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Bad Semi Permanent Make Up - Botley, Hampshire, UK

I did not do my research, I went for the cheapest...

I did not do my research, I went for the cheapest price and I paid the price!!

The (so called specialist) sounded so professional - however during the 2nd procedure she slipped on my right eye liner and you can see from the images that it is a mess! I have paid a further £500 to get this corrected by another specialist (who is brilliant may I add) Never would Go with the first lady ever again. Awful!!

I have qualified in this industry and I now offer...

I have qualified in this industry and I now offer semi permanent make up. I have successfully got the look I originally wanted.
Catrina Valentine

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Jetson, how did they exactly fix it? I have the same exact problem and I feel very very depressed. Please help!
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I went to see a permanent make up technician: Dianne Berridge who I paid £440 to.... Now I am a semi permanent make up technician and I also did advanced training and also tattoo removal :-) Look into a really talented technician and see if they can help you x
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First of all stay positive, as it will soften I promise. The lip procedure is the one that fades the quickest, so just be patient. The lips usually aren't rushed? As it's an area that can take the longest and it's the most expensive of permanent make up procedures. Also, the tech may have been agitated as she wasn't that experienced at doing lips, as only a small percentage of PMU procedures are on the lips. Did you ask to see her pictures of before and after lip procedures done by her? A good tech will volunteer these. I am doing so much correctional work it's getting my blood pressure up! I have ladies walking through the door with brows so thick a man would cringe. So please everyone ask for a drawing first then you can gauge what their work will be like. And try and read their testimonials.
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i have had eyeliner done which i feel is too dark, its now 4 months old and i hate it, im also based in the uk and would like to know is there are treatments that will get rid of the pigments completely?
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hi there, i feel for you and glad you got it sorted, like you i went to a local cosmetic tattooist as she did my top eyeliner well and thought about getting my lips done, the trouble is i didn't research this well enough and she herself did not explain the procedure fully enough and ri felt rushed and agitated by her . im should have just said stop but instead i went like a lamb to slaughter and cried and broke down when i saw how hideous i looked, 2 weeks later and the swelling went but it looks like i put my lipstick on drun as it out of the lines and looks sloppy. im still investigating where to go to get it removed. never ever again
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Hi, well after having this bad experience and a good experience - I am now a fully qualified Semi Permanent Make Up Technician and I am very professional - so I guess that this bad experience compelled me to learn and study this art. So out of a bad situation came a positive ending.

Thanks for your comments. x
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Yahhh me to, I always treat people with the consideration I want. So always checking on their pain threshold and topping up with anaesthetic. I always say I can't guarantee they will be numb, but can guarantee I will try my best to make sure they are. So pre numbing and numbing throughout the procedure I'm very vigilant. I want you to be patient on the lip department, as it's an area we use constantly so it will soften and diffuse. In fact smile more often then people will not notice as your lips just your warmth x. By the way I love this forum and hearing from lovely people and sadly their bad experiences. But it will help others and reassure them, not all permanent make up techs are callous and can't draw!
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hi thnakyou for that, i am so upset its making feel so stupid and foolish knowing that i may have to live with this for the rest of my life. i really appreciate your kindness and words of encouragement , and i am so hoping it will fade quick, im usually a lap swimmer in summer so ill be swimming more often in salt water and chlorine just to fade t quicker. i will try and smile , its not happening at the moment. she numbed it but the line she drew was crazy big and i looked at her and said it was too big, and she serif that it wont be that bad. i think all tattooists really should have that done to them to real know how it feels , i hate the lip line and have made enquiries to see if its possible to remove that at least. Is it possible to do that.? the worst part was i was leaving to buy property 5 hours away and had to deal with agents being in discomfort and painfully aware of the sloppy job i'm living with. when you said it will soften i felt better. much appreciation to you. hope your all happy with your experience.
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That's true Patricia, if the dermatologist isn't the one performing the makeup then it would be a tech and that should be communicated to the patient.  Before and after photos should be taken regularly by the techs so that they have their work to back them up.  PS your makeup looks great.

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Ahh thanks Kate, it's a combo of permanent make up and airbase airbrushed foundation.
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Hi Kate, I have to disagree with your comments. As not all permanent make up techs are so slap dash with their work. Yes, testimonials and photos of the the techs work should be shown. And not all doctors offices who offer permanent make up will be doing it themselves! They could quite easily employ some one under their umbrella. Take heed anyone wishing for permanent make up, do your research or repent at your leisure. I am lucky I dont have to trust anyone? I do all my own permanent make up.
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I feel for you.  They slipped with mine too and I get comments from time to time.  After being on RealSelf so much I would never go to another office that wasn't a dermatologist.

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Well Jetson, even though you had to go through all of that at least you had it taken care of and ended up with the look you wanted in the end. I'm glad it all worked out. Please keep us updated.



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Hello Brit,
I asked the technician to fix the issue and she wanted to charge me a further £195! She said it was my fault as I had "picked out" the pigment! But as you can clearly see she slipped. I found Diahann Berridge, who was so professional and she had to correct the work, it took another 3 procedures to get it right. Diahann was really confident and now I have a smokey effect which is good.
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Can you post the smokey eye look?
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Hi Jetson,

Oh my they did slip quite a bit. I'm glad you were able to get it fixed. Did you have it removed and reapplied or how did they fix it? I'm glad that although it did not turn out well at first, you not doing your research, but writing a review will help others know in the future to research. Yay, everything turned out so well. Thanks for the pictures and please keep us updated. :)

Thanks so much for the review,


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