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Hi everyone. I am new here. I should be having my...

Hi everyone. I am new here. I should be having my surgery in a few months. I have an appointment tomorrow with the nurses and the anesthetist and hopefully things from there will move quick. I've been waiting 2 years to get it done and in that time I've gone from being really excited about getting it to giving up thinking I'm just too fat and not worrying about doing it to realising I need this done so I can have a future.

I have a great support system, my friends and family are my rocks. Everyone wants to come and be with me while I get surgery and all the appointments before hand. I've had 6 offers of people coming with me to my appointment tomorrow but I decided my brother will come. Even people I hardly know are happy for me. I just hope everything works out because I don't want to seem like a failure.

It's kind of funny the things I'm looking forward to about being skinny isnt just health, clothes, being good looking. Its little things like not going to a restaurant or someones house and thinking I'm going to break their chair, not having to have my driver seat so far back or the seat belt having a bit of stretch, not always bumping into walls because I think I can fit when i cant and not having children come up to me and asking why I'm so fat. For some reason that hurts more then when adults ask. Probably because they are just asking the truth and it hurts more when confronted by the truth.

Anyways I am very excited to have found this page and reading through everyones progress level has made me feel more confident going in.

I will post again soon. bye


I had my pre op tests yesterday. The nurse I saw in pre admissions is amazing. She's heaps nice and friendly and makes you feel comfortable about everything. She said of I want she can be my anaesthetic nurse in the surgery. So I might do that.

My blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar, oxygen and ecg were all good and normal. She was suprised how healthy I am for someone of my size. I have always said that I think it's because I've been big my whole life my body is use to it and thinks it's normal.

I saw my dietician and she wants me to go on a pre surgery diet. Just so I can loose as much weight as I can before going in. She will write me up a plan and I should get it in a few days.

Then I saw my anaesthesia doctor and he we was pretty nice too. He said everything is ok and wanted me to go get some blood tests but he gave me the tick of approval and I should get my survey in 3-4 months.. YAY!!!!! There was only one thing he was worried about and that was I didn't go get some sleep machine but he said that just benefits me and doesn't effect the surgery.

I'm so happy that I've got a round about date. And I have great support system. My mother woke up early in the morning with me to drive all the way to Hamilton then sat in waiting rooms and spending her money when we went shopping while we waited for the next appointment. I told her I was fine to go by myself but she wanted to come and it turned out to be a good mother daughter day.

i cant wait for...

Hey there.. things are at a bit of a stand still till I see my dietician in January. I'm trying to lose weight and quit smoking before then but it's really hard..

So becaude theres not much news I thought I would write a list of the things I'm looming forward too after surgery.

I can't wait to see the weight coming off and the dress sizes going down instead of up.
I can't wait to feel good about myself
I can't wait to go out and find a man
I can't wait to become a mother
I can't wait to get a job (I feel as if my weigjt plays a big part in not getting a 2nd interview)
I can't wait to be able to walk into any shop and buy clothes
I can't wait to go shopping or out with my friends and feel like people go "oh she's the fat one of the group"
I can't wait to go to restaurants and peoples places and not worrying about breaking chairs
I can't wait to sit in the backseat of a car and have the seatbelt fit
I can't wait about not being embarrassed at the pool or beach
I can't wait to see the "wow she's big" look on people's faces when I first meet someone
I can't wait to go out with my brother and feel good about meeting people he knows and not feel embarrassed for him having a big sister like me
I cant wait to have a pair of shoes longer than 3 months without the insoles wearing out
I can't wait to make my parents proud and be the person they wanted me to be
I cant wait to get more tattoos
And last but definitely not least I can't wait to look in the mirror and love what I see instead of hating everything looking back

New Years Resolution

So I've been talking to a few friends and we have all decided to quit smoking together.. which is a relief for me because I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it by myself and I have to otherwise I can't have surgery..

I am also working on losing weight which slowed a bit over Christmas as I was super busy and take away seemed easier then stopping what I was doing and cooking. I have a diet that I'm going to stick too.. last time I did it I lost 20 kilos (44lbs) in a month so I'll do that so I'm way under hospital weight regulations.. I just don't want to risk it..

In other news I have to go to see the dietician on the 6th and that s all the hospital visits so far.. I just have to sit and wait till I hear from the surgeon or nurses or whoever and see when my surgery is or whatever else I have too do..

Well anyways hope everyone had a good Christmas and have a good new years..


I'm actually a little scared about this surgery.. well not the surgery it self but the being skinny thing. I dont know how to be skinny. I've been big my entire life and being Big Bec has always been me, I finally become happy and not caring what others think and now I'm going to change it. see because of my weight i dont care what i look like, well i do but not to the extent of putting make up on everyday, doing my hair differently, stuff like that, but being thin means you should care about what you look like, dressing nice, hair done, all that but ive never done that before.
everything about changing scares me and i just hope its worth it. which i know it will be. i'll be healthy, find a man, start a family, all the things i have always wanted but its still scary.

anyway bit of an update on what happening so far.

So i went and saw the dietitian the other day and she has put me on a shake diet, it replaces 2 meals a day and i have to do this so i can lose as much weight as i can before surgery.

I still dont have a date set tho. its kind of bumming me out because i just cant wait for all the pre stuff and waiting to be over with.

I'm thinking about taking up swimming. its something i like and good exercise and i dont like doing gym things. might take up an aquarobics class or something as well.
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Hi Bec I'm from north of the border (NSW) hope all is ok, dont be scared its all good. the surgery was far less painful than i ever thought, just look after your self. dont be scared of losing the weight just embrace it. its the juggling of clothes that is funny trying to make the big clothes last until you can buy new ones. you need in between items so you don't waste you money. as you start losing beg borrow and steal clothes to get you through from friends that way you can save for some great outfits once you stablise. all fun, just enjoy the compliments and you'll get many!! Im 14 weeks post op and feeling great. keep in touch Nags
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Thanks.. and yea I've got heaps of "fit into one day" clothes. How long did your surgery take?
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do you mean how long was the op, no idea was too out to it, but if you mean how long did i take to get mine i went private and i was scheduled within a month, so no time to think (this was good) I liked the my Dr he was strict but really good, i found just listen and do as they say and it will be smooth sailing. do you have a date yet for the op?
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Yea I ment the surgery it self lol.. just curious.. n that's good.. I went public so I've been waiting for about 2 and a half years nearly 3.. I haven't seen my surgeon since the first visit but everyone else I've met have been nice.. I got on we with one nurse and she said she'll be in the theater when I it done so that made me feel bit better.. No set date but when I went and seen the nurses they gave me a rough date so prob the end of March early April.. I just have to wait for a phone call
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Fantastic, the pre op diet sounds a bit strict but it gets you ready internally and it also means that you reach your goal just that bit quicker. so not sure if you have been given it yet but its worth trying to follow. mainly the shakes and bars etc. but no major issue if you have a cheat here and there. i found once i started that i was on my way. No one at my work even knows they just new when i started the diet and when i had the op i had to have a 2 hernias repaired so they just think its all from that. so i don't feel too much pressure. so good luck and keep me posted on when you have to op and please ask any questions.
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Ok cool.. n yea I'm already on shakes.. my dietician wants me to lose as much as I can first.. so I'm on 2 shakes and a meal a day until they tell me otherwise.. I'm on one brand now and when I have to go on pre op diet I change brand.. I've even got my friends eating healthy because whenever we want take away it's just subway and I'm always making salad now.. I started feeling really low and no energy so I brought some women's vitamins and feel much better already.. Hope everything is going well for you.. I'm glad your in aus coz it's easier to talk weight, brands and doc appointments with you.. I've noticed ameriacans have a little bit of a difference when it comes to pre doc stuff
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yes, my Dr used a brand called DR Tims brand of shakes and they make a tropical punch which is great if you get sick of the thick milky types. I noticed the Americans talking about Quest bars and i did find them here in Australia at a health food shop and they do make a nice variety but they aren't stocked everywhere. Optifast is used a lot in Australia also and i have heard good things about that brand. Many people stay having shakes well after they are back on food but i really didn't like the thickeners so i was off them as soon as I could. the hardest thing i found was more like medications after eg: you cant take asprin or any pain killers for you headache in tablet form. i use Pandol liquid but not easy to keep with you anywhere, I'm still reluctant to swallow tablets of any type even vitamins whole as they get stuck so i need to cut them up small, Australia doesn't stock many chewable multi vitamins. well better stop waffling on, and Good Luck!
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Great list Bekness, thanks for sharing.
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HI Bekness, hello fellow Aussie! I thought this was a great site and got on a few days before surgery looking for reviews (was this a good move?). Having had the surgery 8 days ago, I can't tell you how happy I am already. Everything gets easier every day and what a glorious feeling not feeling hungry. I did hate the pre-diet but you know, only a couple of weeks. Check up my blog or contact me if you have any questions. Cheers Gabby

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Hi Gabby. Yea i came along this site randomly and loved it. I like how people from all over the world have this one thing in common and there is a place for them to take with others about it. Plus i just wanted to check out what others peoples experiences have been, so far I've only come across positive things (except a video on the actual operation which kinda grossed me out a little lol) Did u go in public or private patient? I'm public so its free but I've been waiting for about 2 years. Just want it over and done with because the more i think about the actual surgery and going under freaks me out a bit.
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Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

I'm so glad you have an awesome support network, that's going to be really important for you post-op! You sound like you're in the right place mentally and ready to get going.

Have you had any of the pre-op tests yet?

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Yea I got them done yesterday.. everything is all good. I'm actually pretty healthy for a person of my size. My dietician wants to put me on a pre surgery diet just to see how much I can loose before hand.
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That's awesome! I had my surgery 7 weeks ago and I was pretty healthy too, for someone of my size. I had very low vitamin D levels, but that was mostly it.

Good luck with your pre-op diet, it will all be worth it in the end!

Our processes may be different as I had my surgery in America, but if you want to check out how my journey unfolded, you can read through it, here.

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How are you feeling after 7 weeks?
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I'm so much better this last week or so. The recovery took a lot more out of me and took a lot longer than I was prepared for. However, now I'm feeling better and getting back on track, I'm very positive about how effective this surgery can be.

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That's good.. I can't wait for everything.. pain and all..
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