I'm going elsewhere. I'm paying £3900 and having capsules removed xx
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If a man's love relates to bra size or even you body type is not worth having. Most men themselves are not in good shape and figure they deserve some great figured woman. I say the same thing a man who bases his love on your figure or breast size is not a guy you want in your life. There is no depth to this kind of man.
Good luck, I will look forward to reading your progress :) just out of interest, how did your ps gauge how much natural breast tissue you have? I can't tell on me what's my natural boob and what is implant x
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