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I never particularly thought about breast...

I never particularly thought about breast enhancement. In the past I've known women to have it done and could always tell. Their round perfect breasts looked like imposters of the real thing. In addition to stigma of insecurity, many men claim to take women with larger augmented breasts less seriously, so I wondered why so many women would choose the knife to change what God gave them. So what has taken me from a 34a to 34d… a change of perspective.

Over the past few months I've noticed more women whose breasts seemed to look and feel natural, who had actually had them augmented. I suppose it was then I started wondering... I was already in shape, having breasts might be nice. Of course, the vanity of it is alluring, but I was concerned about the health risks so I began the research... Dr. after Dr. testimonial after testimonial, FDA reports, implant comparisons, saline or silicone, second and third generation improvements, incision sites, profiles, news articles, friend testimonials, and a few "consultations". Finally, I was ready to make my decision. When the time came, it all came down to desired look, acceptable risk, and the advice and help of a very talented plastic surgeon. I chose 425 cc silicone high profile implants from Allergen.

Its only 10 days after surgery and already my breasts have begun to take on shape, drop, and feel more a part of the rest of my body.  I experienced very little pain throughout the whole process.  The day after surgery I felt like I could do cartwheels.  Though I felt a little muscle soreness, it was very mild.  Truthfully, I’ve been sorer after a hard workout at the gym.  I was back to work in 5 days and other than being slightly uncomfortable at night while sleeping; the entire process has been a breeze.  This is one of the easiest procedures (especially given it was my first surgery) I have experienced!

You look great. Can you please post more photos of your transformation. Thanks .
I love your honesty and frankness! So cool that you had such an "easy" experience. I am two weeks out from surgery and struggle if my reasons are "good enough". But they are the same as yours (and a lot of women!), I started noticing really good, natural looking boobs that the ladies were really happy with. I've never had them and always wanted them. Did research, found a great doctor and here we are! :)
Congradulations to you and "The Girls" for your decision. If they give you more confidence it was a great investment/decision! Amanda
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Why Dr. Cruise... because his expertise, attention to detail, wisdom, and artistic eye resulted in the natural, voluptous look I desired. Dr. Cruise was able to translate my desires into reality and guide me through a process that turned out to be one of the easiest things I've done. I experienced very little pain and discomfort. Though it is difficult to differentiate between a good and great Plastic Surgeon, my advice for anyone considering plastic surgery... research, research, research! It is worth it.

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