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My surgery is scheduled. YAY! It only took 31...

My surgery is scheduled. YAY! It only took 31 years of wanting and wishing. I became aware of my larger than normal nose in about 4th-ish grade. Of course some evil little boys decided to point it out...over and over again. According to EVERYONE, I am being silly and its not BAD....they lie. haha.

I, of course, have poured over internet before and after pictures since the beginning of the internet. Yes, I'm that old. I have watched videos of the procedures. I have seen all the celeb pictures and botched jobs. And yes, I know its going to hurt. I DONT CARE. I am getting too old to let this issue be a continuing hinderance in my life. I despise taking or two out of 100 will have the proper acceptable angle to allow it to be seen. I'm sure if you are reading this, you know that feeling. I think I have read every post on here....AND I CAN RELATE SO WELL TO ALL OF THEM.

The consultation was today (01/24/2013)...I was...

The consultation was today (01/24/2013)...I was super nervous and excited and anxious and and and ... you get it.

Dr. Weiler was absolutely NORMAL...I'm not sure what I was expecting but normal wasn't it. I felt so at ease. This nose of mine has been such a HUGE (literally) deal in my life...Its the never ending issue that haunts me every day--every where!!! ok, that was dramatic. Seriously, how many 9yr olds do you know that ask for a nose job from SANTA? Yah that's right...and EVERY year since then (My poor mom....she just laughs and blames my father for my nose). BUT Dr. Weiler says "It should be an easy fix" WHAT? No lasers no machetes no bazookas?

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! He gave me a nose massage...haha. He felt up and down and sides and looked into the caverness nostrils. ew. Then proceeds to tell me EXACTLY how and what he could do to make it better. Everything he said was EXACTLY what I had rehearsed over and over again to tell him. After we agreed that the schnoz needed some work and what needed to be done...I asked about price. I was pretty sure that I would have to sell a kidney or my first born (sorry Bee) to finance this surgery. However, it wasn't as pricey as some reviewers have posted. And it was WAY less money than I thought it would take to make this nose decent. ANYWAY, I left and went back to work. After about...ummm 45 minutes of deep contemplation....I called back to Dr Weiler's office and scheduled my long awaited RHINOPLASTY!!! Pre-op what nots on Feb 5 2013 Surgery on Feb 22 2013. Is it weird to be relieved already?

02/05/2013- Pre-op visit. Went over everything...

02/05/2013- Pre-op visit. Went over everything about the what to dos and what not to dos. One step closer. YAY!
I am so ready to get this done...time is DRAGGING.

YAYAYAYAYAYAY! It is DONE!...My nose is a bit sore...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY! It is DONE!...My nose is a bit sore...eyes are starting to get some bruisiing...JOY. I am keeping ice on it...hopefullly it will stay at a minimum. Update soon with pictures... promise!

SOOOooOOO, it is the day after the schnozzz...

SOOOooOOO, it is the day after the schnozzz reduction. I have been in and out of the land of the living today. I may cut back on the pain meds tomorrow just a bit. I have a little bruising. Nothing major tho.
OH-OH-OH VERY not fall asleep with frozen peas on your face. Mine defrosted and got my splint thing all wet. NOT COOL! I called the doc...he said it should be fine. YAY!
I would like to thank all of you for being so supportive and positive.

UHOH...I skipped a day. MAHBAD! Yesterday was...

UHOH...I skipped a day. MAHBAD!
Yesterday was ewwy anyway. The pain medicine is making me ummmmm not go. SOOoooOOO, I had to fix that. haha. PLEASE make sure you have some sort of poop encouraging medication. The people at the doctors arent lying to ya when they tell you that you "might" need it...JUST GO GET IT! Trust me.

The bruises are better...I should be icing more however I got a bit gun shy when I almost melted the cast off of my nose. I hope I didnt mess anything the hump removal. UGH.

Well....follow up appointment was today....

Well....follow up appointment was today. Everything looked cool with the nose. The innards are still swollen and the stitches are puffy...which isnt anything major to worry about. I feel like someone is pinching my nostrils. The ocean nose spray is my new BFF. And the medicine makes me WAY too loopy which is kinda fun but not a neccessity so I am going to cut back on that.
I am starting to like the length. The tip is more defined--even under the tape--I can tell a HUGE difference. I wont get the cast and tape off until MONDAY at noon--boo! I have to go back to work with a big ol cast on my schnozzz. HAHA lovely...

Day Eight...I think: OH MY GOOOOODNESS....I can...

Day Eight...I think:

OH MY GOOOOODNESS....I can smell and I'm not sure that I want to. Does anyone else have a supersonic sense of smell?

My only concern...even tho its too early for concerns....the stitches between my nostrils are making the skin rather...ummm puffy and odd looking. Normal??? I hope it reduces ALOT before I have to go back to work.

I also got a glimpse of the new cast got steamy while I was taking a bath and kinda flipped up and over. It looks pretty decent. Monday cant get here fast enough. I wanna see for real!

SOOOOoooOOOO....yesterday I was able to get the...

SOOOOoooOOOO....yesterday I was able to get the stitches out and the cast off. I got another glimpse of the nose that isnt so nosey anymore. haha. Then we had to tape her up til Friday. It is still kinda puffy and swollen...which varies from hour to hour...but I really like it so far.

This nose feels...ummmm odd. It doesn't move quite like the old nose...which is cool just different. The supersonic smelling powers are still in force. I'm hoping that fades...there are some things that shouldn't be so smell-able.

New nose is also SUPER SENSITIVE...I some how popped my self in the face with my purse strap. HOLY HELL! I felt like some one hit me with a 2x4. Please be super careful if you are prone to being a clutz like me.

I have some new pictures (look mom!) that I will post if my email ever cooperates.

YAY! Tape off today!!!! Super excited...until 2...

YAY! Tape off today!!!! Super excited...until 2 hours ago. My nose is swelling a bit. I know, I know...its to be expected. BUT for the absolute first time ever I like my side profile better than the front...WHAT!?! That makes me uber happy. happy. happy.
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I too am curious to see your post op one year photos. Please post. your nose looks great in the photos you already have so probably look even more fantastic now.
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Imak, I live in Hammond & I'm very interested in Weiler as my surgeon for rhinoplasty. I've already had a BA with a surgeon in Mandeville, but I don't think he does a lot of rhinos. I'm very interested to see your post op pix after a year! Your nose looked so great in the months following, I'm just curious to see how much it's changed since. Also, any updates on the healing process? Hope to hear from you soon!
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Love the photos and results! Can you write a little more of a review for Weiler? I'm looking into seeing him.
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Your nose looks so great!!! It fits your face perfectly. I have McNostrils, as well, and can't wait for my surgery in a few weeks. Your pictures are a great reminder of why I am doing this...finally. It is my mid-life crisis: rhinoplasty instead of a Ferrari or divorcing my husband for a 20 year old male model.
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Get all three!!!! HAHA just kidding hubby. :) It was my midlife crisis too. My only regret it that I didn't do it at an earlier age. It really has been an experience...overall a good one. Good luck with your surgery. I will be watching for your updates.
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it looks great!
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thank you so much :)
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It looks AMAZING!!! Any comments on your doctor, and if he's a good one?
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Dr. Weiler is pretty awesome. I am super happy with my results so far. He sees what you want...does that make any sense? Like before I could even explain what I wanted, he told me what I wanted. lol. Psychic, from GOD. haha Whatever he is...he is a great doctor. Now, his staff is what puts him off the charts tho.I hate HATE hate going to any doctors office. I don't have a fear of I don't like the snotty-ness/stuffy-ness of the office personnel. Everyone at Dr. Weiler's office is so wonderful and so personable and so helpful. I can't say enough good things about them. Taylor is fabulous...and patient(I ask alot of questions).From the scheduling to taking stitches out to taking payments to etcetcetc....They are the BEST! I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
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You look GREAT! :) Keep updating, I'm sure it's only going to get better!
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...thank you. its gotten better. the swelling stays at a minimum until the afternoons. I am so happy with the results...seeing the changes every day has actually been kinda fun. :)
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Sooo pretty, it suits your face so much! I can't wait to see it without the tape :) And TELL ME about the sensitivity; I've been lucky not to bop my nose too hard since getting the cast off but when I was about 3 days post-op, I leaned in to kiss my fiance and bopped my nose right off of his and HOLY BATMAN, it felt like someone punched me lmao The pain only lasted a second but it was like an electric shock. It's hard not to forget about it though; it's a good sign when we bop it - it means we're getting used to our nose and going back to behaving normally (even if the pain sucks) ;)
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Oh your nose looks great! Perfect work!
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Thank ya thank ya!!! I am very happy so far.
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Looks so good! I'm going to have to be one those who has to be extra careful because I'm naturally clumsy! So sorry that happened to you. OUCH! I have a question for ya. Did you have your tip raised at all?
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Thanks so much. Dr Weiler said he was going to reduce the length and refine the tip which would also reduce the droop (i called it the squidward look)...there was plenty of length and alot of tip to refine. ALOT of work to be done. I think in the process of refining and reducing that the tip was raised to keep everything proportioned...does that make sense?
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Yeah I think that makes sense. I'm trying to decide if I want to lift my tip or not. Your nose was not bad at all! At least in my eyes any way. But It does look much better on you now! It just looks a bit softer and refined. Congrats. I cannot WAIT to get there!
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It's looks great already! I look forward to seeing your results!
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Aw...thanks so much.
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Can't wait to see the results!!!
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Thank you...I am super excited to see too. :)
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Your old nose looks very similar to mine! I'm having surgery on march 19th congrats! It looks great so far
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Thank you...and good luck with everything. The anticipation is the worst! It will pass quickly tho. Use this time to eat alot of protein and gather supplies. and keep us posted!
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I'm in love with your new nose! I hope my results looks similar to yours. It is a perfect fit for your face and I can't wait to see new pictures :)) eek
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Thank you so much..that means alot to me. I am super happy with everything so far. I know you are gonna love yours too!!!
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