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To All Ladies & Mommies!!! I am a Proud...

To All Ladies & Mommies!!!

I am a Proud Mother Of 3 Handsome Boys!!! My oldest is 15 y/o, middle 10y/o and baby 6y/o. I had my first son at the age of 15 years old .. Yes Shocking !!! But I don't regret that decision it has been a motivating and awesome experience. Especially now that I am a young beautiful Mom!!! Lol!! Nevertheless in all pregnancies your breast begin to sag and your stomach muscles become loosened and of course weight gain is always a factor. I must say thou I have been blessed to have great skin texture that after all of my pregnancies stretch marks was not an issue. After my last son I have made work out my regimen and also became a vegan :-) that has truly worked wonders in losing all of my baby weight. I was always naturally thin but in each pregnancy a little pounds were always added!!! I am currently 117lbs and feeling great about it due to my hard work at the gym and home on a daily basis and of course healthy eating!!! But I am currently seeking to firm everything into place and would like sort of a " mommy makeover"!!! I am a graduate student finishing school hopefully this May '13, and would like to give myself this as a gift!!! I have scheduled a consultation for Harlem hospital in Manhattan for January 23rd and I am feeling very excited!!! I am hoping to have my surgery done by the end of next month!!! But on another note my husband has been against my surgery for years now and feels that I currently look great and that I don't really need to change anything about myself ... although I must say that this is what motivated me to work I out first before considering surgery!!! For some support I would like to know if anyone else is going through the same situation with hubby??? And if anyone has ever had surgery done or going to at Harlem Hospital ??? Or if you have any other hospitals that you may want to recommend in NY!! I would appreciate some comments!!! Thanks :-)

Nothing good comes easy...those little road blocks should will not hold u down. Like they say when life throws u lemons make lemonade. Well am just working with my finances. It has cool down over here with the arguments, but they shall return when I am ready.
Hello Jan007 welcome. We have similar situations, I am 35 years old with 3 children. I had my first one at 16. I always had weight issues, I would go up and down. When I told my husband that I wanted to do this he hit me with, I don't need it to go to the gym. Going to the gym wasn't working for me because of thyroids. I started taking thyroid medication and slowly began to lose some weight. I told my husband again that I want to do this and when I'm going to do it. He argued with me until the day of. I am now 4 days PO and I wouldn't change my decision at all. I'm from NY also, NY ear and eye hospital is another good choice, and Lenox teaching hospital. I came to the DR and I am glad that I did. You will need a lot of help during the first 2-3 weeks. I'm here for 2 weeks. If you have any questions just hit me because I'm dealing with it now, it is very fresh.
Wow!!! That is awesome.!!! I am so into doing it this, last year I thought of DR I had plane tickets and all... My mother was coming with me... Because of all of arguments and him saying that I was going to die .. lol over there I changed my mind and just took a mini vacation at Boca Chicago Beach with my mom :)) because I already had payed for the tickets... :/ Now this year I decided to do it in NY because I work and have school so DR will definitely not work for me, but now he is probably happy because my school had just advise me that I would have to pay 5500 before May for graduation !!! Which that is most of the money I had towards my sugery :((( trying to way out my financial options lol any advise :)) thanks

Hello Ladies & Mom's Finally!!! I will be doing...

Hello Ladies & Mom's

Finally!!! I will be doing my first cosmetic procedure of Smart Lipo next month!!! After years of hard core working out and losing 45 pounds I am very excited to be a perfect candidate for this procedure!!! I currently weigh 116 lbs and although my husband is still against it..I am all for it and I am hoping that after the surgery that he will recognize the beauty of it!! Wish me luck every one...My surgery date April 3rd with Dr. Marciano in Great Neck NY, if anyone has done it with this doc I would like to see the results. Thanks :)
Congrats ....on making your decision.....make sure u post results........I am still on the grind for mine......
Hey, I hope all is well. Thanks so much and will post after pics ... In hoping that the sugery goes well!! Will keep you posted :-)

I am very excited!!! But nervous about my Smart...

I am very excited!!! But nervous about my Smart Lipo Triplex procedure for April 3rd. After reading some of the stories they haven't been really good results ... But due to size in weight of 116lbs, daily healthy eating and exercise I am hoping to gain great results!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!! I would like more feedback on this procedure of anyone would like to share.. Thanks:)

Counting down my procedure date April 3rd, type...

Counting down my procedure date April 3rd, type nervous due to all the concern comments about swelling!!!
Did you do it?

I finally got my smart lipo triplex done yesterday...

I finally got my smart lipo triplex done yesterday with Dr. Marciano yesterday :-)! So far I am feeling great, alittle pain but nothing unbearable!!! My experience so far was great in her office and the way that she and her staff treated me was wonderful!!! I have posted post-op pics and will continue to post more through out the week I am crossing my fingers and hope that it looks good after all the swelling goes away. Wish me luck!!

Feeling still very good so far!! Taking the pain...

Feeling still very good so far!! Taking the pain meds but mostly likely I may no need them tonight. I just finish taking a bath after wearing my garment for 24hrs!!!! I have posted pics so far looking good :-D
Jan007 u look great Hun, resting is key. I didnt even start working out yet till Dr.M gives me OK and even then i will be easy. I Have been promoting Suzzane (Post Lipo Massages) cause it has helped my swelling a lot. But if u dont go, get massge oil and rub urself down (where u got ur lipo) 4 like 20-30 mins. Than wear ur grament all night. That's what I've been doing since shes on vacation. Take care ur pics r very helpful to others aswel. :))
Okay....I must say your Results are Amazing! How did the hubby like your results
Yes I did yesterday :) I posted post-op pics!! It went well and so far I don't have too much pain I M able to move around and do things ... Although the Doc.. Request that I stay off my feet ugh! Lol

Today marks a full week of my Smart Lipo procedure...

Today marks a full week of my Smart Lipo procedure :)) Feeling more better everyday... I must say thou that anyone doing the Smart Lipo procedure you have to have lots of patience with swelling and pain. I thought of a quick recovery going into this and with only 100cc taken out ...but on the contrary the swelling is reducing slowly.. Each day I see less and less swelling. I would like to give a tip if you want great results please don't rush to excersise and overdue your self and body especially ... You can do all of those things once you are cleared by your doctor and fully have recovered. In overdoing your self it can take a longer process on your recovery. As a work out freak I truly understand wanting to get back into the regimen ...but I have to be realistic that I still am far from recovering and that it will just hinder the process.. Also eat healthy will help with maintaining your weight or losing weight since working out is not an option right now!!! I will continue to update y' all !! Good luck :))
Hey sweetie:)) May I add that you look amazing....!!! good job in getting that swelling down:) ... I must say that swelling is def an issue. Today marks a full week and I still have some swelling not as much as the beginning but some!!! It can be uncomfortable sometimes!!! I have my post-op appointment with Dr. M on the last Friday of this month... and yes I will be getting my three free Velashape massages very soon.. When did you get your first ??
Jan007 thank u boo.. umm i remember her saying post op 2 months for vela. So today makes a month I did the smart lipo. If u wanna help the swelling call Suzzane her info is on my profile. Trust me shes great and u will see a difference in just one vist. Keep me posted. :)
Good morning, thanks for the info Hun :) I will contact Suzzanne to help with the rest of the swelling...!!! I have also try massging the area at home while in the bath I find it to be the best time. The warm water helps. I appreciate all of your tips can't wait to see the final results ... hopfully not too far away :) Wish me luck I will keep posting updates!!! Have a wonderful day!!!

Tomorrow Makes 3wks.. Swelling definitely under...

Tomorrow Makes 3wks.. Swelling definitely under control and meeting with my Doc this Friday for a post-op!!! I am hoping that all my Smart Lipo... Ladies are feeling as great as I am really excited for Summer 2013 :-D
Hope you are feeling good. You look great! I'm really happy to hear that your skin looks tighter. I know that is what you were worried about the most. Have a great day. SMILE
@Young, thanks Sweetie. I am still not feeling 100%... Hoping too see more of an improvement through my last two velashapes...I am sorry to hear about all of the changes that you are goin through with this procedure I can definitely relate with you on that..!! Not an easy process but I'm am trying to stay confident in hoping that it will look better in due time!!! Will keep you posts and yes keep the SMILE!!!

Update almost 2 Mos post-op!!!

So far very happy with results !!! Looking forward too 2 more velashapes :-))
Ummmm we need some update pics boo..
O shyt u look awesome..! :)))

3 months Post!!!!

It's been a little over 3 months feeling great and confident... I definitely can see and feel tightening on the skin and am hoping or more as time progress!!! I hope everyone is feeling the same Good Luck to all!!
Hey Dubby :)) just took a pic for you mama ..!! I hope all is well love :-D

3 months Post Op

Beach Ready !!!
U look greatttt boo..!
Thanks Love with great excercise daily :-))
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