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Like many of you on here I have been dealing with...

Like many of you on here I have been dealing with my cellulite for about 8 years. I am 35 years old and prior service and when I got out of the Army I stop working out as much because I had to do it while in the Army. Not such a good idea... gain lots of weight. After loosing the weight I noticed that I had the cellulite. I had no idea how to deal with it, I used everything creams, pills etc. i was so glad to find out that there was something out there that would get rid of my cellulite with only one treatment. I am schduled for the cellulaze procedure on Monday the 16th at 8am. I will be posting my before and after pictures and posting progress pictures.

Hello its day six and I go back to the doctors on...

Hello its day six and I go back to the doctors on Tuesday July 24th to have the stitches taken out. I'm excited to have that done and continuing to heal. I looked at my legs the other day and the bruising is pretty bad but I knew what to expect with that. I have not experience any pain at all just soreness. But I am experiencing the pulling in the front of my thigs when I get up from a lying or sitting position and then as I walk it goes away. I'm looking forward to working out again and seeing results hopefully before my husband comes back home from Korea in December for Christmas.

Oh and there is no more draining ( thank God ).....

Day seven and everyday is better then the day...

Day seven and everyday is better then the day before. The bruising is not as bad as I thought took a better look today and also applied lotion for the first time since before the procedure. I'm seeing a little change in the appearance of the cellulite and my skin is so much smoother. I go back to the doctors tomorrow for the removal of my stitches and to see what the doctor says about the improvement. I will continue to keep everyone posted.... I have posted more pictures that I just took today for everyone to see the progress and the healing of the bruising.

Please I encourage you to ask me as many questions about the procedure as possible before you get it done if you haven't had it already.

Ok I had my appointment this morning to have my...

Ok I had my appointment this morning to have my stitches taken out. Dr Kanter said that the bruising is going away nicely and that the results that I am seeing is superfical because of the swelling. He also said that in a couple of weeks when the swelling is gone that we should see then how well the procedure was. This is one more thing that I like about him, he doesn't try to make something seem better then they are and he does not give false hope. He says it will take time and I believe him.

He told me that I could start back working out next week ( tuesday) but he would like for me to wear either the compression garment or spanx during the workout. He told me to wear the compression grament for another two weeks. I have my next appointment on August 21 at 1pm, it would have been the week before but I have classes at work that I can not get out of ( gotta love the government) lol. I will keep everyone posted on this journey and will post more pictures on Sunday night when I return back home.

Ok I feel like I need to update my post with my...

Ok I feel like I need to update my post with my recovery!! Today although everything is still going well... I noticed that as the numbing subsides the more sore I feel in the treated areas! Also I have noticed that my knees are really sore as well... I don't know what's up with that!! Lol.... Also I am now switching from the compression garment to the spanx( going back and fourth) they both feel really good on my skin and gives me the support that I need!! I also notice that when I get up from
a sitting or laying position I am having less pulling. And now I feel like scratching my legs and buttocks all the time now! I'm sure that is because of the healing that is taking place!! Lol... I will continue to update with anything new!!!

Just wanted to make an update you all on my...

Just wanted to make an update you all on my progress... like I said on my last post I have started back on my workouts this week. Although on Monday it was kind of weird ( the feeling) but after a few minutes I was back in the groove and so happy to be working out again. Everyday since then has been progressively good and the workout seem to be helping with my recovery process and circulation. My bruising ( red) is gone, I still have the deep bruising, Also the lumps in the treated area is starting to feel softer and less pronounced. I am able to bend my knees to sit back on my legs...especially when bathing my five month old daughter. As far as results, well I am 17 days post op and I think it looks a little better although because of the lumps in the treated areas I really can't tell. I plan to take more pictures to post and let all of you be the judge of the progress I am having. I'm hopeful that by Christmas the result that I am looking for will be achieved.

I have to wear the compression garment until next tuesday the 7th of August and I am excited to not have to wear this anymore. I think since I bought the spanx that I will continue to wear those since they are easier to pull up and down when using the restroom. Also I like the suppose it gives me while working out and walking around and playing with the kids.

Hello all... Had my appt today and I am five weeks...

Hello all... Had my appt today and I am five weeks post op. my doctor says that he is seeing improvement in all of the treated areas. He also told me that I will continue to see change and feel changes in my skin as the skin thickens. I tried on the only pair of shorts that i have that are not long and i really like what I see. So excited to see how I look in two months when I go back to see my doctor ( Oct 23rd) . I haven't had time to take pictures I will have my son take some for me soon....

Hello everyone I know its been a while since I...

Hello everyone I know its been a while since I gave an update... I have been so busy. Anyway it have been seven weeks since my cellulaze procedure. And I am pleased with the result thus far.... I still have some deep bruising and occasional itching. But the appearance of the cellulite is much better in all of the treatment areas. I go back for another follow up appointment in October and I am sure by then my cellulite will be pretty much gone as it is almost gone now.

I had many people reach out to me

I've had many people reach out to me to find out how I like my results of my cellulaze procedure. Well I love it.... is my thighs completely smooth?? No... but they are wayyy better then they were. I can wear short shorts now and wearing a bathing suite is a thing of beauty. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious and realistic about themselves. I will post pics really soon.
Dr. Kanten

Dr Kanter is a wonderful he takes his time and answers any and questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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How are you doing? Would you post current photos when you have time please. Thank you.
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Hi How are you doing & your results?
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Just checking in to see how you're making out, so happy your result met your expectations! 

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Hi, how are your results now?
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hello I am so sorry that I have not been updating you guys on my progress I have been so busy with the baby and family in general. But I think that my results are pretty good, my legs look better then they did before the procedure and I feel more confident in wearing short this summer ( shorter shorts) and also I'm looking forward to wearing my bikini this summer as well. I notice that the change is still happening and every week my legs look better and better. Now I do workout six days a week and will be finishing up the Insanity Challenge next week so I know that my lifestyle has a lot to do with my progress I will be posting pictures either tonight or tomorrow.
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You can definitely see the improvement in your pictures. How long are the results from this treatment supposed to last? Will you need to get treatment again? Thanks for sharing.
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From my understanding they are perm and really depend on your lifestyle just like anything else. Since I workout and eat properly my results will last a long time.
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Love hearing that things are feeling pretty much ok for you at this point, and that you are seeing results!! Thank you for continuing to keep us posted - looking forward to hearing your next update!

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@amrobinson02....hey....I have no idea where that last comment went posted..... Im just checking up on's been awhile.....I hope all is well....I will be contacting Dr. Kanten the end of the week to get the ball rolling....I'm super excited to get this done....I plan on traveling next year....I gotta get rid of this jelly look forwarded to u uploading ur pics.....please continue to update us...thanx a bunch
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It is great to hear that you are seeing some good changes! How are things feeling at this point?

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@ undecided... This is the thing... Everybody has different result and see them at different speeds! Most people think that they are going to see results as soon as they get off the table not realizing that there bodies just went through something traumatic and need to heal! The body is working really hard to heal and repair itself not to mention trying to fight against infection! You have to be mindful that your everyday activities play a part in your healing process! If you sit around all day doing nothing, your recovery and results will take longer! But if you are active ie.. Excerise then your recovery and results will probably be better!! For me I am very active I workout five days a week, stay hydrated and positive about the healing and results! Remember this is not a cake walk for most people and it does take three to six months to see max results! Be realistic about what you want and patient. I tried on one of my bathing suits last night and was pretty pleased with what I saw looking back at me in the mirror! I still have some deep bruising on my left thigh but on my right thigh the bruising is almost completely gone! My skin is still peeling and I did notice some spider veins! But they are starting to go away as well!!! Remember you are going to read all kinds of responses on this forum. And that is what the forum is for to make sure you make an informed decision. My advice to you is if you do decide to get the cellulaze treatment and you don't already workout... Start!!! It make s for a faster recovery and better results! Then after the procedure, when the doctor clears you continue to exercise and drink plenty of water! Hope this helps I will post pictures tomorrow! Xoxo
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Hey Amrobinson02......I been away for awhile....but I am still following u and others....I must admit i been kinda getting discouraged.....some of the people are saying their bruising is not clearing up, they now have spider veins, this procedure dont work....n they say they would not recommend it cuz its a waste of money..... im still gonna follow my just gonna continue to wait until you n the other women reach the maximum December i will have my mind completely made up.....its gonna be a gift to myself......continue to update.....i wish u nothing but the best
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I also look forward to ur updates n the pictures u will be posting
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Today I noticed that on the right leg the healing is faster then the left. And the skin is starting to get tighter as the days go on. I had no idea that the treated area had to heal not only on the inside but the out side as well! My skin is starting to shed skin ( kind of like a snake) its amazing to me because to me that means that there is new and smooth skin coming. I'm looking forward to the next couple of months to see how my skin smooths out more and get even tighter. I will post more pictures of my progress at the end of next week. ttys
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Glad you are able to get back to your normal activities without too much discomfort at this point. Yay for almost being done with the garment!!

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good to hear you like the results.. it seems swelling goes down slowly... looking nice..
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Just want to give a progress report on some things that I have noticed. Like some of the other women on here, I have noticed that there are a lot of solid lumps under the skin that has been treated. I was told this is normal and that they will soften and go away in a few weeks. also although the bruising has pretty much gone away there is deep bruising and also some areas that are still numb to the touch. Also I have noticed that all areas are healing at there own pace and not uniformly. Which I can completely understand... The bottom line is that I am healing and my body is doing a good job at repairing itself. Tomorrow I will be at two weeks post op and will be able to return to my normal workout regimen ( I am so excited ) some things that I do to make sure that my skin stays soft is I continue to use Palmer Cocoa Butter body butter and I give my treated area a good massage but not to deep. This feels so good and it seems to help with the bruising as well. My swelling has pretty much gone down, I'm able to fit back into my size six's with out wanting to cry (LOL). I will post again on Tuesday after my workout to let everyone know how the workout went. Hope to hear from you soon!!! xoxo
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its not that bad... just when I'm awake I feel itchy :0)
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That is good to hear. :)

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Thanks for posting an update! It sounds like you are going through the itchy phase. Other ladies have mentioned that as well. Is it interrupting your sleep, or is it not that bad?

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@amrobinson02....thanxfor updating us.......what would u say the status is ur cellulite is......what type of improvement do u see......??
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I think that right now it is to early to say.... Although the swelling has gone down a lot. I still don't want to say anything about the status for a few more weeks. I will continue to update everyone on my progress.... but i don't want to read to much into it right. Lets just say so far I'm happy, i hope it continues.
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@amrobinson02.....that sounds great.....thats more motivation for me to get it done....i actually plan on doing it in Christmas gift to some people say not to do in during the season when it's hot.....cuz the garment is hot....I have 2 more question for did u do ur consultation.....??....did u go there...or they have a way u can mail them pics...n they quote u a price..??.....also....did u have to pay for ur consultation.??....if so how much....??
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@ Undecided28...I went into the office for the consult.... I'm only a little over an hour from the office so it wasn't a problem with going in! Beside he need to see what you want to have done and what stage your cellulite is! No I didn't have to pay for the consult it was free... Not sure if it was some type of promo or something they always do... You can ask when you call to schedule. If you have any more questions please ask if I can answer I will!!
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That is great that your doctor was real with you about the changes just being from the swelling. Hoping for good long term changes after the 3-6 month mark!!

Let us know how you do when you do your workout. Hopefully it will not be too uncomfortable for you.

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